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Egypt Study Circle Auction No 47 Closed March 21, 2009

 Stamps of Egypt 
11884 provisional surcharge 20 para on De La Rue 5-piastre green, quite remarkable vertical pair with inverted surcharge (SG 57a, NP 40a). Mint with gum, signed behind and slightest of hinge traces, one of them making a most discreet thin. Outstanding appearance £48.00
21969, Nasser 200 mills definitive (SG 1045, NP 298), top left corner single, UMM, with unrecorded but prominent flaw diagonally in front of Nasser’s forehead  £15.00
31914-15, bilingual OHHS opt on lower right corner block of four of the pictorial 1mm with control 3 in circle, upper right stamp showing variety “no stop after S” (SG 083a), more accurately described in NP (O10e) as “faint trace of stop after S”. UMM, crease in selvedge  £18.00
41914-15, bilingual OHHS opt on 3m, (SG O85, NP O12), block of 25 with selvage two sides, from lower right-hand side of top pane. Mint, clean, OG but sl hinge traces, unusual block with minor varieties£35.00
5Kehr Type X , used with central CDS of Kantara 1 FE 89 TI (75% strike), IP with adhesion behind, slight nicks in edge, but Sinai interpostals unusual £10.00
6Kehr Type XI with good near-central strike of Katatbeh 2 AO 91 TI (90%, upside down). Clean IP£8.00
7Three used IPs – Type IX Teria with 3/4 strike showing Arabic and 14 MR 87; Type X with good near-central strike of El-Fachn 8 MR 90 TI; and Type X with four part-strikes of Atfe 10 MR 91£10.00
 Tourist/information booklets 
8The Egyptian Hotels Ltd Cairo (no date, about 1910). 32pp slim brochure (12x22cm) in French, giving details of all the company’s hotels and the delights of Egypt. Colourful card cover slightly worn, but content, crammed with photographs, in fine condition. French text  £30.00
9Anglo-American Nile and Tourist Co mini handbook (9.5x15cm, six sides) of “Luxurious Nile Cruises” with sepia photo of their ship Victoria and full details of all cruises for 1928-29. Complete, fine condition£10.00
101928 Tropical Medical Congress, Programme of excursions for delegates within Egypt and also to Palestine and Syria arranged by Thos Cook & Son. 8pp 16x23.5cm plus congress details£10.00
111928 Cairo Faculty of Medicine Centenary (in conjunction with last lot), card-back brochure 16x24.5cm, eight-page programme of the university part of the celebrations£10.00
12Societe Misr de Navigation Maritime SAE, undated (1930s?) large coloured poster plan of SS El Nil showing all the various floors and accommodation. Folded and fragile, opens to 48cm square£15.00
13Khedivial Mail Line tariff of fares and Itineraries, four-page brochure (8 sides, 17x25cm) with colour photo on front and b/w of interiors on reverse. All details for May 28 to Sept 24 1935. Fascinating£15.00
14Khedivial Mail line, similar to last, summer 1935, two pages (4 sides, 22x16.5cm) with all details of weekly express deluxe service Egypt to Europe, printed in brown and blue£10.00
15Messageries Maritimes brochure No 7, A4, four sides detailing summer tariffs and sailing dates for May-Nov 1935 and postal details for Port Said to China/Japan and to Africa and Australia. Sl wear but good£10.00
16Lloyd Triestino monthly list No 11, Nov 1935, large poster (35x57cm) detailing all sailings to/from Alex in the month, many of them altered by hand.. Astonishing survival£10.00
17Misr Shipping Passengers’ Handbook (winter 1935-36). Paperback, 56pp, 14.5x22.5cm, excellent condition despite filing holes. Astoundingly comprehensive with details of all companies’ movements by air or sea to and from Egypt, internal rail services, landing fees for ports, Nairn Overland details, Palestine and Sudan railways.... amazing£20.00
18Cook’s Homeward Sailing List (winter edition for 1935-36, so echoing the last). Paperback, filing holes, 48pp, 16x24.5c, excellent condition. Obviously a great rival, with about the same packed information£20.00
1972 Artistic Snaps: Souvenir of Egypt and the Sudan (no date, published in Bolton late 1930s), 33p, 12c19.5cm, colourful card cover showing a little wear, but English-language text and crammed with photographs in excellent condition £20.00
201948, three wonderfully atmospheric tourist brochures, 11x21cm, each eight pages inside Art Nouveau watercolour paintings on front and back card cover. Listing the delights of Cairo, Asswan and Luxor. Excellent condition, near-pristine  £12.00
 Hotel interest 
211894, visiting-card envelope addressed to Mr and Mrs L Steinschneider, manager of Continental Hotel, franked DLR 2m stamp and cancelled Alexandria 1 I 1894£2.50
221899, Good strike (80%) of elusive Shepheard’s Type 4 CDS on clean postcard (Caire – Un Anier) with pencil message addressed to Paris. 4(?) I 99 – recorded for only two months £28.00
231903-04, astonishing well-travelled cover, Germany-Egypt-Sudan-Egypt-Germany with ten CDS, sent from Cassel 26 11 03 to Jena, redirected to Shepheards and attracting a 4m Due on arrival in Cairo. Redirected to Bario(?) Hotel, Khartoum, then back to Shepheards, and finally, via Egyptian 2m DLR stamp edging in red ink, back to Jena. Three strikes HS5, much annotated, fascinating  £48.00
241906, US 1c postal stationery card uprated with 1c stamp and sent from Boston (clear “flag” machine cancel) to Shepheard’s via Alex-Cai TPO. HS5 Shepheard’s 25 II 06 TIV twice, once incoming, once outgoing as readdressed to Cannes, where it arrived March 9. Neat and colourful  £20.00
25Colourful postcard of Luxor Winter Palace Gardens with artist F.Berger signature. Printed in Switzerland with Egyptian Hotels replaced by Upper Egypt Hotels on reverse. Mint, good£5.00
261950, b/w photocard (showing Pyramids, camels, Nile flood) franked 10m Marechal and 13m Boy King for Austria with Continental Hotel CDS (HC7) of 4 MR 50. Clear Graz arrival 9 III 50. Neat£8.00
271950, Thos Cook printed envelope, franked 107 mills (inc Farouk 100m) to Mombasa, red T.C / Co / Cairo wax seal behind, three strikes of HTC10 of 10 MA 50 (latest recorded) and Reg box. Fine shape  £38.00
281965, printed Mena House Hotel long Air Mail (crossed out) envelope, franked 10m Sheikh Mohamed Abdo commem (SG 847, NP C397) and cancelled Alexandria T.D 1 – 28.11.65 for Bab el Louk£5.00
291992, Baron Hotel, Heliopolis, printed envelope addressed to Cairo and franked with Hotel machine canceller incorporating “antique” logo (60%)£5.00
 Military interest 
301949, small cover Arabic-addressed to Military Hospital in Qubba Bridge from Ismailia / P 17 AP 49, unfranked but with triangular internal service cachet 213 in place of stamp, with Arabic notation alongside. Together with Fouad Red Crescent Hospital ID pass (1949) in pristine condition. Unusual£7.00
 Official postal usage 
311916, official form, Arabic typed and sealed with selvage from “No-Value” Official stamp(!), Arabic addressed and franked” with fine clear strike of Cairo Governorate / (Finance) Official Oval hs in blue-green. Cairo / M CDs alongside of 12 II 16. Striking£4.00
3211 NO 40, Survey and Mines Department map-tube wrapper (red on buff), folded because of shortage of tubes(!) and sent from Orman to Aswan, “franked” by illegible Official oval and large red-on-white Orman Registration label. Unusual, folded to 24.5x15cm£5.00
331955, Air cover from T/ Heliopolis 22 MA 55, franked 42 mills but including unbarred Farouk Marechal 1 mill stamp – this cancelled with boxed T, another alongside, and pencilled 10 (on arrival?). Not accepted because simply out of date, or does the T deface Farouk? Letter survives  £20.00
 Artist’s original designs for Egyptian stamps – all clean except where noted 
341965, Postage due, hand-painted design in blue and white without value, 104x127mm on heavy card 150x180mm. Adapted for the issued set (SG D852-6, NP PD62-66) with addition of UAR and other amendments by Nabil Hindawy, all annotated on this example. Striking  £40.00
351977, 20m Police Day, adopted hand-painted design by S Saida at 15.5x9cm on thick card 21.5x16cm. Issued as SG 1308, NP C788  £30.00
361979, 45m The Arabs (SG 1384, NP C849), design by S.Saida, adopted but colour changed from blue to yellow, hand-painted at 16x18cm on thin card 21x25cm  £30.00
371980, 20m Cairo Book Fair, adopted hand-painted design by Ibrahim el Tahtawi at 8.6x15cm on rough thick card 15x23cm. Issued as SG 1410, NP C874  £30.00
381981, United Nations Day 20 mills ITU, unadopted design handpainted at 8.5x15.5cm on thin card 15x21.5cm by I el Tahtawi, whose 10 mills design for the set was adopted£30.00
391984, 3p Exhibition of Egyptian Defence Equipment, adopted hand-painted design by Y Abdel-Hamid at 9x16cm on thick card (14x21.5cm). Issued as SG 1559, NP C1018)  £30.00
401985, 3p Liberation of Sinai Anniversary, unadopted hand-painted design by A Sawaf at 9x15cm on thin card 18x24cm (lettering on acetate overlay). Issued stamp is SG 1574, NP C1027)£30.00
411985, 5p Technical Industrial Education Conference, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia Rasha at 9x15.5cm on thin card 16.5x24cm.Issued stamp is SG 1618, NP C1050£30.00
421986, 5p Relief of Sudan Drought, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia Rasha at 9x15.5cm on thin card 18x25cm (lettering on acetate overlay). Issued stamp is SG 1628, NP C1060£30.00
431987, Zamalek Football Champions, adopted hand-painted design by Ibrahim el Tahtawi at 11.3x18.5cm on thick paper 13.3x20.5cm. Issued stamp is SG 1657, NP C1089  £30.00
441987, 5p Helwan University Anniversary, unadopted hand-painted design by Ibrahim el Tahtawi at 18x11cm on thin card 24.5x17.5cm. Eventually another stamp issued in 2001!£30.00
451988, 5p Africa Day, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia Rasha at 10.5x18cm on thin card 18.5x25.5cm (lettering on acetate overlay). Issued stamp is SG 1695, NP C1124£30.00
461989, 5p Bicentenary of French Revolution, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia A F at 14cm square on thin card 20x24cm. Issued stamp is SG 1736, NP C1153  £30.00
471990, Alexandria Library, unadopted hand-painted design by A Abdel-Fatah at 10.5x18cm in thin card folder 17x24cm. 35-piastre rate odd, and no stamp issued in 1990£30.00
481991, 3p Mahmoud Moukhtar Anniversary, unadopted hand-painted design by Amani Michel at 8.5x15.5cm on thin card 12x25cm. Issued stamp is SG 1804, NP C1201£30.00
491991, 10p Cairo University Technical Facility Centenary, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia Rasha at 18.5x10.5cm on thin card 27x21cm. Issued stamp is SG 1814, NP C1202£30.00
501995, 15p Discovery of X-Rays, unadopted hand-painted design by Nadia at 18x10cm on thin card 30x22cm. Issued stamp is SG 1956, NP C1319£30.00
512001, 20p International Day against Drug Abuse, unadopted hand-painted design by Meshaal at 12x20cm on thin card 22x29cm. Issued stamp is SG 2202, NP C1519£30.00
522004, 30p Anti-Narcotic Department Anniversary, unadopted hand-painted design by Ibrahim el Tahtawi at 12x20cm on thin card 20x30cm. Issued stamp is Bal 1703, NP 1674£30.00
 Post Office documents 
531876 1877? Amministrazione delle Poste Khedivie, Italian-language receipt 112x153mm cancelled with medium-faint CDS of Poste Egiziane / Cairo / Cassa of 26 Giu year? Handwritten notation is 1876. Ornate wmk, tiny filing holes, otherwise perfect £20.00
541877? Amministrazione delle Poste Khedivie, Italian-language receipt 112x163mm cancelled with faint CDS of Poste Egiziane / Mansura / Cassa of 25 Mai 77? No wmk, tiny remnant of wax seal bottom left, 1cm triangle lost from top, but impressive£15.00
551877? Amministrazione delle Poste Khedivie Egiziane, Italian-language “penalty for stock values” (form No 20) receipt 175x131mm cancelled with very faint Cassa CDS. Text suggests handled at Magagha. No wmk, single fold, perfectly clean£15.00
561878 Administration des Postes Egyptiennes, French-language receipt 108x160mm cancelled with medium-faint CDS of Poste Egiziane / Cairo / Cassa of 6 Agos 78. No wmk, tiny remnant of wax seal top left, otherwise perfect£20.00
571886, Ministry of Finance “Quittance de versement” receipt, 204x133mm, bilingual French/Arabic, written in Arabic, no postal markings, pinholes but clean£8.00
581906, PO receipt for a registered item, completed by hand and cancelled with good strike of elusive Birket el Sab star and crescent CDs of 27 NO 06 TIV£20.00
5915 DE 20, Egyptian PO receipt (Form number PO 9 N, 14.5x10.5cm), made out for “two thousand mills” as a subscription to a private box for 1921, with clear CDS of Delivery / Cairo, and handstamps PASSE and bilingual boxed Non Transferable alongside. Neat and clean, one filing hole, sealed tear at top£4.00
60UPU Post Office ID card in quite remarkably good condition, issued to Ishac Mohamed Ramzi, student, in Cairo on November 29 1951 and good for three years. His photograph, according to regulation, is stuck down with 10m in Revenues and horizontal pair of Farouk 40 mills (SG 341) cancelled Cairo/E ILLUSTRATED]£40.00
 Postal Orders 
611928 £E1 Sphinx postal order “Payable in Egypt only”, sold at Attarine / Alexandria / (Cash) on 3 XII 28 complete with counterfoil but no payee’s name and not cashed. Wear and staining at top right, but most unusual  £15.00
621948 400 mills Farouk postal order “Payable in Egypt, the Sudan and Palestine” apparently sold at El Malika Nazli in 1953(?) and provided with 2x1m General Revenues, but never cashed. Neat, clean  £18.00
 Savings Bank 
63Complete Post Office savings bank booklet cancelled at Kafr Saad 12.1.81 filled with five pages each with ten 10m Second Savings issue (boy and bicycle, Feltus 586, page 72)£7.00
641890-1916, Feltus’s Pyramid Issues (page 160), 3pt blue (wmk 1910) overprinted Annulé in red and used in 1914. Large sheet folded to form four handwritten pages, clean, near-perfect condition£5.00
651896-97, Salt Sellers’ Licence stamps, just as described by Feltus (page 26): 1896 mint on thin fragile gummed paper, 1897 cancelled with half-strike of large blue circular stamp. Neat pair, good condition£8.00
661967? Feltus Lines and Meters Issue (page 61). Unusual Govt electrical administration receipt booklet, used 1966-67, most of the12 pages used and receipts left with total of 23 stamps of four values (5,10,25 and 30) of this elusive set (Feltus 521-524) £35.00
671975, Syndicate of Applied Arts Professions (Feltus 621ff, page 76) complete set in unmounted mint upper marginal pairs – 50, 100, 250, 500 (no wmk) and unrecorded £E1. Ten stamps£8.00
 Egypt stamp booklets 
681937, Boy King 120m booklet (NP SB13, SG SB14), mint, stitched left, containing four panes of 5m, all with rare inverted watermark, full blank interleaving  £120.00
691937, Boy King 120m booklet (NP SB13, SG SB14), mint, stitched left, containing four panes of 5m, all with upright watermark, full blank interleaving £85.00
701937 issue, 5m Boy King, 12 stamps (6x2) in bottom part of pane printed for booklet production, selvage as expected with A/40 control. Clean pane apart from small foxing points on two stamps£10.00
711942, Boy King 180m booklet (NP SB15, SG SB16), mint, stitched right, containing four panes of 6m, no control numbers, full blank interleaving £75.00
721942, as last, but stitched left£75.00
731951, Farouk Marechal, single mint pane of 10m from booklet NP SB 16/17 or SG SB17/18, with interleaving sheet, both with stitch holes at right £15.00
741954, Soldier booklet (NP SB18, SG SB 19), mint, stitched left, containing four panes of 10m£38.00
75As last, but stitched right £38.00
761954, Soldier booklet, single mint pane of six stamps, used with four indistinct CDS £18.00
 Booklet stamps on cover 
77Selection of seven covers, ranging from 5m DLR pair Heliopolis to Beirut British PO (CDS on reverse), via pictorials Sphinx (Girga 1921); three covers with 5m Fuad; another cut down with block of four and single 5m Fuad; to marginal Defense. And loose block of four of 5m Crown opt (repaired) and two pairs of 5m Fuad£54.00
781922 Arabic-addressed cover Zifta 18 MR 22 to Cairo franked with Harrison 5 mills pink Sphinx (SG 90) from booklet (guillotined at bottom). Clean cover, CDS 65%, some sun staining£18.00
 Postal stationery 
79Mint and used accumulation - 1941-43, Boy King 4m visiting card env (NP SEN 35), three used (shades); 1937 small 2m+1m Boy King env (SEN 33a), with 1m Boy King used 1943; 1946 4m Marechal env with filigree inside (SEN 39), Arabic-addressed Sidi Gaber to Cairo. 1890 5m letter sheet (SLS 2), mint; 1899 4m on 5m reply card pair (SPC 23) mint, joint delicate; 1914 pictorials, 2m+2m reply card pair (SPC 22) perfect but parted down join; ditto 4m+4m reply card (SPC 23) perfect but parted £35.00
801941-43, Boy King 3m visiting-card envelopes (NP SEN 34), two printings in pale and dark shades, one from Fayum, other from Asyut readdressed to Governor of Alexandria Prison. Contents remain£12.00
811944, 20m blue Boy King Registered envelope (NP 9) uprated with horiz pair 5m Boy King (on face) and sent from Bab el Luq / Parcels 7 JA 44, to Ataba Khadra (Arabic address). Pinhole, otherwise clean  £32.00
821944, 20m blue Boy King Registered envelope (NP 9) uprated with 10m Boy King (on face) and sent from Hilwan les Bains 27 XI 48, faint Reg box alongside Arabic address, to Cairo. Sl sun staining but very clean  £32.00
83Cairo 1991 Philatelic Exhibition – 10pi envelope (NP SEN 57) in early proof form – faint impression of black colour (surround of stamp and Turkish lettering) in approx correct position. Clean cover£18.00
84As last, but much stronger impression of the whole vignette and flap design in black (no blue as on issued stationery). Envelope creased through vignette, otherwise clean£18.00
85As last two, but the issued envelope, with the vignette cancelled by heavy blue Arabic boxed equivalent of Annulée, so that Post Office can used unwanted cover internally. Unusual £10.00
 Postal history 
861902 beautiful letter from the Minya office of the Mixed Tribunal, neatly folded and sealed with the No-Value Official stamp, cancelled Minia 21 III 02 TII and addressed to the Legal Director of the Daira Sanieh in Cairo (arrival CDS next day). Clean, classic  £18.00
871916, Reg company-printed cover addressed En Ville in Cairo and franked with 10m colossus (SG 78) from Cairo RD7 9.1.16. From Banco di Roma and flap sealed with ornate red/black company wafer£9.00
881928, Printed bilingual OHEMS env from Tropical Medicine Congress (violet boxed handstamp) franked with horiz pair of Fuad 15m blue (SG 160) with mute black/red Reg label and sent R/Dawawin (Cairo) 12 NO 28 for Beirut.. Misaddressed, and returned with Inconnu label to Dawawin/R. Colourful  £12.00
891928, companion cover to last (not OHEMS, and Cairo Reg label, sent 20 SE), but sent to Budapest and again misaddressed. Two Hungarian red on white labels – En voyage and Parti, and evidence of resealing address label so less pretty than last. Interesting pair£12.00
901934, plain envelope franked UPU 1m+3m (SG 219,221) for printed matter rate to Los Angeles, cancelled clear Arabic-slogan machine cancel of Alexandria 16 APR 34. Sl bends at cover top£7.00
911952, censored printed Air cover of Austrian Tourist Department in Cairo, typed address to Stockholm, franked with two Airs and two Marechal definitives, all KES opts (one 5m Air damaged), plus Austrian winter sports advertising label (cancelled with stamps). Similar on reverse uncancelled. Different£3.00
921975 Umm Kulthoum maxi-card, with colour card of the singer in the Place de la Concorde, and the 20 mills stamp marking her death, cancelled with the official Post Office FDC CDS. Mint, unmarked  £10.00
931973, Nasser 200m UAR stamp (SG1045) used along on registered Air cover from Cairo to Lodz, Poland 13.4.73. Egyptian censor, two Warsaw transit/arrival marks and three-line Polish handstamp. Good cover£8.00
941973-1992, six incoming covers from Arab countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Sudan, Tunisia, Iraq. Interesting array of colourful stamps; most have censor marks on arrival£4.00
952004, registered cover from Saudi Arabia (machine cancel) addressed to Mashtul el Suq with 60% CDS of unrecorded Mashtul el Suq / Station CDS of 8 4 2004 among strikes on reverse£5.00
 Parcel cards 
96Used Marsa Alam (Red Sea resort), 3X£E1, 3x30p (one damaged) 13 2 2005; 16 11 2005, with attached receipt from Safaga (Red Sea), no stamps but red CDS; 7 4 2005, used with receipt from Taba (Sinai), 2x£E1, 2x30p (one stapled)£9.00
 Postal markings 
971926, Boxed trilingual “Found in Letter Box” handstamp on printed business envelope franked with 3x5m First Fuad and Arabic-addressed en ville in Cairo. Presumably intended to be registered, but merely dropped into a letter box? Unusual marking, 70% strike (upside down on cover) £8.00
 Railway interest 
981915, lawyer’s printed postcard Arabic-message and franked with pair of DLR 1m feluccas from Beni Mazar via fine near perfect and unrecorded El Minia / Station CDS 10 II 15 to Beni Souef. Nice  £20.00
99Talka Station b/w postcard used OAS in 1916 to Canada with BAPO / X cancel of 10 JA on red two-line Canadian hospital cachet (55%). Clear Victoria arrival mark, card creased on LR corner but unusual  £20.00
100Two different all-Arabic strikes of Tanta Station CDS, one on a Post Office envelope 27.3.2001, the other on an all-Arabic receipt dated 21 JUL 1953. Neither in Edmund Hall’s listing, both clean£7.00
 Sudan postal stationery 
1011897, Egyptian 1pi stationery envelope overprinted with bilingual Soudan on the vignette. Nile Post SSEN4, wmk upright, neat, clean, mint£8.00
 Sinai under Israeli occupation 
102Air envelope, unaddressed, with Israeli 10 stamp and 5m Second Fellah, both cancelled with Mazar (Sinai) 4-11-56 Registration box. Clean, not posted. See QC 213,217 and website query No 3£10.00
103St Catherine’s Monastery 1957 – Air cover franked Israeli 30 and 50 stamps and provided with five different monastery handstamps. Hebrew-addressed, presumably travelled  £20.00
1041946, three page form (foolscap), with receipt plus 5m revenue, being translation into French of marriage contract (ketouba) between Georges-Albert Misrahy and Nicole-Sybil Cattaui. Signed by M Ventura, Grand Rabbi of Alexandria, and provided with two 30m General Revenues. Fascinating£8.00
 Postage Due on cover 
1051934 postcard from Salonika franked vertical pair of 2 drachmae (one damaged) for Cairo. Bold T stamp and pencil figures in Greek, and on arrival a 4 mills Postage Due (SG D176) added and cancelled. Neat£9.00
1061925 Thomas Cook map of Central and Southern Europe showing major road and sea links, mainly black and white. Reverse furnished with much Cook’s info and contemporary advertisements. Good£8.00
1071928 large paper map of Cairo (1:20,000, 40cm square) prepared by Survey of Egypt for Tropical Medicine Congress delegates, Giza-Imbaba, Doqqi-Muqqatam. Good condition, v. sl parting on folds£20.00
 Stamp catalogue – winner to pay postage costs 
1081937, the first Egyptian Stamp Catalogue, published by A Moutran, 78 pp, paperback, 12x16cm, all in Arabic, with many illustrations and also covering Sudan. Good condition, collector’s item£30.00
 Books - winner to pay postage costs 
109With Kitchener to Khartum, by G W Steevens, sixth edition, 358pp, hardback, 13x19m), packed with maps and plans, a classic. Heavy for postage!£20.00
110Communications in Egypt (paperback, 1954, 56pp, 17x24cm). Illustrations throughout, giving full information on roads and routes, railways, air and shipping£20.00
1111954-55, Egypt Today, 257 pages (24x32cm, heavy), all illustrated, full of information about Egypt’s finance, industry and commerce – and explaining tourist attractions too. Much advertising, fascinating glimpse back half a century. Published by Demetrius Zoides and Zoides and Sons£30.00
112A.R.E. Railways Museum Catalogue (paperback, 1974, 134pp, 17x24cm), fascinating coverage of a museum that is too little known – a must for all railway collectors. Good condition - heavy£20.00
 Advertising envelopes 
113Mini collection of seven illustrated or otherwise printed advertising envelopes, six of them used: Kenar, Dukitch, Greek-Egyptian Co-operation Committee (crossed through), Le Journal’d’Egypt (two different), Mikkawi (Hehya), Fordson£8.00
1141945 military Airgraph unusually with violet Royal coat of arms cachet. Business message addressed to Cairo, sealed with Motor Mail label torn on opening and with M4 double-ring censor mark (Andrews 5b2)£15.00
 Interpostal seals – Kehr numbers, all mint 
115260 Damanhour£5.00
116512 Caire£3.00
117731 Alexandrie£3.00
118781 Mina-el-Kom£3.00
119782 Minia£3.00
120784 Nakada£3.00
121785 Port Said£3.00
122787 Samalout£3.00
123791 Chibine-el-Kom£3.00
124793 Sedfa£3.00
125796 Suez£3.00
 Postal stationery – 1954 6mills Tourist cards – Nile Post numbers, mint 
12644 Les Barrages du Delta, sepia£10.00
12745 Statue du Nil, blue£10.00
 French Post Offices – Nile Post numbers, all used 
12825c blue, 50c brown/pale blue (24,27)£2.00
12915m on 50c blue, 15m blue (57,76)£1.50
13025c black on rose, se-tenant pair (107)£4.00
13110c rose-red, 25c blue (121, 124)£1.50
13210m on 25c blue (152)£1.50
13315m on 50c blue (154)£3.50
13415m on 50c brown and lavender (155)£3.50
 Literature – buyer to pay postage 
135Leon Balian, Catalogue Stamps of Egypt – Book Two (2007), 304pp, all stamps in colour. Supplement to masterly original catalogue, updated with new prices, commemorative flaws and varieties plated, control numbers study improved and extended and the French Post Offices added. Pristine, unopened£15.00
 1933 Air Mails – UMM with varieties, blocks of 4 unless mentioned 
1362m grey, black spot in clouds, Bal 351 (position 9)£2.50
1373m same variety, (stamp in position 4 has slight nick)£2.50
1384m same variety£3.00
1399m, same variety£6.00
1401m, faint black spot on wing (position 36) plus deformed E (position 32) (block of ten)£2.50
1411m, varieties as last, darker spot (block of ten)£4.00
1421m varieties as last, large spot (block of ten)£5.00
1433m, cracked top left label Egypte (unlisted), position 34£3.00
1444m, broken second letter N (Bal 334a) in Aerienne (position 23), block of 12 (3x4)£5.00
1459m, ‘S’ of Mills with serif (Bal 339a), variety (position 6) in vertical UMM pair£6.00
1469m, cracked right frame (unlisted), position 47 below Arabic 9. Vertical UMM pair£5.00
14710m, incomplete vertical perforation, seen on two rows (Bal 340a)£5.00
 Commemoratives – varieties, almost all illustrated by Balian vols 1 and 2 
1481926, Bal 19 10m Cotton, spot below right end of branch, uncatalogued, MH single£2.00
1491929, Bal 29a, 15m Birthday, retouch below sleeve at left, rt marginal pair MNH£4.50
1501933, Bal 35 5m train, vert gash in cabin shading, uncatalogued (posn 26?), left marginal strip of 5, NH£3.00
1511946, Bal 95x, 10m Aziz, position 44, strip of four, left marginal MNH£2.50
1521946, Bal 96x, 1m+1m stamp, variety position 16, MH single£2.00
1531948, Bal 119a-120a, SAIDE, 2 blocks of four containing broken letters and missing dots, MNH£4.50
1541950, Bal 134y, 10m Desert, single, MNH£2.00
1551951, Bal 137d, 10m Cotton, block of four, lower marginal, positions 44-45, MNH£5.00
1561952, Bal 138x, Wedding, retouch in position 5, right corner single, MNH£2.50
1571952, Bal 151y, 10m Revolution, spots over the head, position 36, left marginal single, MNH£2.50
1581954, Jamboree set blocks of 4, 35 mills contains var Bal 169x, position 44, all MNH£8.00
1591954, Jamboree, 20 mill single, var Bal 168x, position 20, MNH£3.00
1601955, Bal 162x, 10m Rotary, top left corner strip of 4,var on position 4, MNH£3.50
1611957, Bal 177x, Evacuation, left-hand marginal pair showing variety on positions 36-37, MNH£3.00
1621957, Bal 178x, Railways, right marginal block of four showing dot over smokestack position 25, MNH£4.00
1631957, Bal 181a, Canal, one missing perf, top marginal par, MNH£10.00
1641957, Bal 183, 15 mills Azhar opt, perforation misplaced (uncatalogued), perfed through left/bottom, MH£1.00
1651957, Bal 185b, Gaza, cracked label, lower right corner strip of 5 showing var on position 47, MNH£5.00
1661957, Bal 192x, Revolution, white spot in arrow position 10, top right corner block of 4, MNH£3.00
1671957, Bal 196x, Poets, white spot in position 24, left marginal strip of 4, MNH£3.00
1681957, Bal 196y, Poets, hair retouch position 13, top marginal block of four, MNH£3.00
1691957, Bal 197, Air Force, white spot between P and T in Egyptian, uncatalogued, lower marg pair, MNH£2.00
1701957, Bal 197-8, Air Force, points over and under both 10 mills, position 41-46, corner block of 4 MNH£2.50
1711958, Bal 215a min sheet, flag misplaced showing white flagpole, MNH£5.00
1721958, Bal 215a, min sheet red colour misplaced showing white line at top, MNH£5.00
1731958, Bal 218-9, two matched blocks of 4 with control, showing same variety in position6, MNH£8.00
1741959, Bal 224, Youth Conf, point under Arabic gomhouria, not cat, posn 41, left corner block of 4, MNH£3.00
1751959, Bal 225a and 225c, Hilton, top left corner block of 6 showing variety accent on O together with inverted watermark. Rare. MNH  £25.00
1761959, Bal 229x, Petrol, upper marginal single showing extra dot, MNH£2.50
1771959, Bal 238y, Army Day, lower left corner block of 4, showing retouch on shield posn 31, MNH£2.50
1781959, Bal 241x, Museum, left bottom corner pair showing extra Arabic letter posn 46, MNH£2.50
1791959, Bal 243, Post Day, large retouch next to Arabic 10, uncatalogued. Lower marginal pair, MNH£2.00
1801960, Bal 255x, Football, point inside ring posn 25, plus control A/60 B/60, rare. Single, MNH£3.50
1811962, Bal 316z, Rocket, retouch over 10m, posn 5, top marginal block of four, MNH£3.00
1821962, Bal 316, uncatalogued, spot at bottom of right wing, MNH pair£2.00
1831964, Bal 360x, Mothers Day, deformed 10 in position 48, lower marginal vertical pair, MNH£2.50
1841965, Bal 431x, Biennale, “bobtail” variety posn 6, horiz pair, MNH£5.00
1851966, Bal 462x, St Catherine’s, variety mUnastery position 19, right marginal block of 4, MNH£2.50
 Commemoratives – inverted/reversed watermarks (all UMM) 
1861957, 10m Bal 188a left marginal£1.00
1871957, 10m, Bal 190a (block of 4, rt marginal)£1.50
1881957, 10m Bal 193a (block of 4, top left corner)£1.50
1891957, 10m Bal 194a (block of 4, left marginal)£1.50
1901957, Bal 195a-196a, block of 4, lower marginal£2.50
1911957, 10m Bal 197a-198a (block of 4, left marginal)£2.50
1921957, 5m, 10m, 15m (Bal 199a-201a), two right, one left marginal blocks of 4£3.50
1931957, 10m Bal 202a (block of 4, lower marginal)£1.50
1941958, 10m and 15m, Bal 205a-206a, (blocks of 4, both lower marginal)£2.00
1951959, 10m, Bal 225a (block of 4, left marginal)£1.50
1961959, 10m Bal 223a single (top marginal)£1.00
 Commemoratives – UMM control blocks of four 
197A/59 Bal 230/235 Revolution set of 6£3.00
198A/59 Bal 238, Army Day£1.00
199A/60 Bal 248, Republic Day£1.00
 Commemoratives – various varieties, UMM 
2001958, 50m min sheet Bal 215a, flag misplaced 1mm to left£6.00
2011959, 10m Bal 228a, flag clear 2mm to left, top marginal single£2.50
2021968, 10m Bal 511a, 8 of 1968 date omitted (Boy Scouts), block of four£3.00
203Incoming Mourning envelope from Kiel (25.12.10) to Cairo, with Alexandria-Cairo / TPO / Foreign Mails 2 I 11 and Gizira / Cairo 3 I 11 (both 80 per cent) on reverse. Cover in good shape£3.00
204Port-Said-Cairo / TPO / Foreign Mails 9 VIII 11 T.94, excellent transit strike on sepia real photocard showing splendid array of three generations (at least) of finely dressed French people. Card from Contrexeville to the Hotel Zeitoun in Zeitoun, and Izbit el Zeitoun part strike on arrival  £4.50
205El Tud-El Dilingat-Ityai el Barud / & V.V. (7A4) of 14 MA 20, medium-grade info strike (65%) and cancelling 5m Sphinx on cover to Alex. Recorded by Smith only for May 1925  £6.00
206Mansura-Cairo / & V.V. (7A3.4) of 17 MA 41.T-217, excellent transit strike on tiny folded “letter” Arabic addressed to Mashtul el Suq. One year later than Smith records  £4.00
207El Taufuqia (Beheira) 18 SE 22, clean 98% strike with Tewfikia Reg boxed cachet alongside on folded “official” letter (ie franked by faint Official Oval, no adhesives). Neat, clean  £4.00
208Boulak / Caire 26 X 94 TI, spot-on central strike on Type XI interpostal. IP damaged below, but CDS A1  £3.00
209Long Air Mail cover with typed address Dublin University, franked (behind) with vertical pairs of 35m and 50m definitives (SG 779,1043) and 1971 Cairo Fair (SG 1093), totalling 130m, cancelled with clear Cairo / R.D. (13) of 18 4 71 and with red on white Le Caire Reg label and small oval censor on face£3.00
210Cairo Airport 27.3.85 machine cancel on EgyptAir red-printed envelope sent at 80m registered rate to Cairo. Unopened, contents remain, interesting£2.50
 Postal history 
211Full set of 1932 Agriculture and Industry Exhibition (SG 182-4) on Banco Italo-Egiziane cover from Bani-Suef / R 5 MR 31 to Alex. Flap torn off, with small part of cover, stamps sl foxed£1.00
2121947,1949, neat pair of printed forms, with printed bilingual notice Recommandee on exterior, folded and provided with a pair of Marechal 15m as well as Cairo black on white Reg labels and Arabic-addressed within Cairo area. Both seem to have been returned, neither opened. Intriguing  £6.00
213Colourful printed covers for Immeuble Soussa, Cairo (1957) and National Transport Co, Alex, (1970), both used to Cairo suburbs with single 35m and 5m stamps respectively£2.00
 Postcards - used 
214Statue de Lesseps a Port Said, b/w card, undivided back, showing statue on breakwater facing magnificent dredging vessel, to Ipswich 3.1.1904 from Port Said with DLR 1m+3m. Excellent condition  £4.00
215Untitled UPU undivided back b/w card of fellah ploughing with two water buffalo, message notifying sailing delay, sent to Kent with DLR 3m from Alex 1 II 07. Boxed T and 1/2d I.S. stamps but no Due£5.00
216Memphis, Statue de Rameses II, Ephtimios Freres b/w divided back card sent from Port Taufiq 14.10.12 to East Dulwich (message about Port Said visit). Stamp lost en route and rect chamfered T 0.10 and 1d F.B/A handstamps, but no Due. Fine condition£4.00
217Suez Canal – colour photocard showing both sides of the canal at Kantara, produced by Palphot of Herzliya – in Israel! – addressed to Belgium and used (CTO or stamp lost?) with Herzliyya 1 datestamp of 30.5.75. Lettering on face English and Hebrew, trilingual printing behind, most odd. Good condition  £6.00
 Postcards - mint 
218Cairo (Egypt) – Interior of the Salon – oddly titled b/w photocard, UPU single back, showing interior of a railway shed, with old-worlde coaches central, and much more modern train at far platform, with smart group of soldiers between ... waiting for Fuad/Farouk? Excellent condition, intriguing£6.00
219Agene de le Companies du Canal a Terre Plaines, b/w vertical photocard showing the Canal Company Suez staff – five bearded/moustachioed men in bowlers and a boy in tarbush and galabiyah – in front of Waghorn monument in Port Tewfik. Mint, pristine  £6.00
220Haute Egypte – Temple de Philae (GK 1141, undivided back), b/w photocard showing splendid river outing of two visitors in solar topees rowed by five turbanned locals past the inundated temple. Very evocative. Mint, good condition  £2.50
221Souvenir de Port-Said: Ruines de Karnak, vertical b/w divided-back photocard by Grimaud and Manicos of Port Said, whose geography is a little awry, Karnak being almost 500 miles from Port Said. Mint, good  £2.50
222Egyptian Types and Scenes, LL No 97 – Arab Nougat Seller, “Known to the Police” – b/w vertical photo card with green divided back. Excellent mint condition£3.00
223Les Locomotives (Egypt) – splendid b/w photo card of Atlantic express railway engine. No 236 in series by F/E with club-shaped logo and all lettering in red. Reverse has engine’s details. Mint, excellent£6.00
224Mansourah – La station du chemin de fer (Comptoir Philatelique 428, b/w, undivided back), mint card in excellent condition. Ideal adjunct to postmark page!  £4.00
225Port Said – General Post Office – b/w crinkle-edge real photocard by K Lambelet (Lehnert & Landrock successors) showing near-empty street, pedestrians and only two vehicles. Mint, pristine condition£3.00
226Port Said – General View (that is, looking down Farouk Street), Lambelet/Lehnert and Landrock, sepia crinkle-edge card. Mint, pristine£2.00
227Tomb of Noble Nakht 1415BC – colour card of wall painting of offerings (Lambelet/Lehnert & Landrock No 6), mint and unused, scuffs on reverse but very colourful£1.50
 Egypt Postage Paid (EPP) military datestamps on cover 
228EPP 5, 19 JA 42, OHMS env and resealing label; reg with mute R/1 label Field Post Office 245, addressed to War Office, London. No franking, no censor  £4.00
229EPP 18, 19 DE 41, Air env, endorsed OAS; franked 100m Air and 17m Boy King, censor A3 1025, addressed to California. Pasadena arr Feb 23, and readdressed  £4.00
230EPP 27, 7.1.47, Tutankhamun postcard, OAS, endorsed “By Air”; ex P/W Directorate GHQ MELF to London. No franking, no censor£2.00
231EPP 31, 25 AU 41, earliest date recorded, franked S.African 1s + 3d (not cancelled). No censor, From Joburg 14 VIII 41 to 16 Bomber Sqdn, Durban, readdressed to APO 10 Nairobi. So why Egypt?  £6.00
232EPP 44 15 NO 41 and EPP 71, 18 NO 41. Two EPPS on OAS cover to Malta – plus traces of resealing label with double-ring 4? Censor A3 758 + Dep Chief Field Censor  £6.00
233EPP 55 14 JA 46 – latest date recorded. OAS cover to London N11 with “Via Air Mail” printed; ex 1589 Flight RAF, Cairo West. No censor£4.00
234EPP 71 (type 1) 11 JU 42 on NAAFI envelope, addressed to South Africa, ms “Air Mail”. Mixed franking KG VI 3x3d +SAf 1d mini. Deputy Chief Field Censor mark£3.00
235EPP 74 3 AU 42, Red Cross/St John Ambulance printed cover, addressed to Dental department, MEF. No franking, no censor, no other markings£2.00
236EPP 77, 19 MR 42, OAS, Air Mail; franked 52m of Boy King stamps, addressed to New York, readdressed to Montreal hotel, and again with hotel label to Montreal home; arrived June 8. A5 censor illegible  £6.00
237EPP 93, 17 AP 43, Air Mail envelope, endorsed “Per Air Mail” , addressed to South Africa and franked with SAf mini 1d in vertical and horizontal pairs plus 6d. Censor A5 122(?)£5.00
238EPP 96 10 JL 46, Printed envelope for election vote paper, addressed to Returning Officer, Aylesbury, franked with Official Paid handstamp, no censor. Striking and most unusual  £8.00
239Mini-collection of 21 mixed EPP covers/cards/air forms, all addressed to UK with array of frankings and censor marks. Priced to go£10.00
240Mini-collection of 13 mixed EPP covers/cards/air forms, all addressed to South Africa with array of frankings and censor marks. Priced to go£8.00
241Four EPP covers, addressed to New York, Cairo, Trichinopoly and Calcutta £2.00
 Official covers 
2421938, bilingual OHEMS buff printed cover with black/red OHEMS Registration label, franking paid by indistinct Official Oval, sent from Orman R.D to little-seen marking Wadi el Arab, where arrival 24 JU 38 on reverse and 27 JU on face after recipient not available. Single file hole, and unusual  £8.00
2431964, bilingual Min of Awqafs (religious endowments) buff printed cover Arabic-addressed to Alex and provided with 20m definitive (local postage, SG 776) and 35m Official (for registration, SG O572) with illegible Cairo cancel. Backstamps Alex and Sidi Gaber Jan 3 and 4 1964, but though delivery attempted, undelivered. Clean£6.00
2441990, Plain buff cover addressed to Amsterdam, with 10m+3x30m Officials (SG O1807,1810), neatly cancelled with D / El Zamalek 22.12.90 with circular Large Eagle government stamp taking place of Official Oval. Reverse has violet rectangular handstamp giving return address with postcode details. Very neat and clean, unusual£4.00
24517 Official printed covers, all franked with Official stamps, date range 1964 to late Nineties, mixed condition but mainly good. Colourful lot£5.00
24611 Official printed covers, date range 1932 (OHEMS) to Nineties, no adhesives but many handstamps and Reg labels. Five of the covers are mint£4.00
24713 Official covers, all but two with Official stamps, dates approx Nineties, all provided with (sometimes faint) example of violet rect handstamp with inner border of dots and bilingual number (censor?)£5.00
 Official/military covers 
24825 Official covers (mainly buff), all with Official stamps, all Arabic-addressed, and all bearing Egyptian military cachets of military censor handstamps. Date range generally1970s and 1980s. Condition generally good, great group for research£12.00
249Similar lot, but only 24 covers!£11.00
 Returned markings 
25035 Egypt covers returned as undeliverable from overseas (mainly US) with astonishing range of “Returned” markings. Date range Approx 1970s-1980s, mixed condition after long return trip!£5.00
251Similar lot to the last£5.00
25247 Egypt covers returned as undeliverable from Egypt or Arab countries. Date ranges 70s-80s, condition mixed£5.00
253Three 1980s Egypt covers (two of them from Damanhur) astonishingly sent to Indonesia and returned with rectangular violet “Missent to Jakarta” handstamp on face£6.00
 Unfranked mail 
25477 items, 1922-1950, all of which managed to travel free through the post, justified either by Official Oval, or Official Registration label, or simply by being sent from one official body (a school, say), to another. Mixed bag, virtually all for research rather than display. Colourful but all in Arabic£6.00
 Egypt covers 
25522 covers, 1929-early Republic but mainly Farouk/Republic and mainly internal, mixed-to-good condition, including large env from Azhar to Singapore with Farouk 50m, 100m among 188m rate£3.00
2561950s, three items all franked at 4m rate. Clean£2.00
2571924, clean cover franked 2m First Fuad with clean Alex machine cancel 22 FEB 24 to Cairo; and mourning cover franked 2m Second Fuad used within Zagazig November 1935£2.00
2581933 mourning notice, 24x15.5cm with impressive massive black border, sent to Barclays Bank, Cairo, to announce death of Benjamin Moussally, franked with 2m Second Fuad. Folds out to double size with internal vignette. Condition good£8.00
2591944 similar, less wide border, les impressive paper, 21x13.5cm, noting passing of Rahmin I Schonwald, whose funeral will depart from the Grand Temple Aschkenazi.... Franked 30m Marechal, addressed merely “Barclays Bank”. Pinholed by Legal Dept, but condition good£6.00
26016 clean and colourful covers, to Switzerland or internal, mainly franked with 35m of 1989-91 Air series£3.00
 Egypt stamps 
2611997, £E1 Air Mail Fayoum Portrait Exhibition (SG 2051, NP C1393), right marginal block of six, UMM, showing clear colour variation in the two stamps at the right, with emphatic blue tinge indicating that one of the magenta shades is missing£6.00
2622008 (date?), Second in “commercial” series (see QC 227, p.94), this one produced for the Madinat Makadi Resort, Golf and Spa, Hurghada, on Red Sea coast. Value 150pi and labelled “Egypt post”, but apparently sold only at the resort. Vertical pair of the stamps with “Smiler-size” tabs giving resort website and phone details. UMM£5.00
 Money Order 
2631921 Form PO 56M, International Trade Charge Money Order, brown, 18x12.5cm, made out for goods value 450 francs to Djibouti, and provided with Alexandria / P4 (double ring) and Port Said / P CDS of 25 NO 21 and 1 DE 21 on face with Djibouti 27 Dec. Reverse has Port Said/ P of 7 JA 22 and Alexandria / No 7 / Insured Parc. (double ring) of 13.1.22. No adhesives, crease across lower right corner but unusual£6.00
 Parcel cards 
264Seven all-Arabic parcel cards, mixed condition, various sizes/colours (including one photocopied with stamps stuck on), all covered with masses of Official stamps (up to blocks of 8x3, 5x5 and 6x5). One for the enthusiast£4.00
265Seven all-Arabic parcel cards, mixed sizes/colours as last, covered with definitives in blocks of up to 6x3, 5x5, 5x4, better condition£4.00
 Post Office forms 
26626 examples of “Declaration of Payment” Post Office receipts (Form No 2 G), date range 1920-1959, various sizes ranging from 11.5x16cm to 10x23.5cm, all with CDS. Intriguing development to trace£8.00
267Range of pages from Alexandria Post Office despatch book, where every outgoing registered letter was logged and then signed for (or CDS) on receipt. Fascinating glimpse into the working, with sheets from printings of 1913 (used 1916-17), 1915 (used 1918-19), 1917 (used 1920), 1918 (used 1922), 1918-19 (used 1922) and 1919 (used Cairo 1921). Total 32 double-sided sheets, ideal basis for research£12.00
268Airgraph form (PO 28 B) – mint as sold at the Post Office, with 15m Boy King adhesive on the reverse along with bilingual instructions. Government Press 1941, one of one million examples. Folded once, excellent condition  £14.00
269Neat buff Avis de Reception notification card (P No 13Q, 145x105mm) properly completed and sent from R & P / El Malaka Nazli 5 SE 33. Reverse also completed, but CDS illegible. Clean£3.00
270As last, but sent from illegible CDS and completed at Postmen / Cairo 20 JL 32. Two file holes but neat and clean£3.00
27160 flimsy telegram forms, mainly Egyptian State Telegraphs, all but three in Arabic, ranging from 1920s to 1950s and remarkably in size, each with (usually well struck) CDS covering the whole country. Wide range for study£12.00
27220 cheques from nine Egyptian banks, all but two used, no revenues, clean examples to review£4.00
273Series of pages with mounted DLR used (old collection) remnants, unsorted by vendor at least – 2x10pa, 10x1pi blue, 18x1m, 10x2m, 5x3m yellow, 1x4m, 7x5m, 3x2pi, 1xNo-Value£2.00
274As last, First Fuad: 6x1m, 30x5m, 13x15m£1.50
275As last, 1927-37 Fuad: 34x1m, 4x2m, 5x3m brown, 4x3m green, 3x4m green, 3x4m brown, 27x5m, 9x10m red, 2x10m violet, 5x13m, 15x15m blue, 2x15m purple, 6x20m small blue, 5x20m large blue, 5x20m sage, 4x40m, 5x50m, 5x100m (shades), 2x200m£4.00
276As last, 1936-37 Fuad: 3x1m, 3x2m, 2x4m, 53x5m, 1x10m, 2x15m, 1x20m£1.00
277Mixed bag of over 150 loose stamps, gift from a non-member, apparently ranging from Scott 37 to 399 and with a few commems, dues etc, completely unchecked for markings, varieties, whatever.£2.00
 Railway station CDS 
278Seven covers, 1936-1959, all with Station postmarks - Tanta, Asyut (2 different), Alex, Cairo (three different, including flimsy cover with 3x10m Farouk Marechal and bilingual Express Delivery white on red label, sent from Cairo 7pm 3 AP 47 and in Sidi Gaber at 8am next day). Mixed condition£6.00
 Post Office Savings Bank deposit booklets 
279Series 38, blue cover, 115x160mm, issued at Aiyat / Cash 2 V 29, two pages used. Excellent condition£4.00
280Series 36, buff cover (opens from left), 103x163mm, issued at Cairo / Savings Bank / C 12 DE 44 with vertical pair of 5mm General Revenues, two pages used up to 1949. Fine condition£4.00
281Series 264, buff cover, 136x180mm, issued at Aiyat / Cash 24 OC 46 (in blue) with horiz pair of 5m General Revenues. Used only once, excellent condition£4.00
282Series 264, buff cover, 120x160mm, issued at Aiyat / Cash 5 JA 34, used only three times, excellent condition£4.00
 Revenue documents 
2831963, Signature authentication provided with QEII £1 Foreign Service revenue (pinhole) with Foreign Office / London CDS, attached to Glaxo drugs certificate of safety with Egypt 500m and £E1 revenues (Feltus 460,465, overlapping). Both clean documents with pen-cancelled General revenues (Feltus 52). Good, unusual£4.00
2841966, all-Arabic document (receipt for £E10?) provided with 5m carmine Syndicate of Accountants and Auditors revenue (Feltus 601) and 10m General revenue (Feltus 57), cancelled with a single pen-line. Accountants most unusual on document, usage ceased 1972£4.00
285A mass of documents, 1950s and 1960s, essentially paperwork for imports into Egypt, attesting to quality and legal niceties, sprinkled with Egyptian and a few foreign revenue stamps and handstamps of all sorts, all serving their proper purpose. A real revenue-mine to explore. Approx 35 items£20.00
286Similar to last, but all internal, range of Revenue stamps, generally very mixed condition, about 30 items£12.00
287Mass of 45 internal insurance policies, other odd documents, inc ID cards, radio licences etc, about a third with General Revenue stamps affixed, others with revenue meter marks. Wide range of type and condition, mixed bunch£8.00
 Literature – non-philatelic – buyer to pay postage 
288Egyptian Museum, guidebook 13.5x19cm, 88pp paperback with 16 colour photographs and many more b/w. Useful guide, no author named, Tutankhamun mask on cover. Good condition£4.00
289Informations Touristiques Egypte, French-language paperback guide to the country and its attractions, 128pp, 12x16.5cm, no date (1980s?). Neat little handbook in good shape£3.00
290Modern Egypt, by Vada Hart (paperback, 144pp, 13x19cm) – a different view, from an American who settled there (early 1980s?). Lots of coloured pictures, and social life and arts are covered for a change. Good£3.00
291Egypt Travel Magazine, No 46 (June 1958), in French; and No 79 (1966) in German. Colourful A4 size magazine, full of pictures, tourist info£1.00
292Le Temple de Dandara, by Francois Daumas, 21x23cm paperback, 1970, 24pp bilingual text, then 32pp of b/w photographs of the ancient site and its surroundings. Cover scuffed, interior pages excellent£1.50
293Tourist brochures for Cairo, Alex (German), Luxor, Fayum (French), Wadi el Gedid (the New Valley). All fine£1.00
294Clairon – two volumes, Dec 1943 and Jan 1944, of A4-size colour French-language general-interest magazine, each 46pp, and still with stamps on back cover that paid its way to Dr Kirkor Kalfayan in Alex. Covers parting, but interior sound and interesting to see what interested educated Egyptians in wartime£2.00
2951942 Annual Report of the Egyptian Central Narcotic Intelligence Bureau (Govt Press, paperback, 108pp), detailing every seizure of drugs throughout the country, totalling 3,987kg, mainly of hashish. Astonishing detail£4.00
296Khamsin and Khamsin Conditions, M M Sayed Ahmed (Govt Press, 1949, hardback, 57pp). Where the wind comes from who it affects, all you could possibly want to know... Sl wear£3.00
297Administration General des Wakfs (religious endowments) annual report for 1910, hardback, 86pp, in French, detailing all Wakfs affairs, how it works, where the money came from, where it went. Typically detailed, fine condition£3.00
298National Bank of Egypt 1898-1948, anniversary volume privately produced for directors, shareholders and major clients. Hardback in excellent condition of 156pp. Fascinating history, especially during the two war periods£6.00
 Cassette envelopes 
2992 1/2 pound value (as NP SCE 8 of 1999-2000 but vignette 40mm deep, background screened, LAR 63, DSAR 17, no baseline on reverse, flap triangular; ie, it doesn’t fit and clearly more work required on cassette envelopes). Mint example, with large black Arabic handstamp across vignette reading “Cancelled”, in order that the PO can use them internally. Unusual, unrecorded, pristine condition£6.00
300Another as last, but also unrecorded, with straight flap (all other details as above). This one used by the PO with address , indistinct cancellation and R-marking on face and clear CDS (Arabic) of Mitubis 25.11.2007 on reverse  £6.00
3011 pound – NP SCE 9 of 1999-2000, with black boxed Cancelled. Imprint under the vignette reads as in NP illustration of SCE 7 (top of page 714). Mint, pristine, excellent £6.00
3021 pound – Cancelled apparently precisely as the last – but right-hand half of the imprint under the vignette reads instead matabagh al-bareed. Unrecorded, mint, pristine, excellent  £6.00
3031 pound, NPE SCE9, Cancelled as last two, and used again to Mitubis. Arabic address augmented with red notation. Cancel on face avoids vignette, but clear Arabic wording and date 26 6 2007. Remarkable, rare  £6.00
 Meter marks 
3041934, First Day of use of Nessim machine, franking at 1 millième on 1.1.34 used in conjunction with a 1m Crown opt cancelled Cairo by the stamp dealer Angeloglou on a printed unsealed envelope. Spectacular  £6.00
3051951, Specimen of the Universal multivalue machine, priced at 16 mills, with a solid circle for the town indicator and the machine serial vertically alongside. Dated 29 VI 51 on an envelope addressed to Universal Postal Frankers in London, the machine vignette covering the word “Specimen”.  £12.00
306Similar to last, meter impression value 9 mills dated 29 VI 51 on stiff card 140x64mm£6.00
 Interpostals – all in fine condition, mint without gum unless stated. * indicates minor nicks 
307Kehr Type III die A (1867): 46a Konstantinopoli, centre stain; 62 Smirne, FG hinged£2.00
308Type III die B (1867): 58a Minet-el-Gamh£1.00
309Type IV (January 1868): 98 Scibin-el-Kom, adhesion behind£1.00
310Type IVA (January 1868): 112 Bilbes FG; 148 Tenedos, near FG with hinge£2.00
311Type V (January 1871): 166 Minia, near FG; 171 Serapoum, seems trimmed at left£1.00
312Type Vb (1874-76): 249 Smirne, some gum*; 252 Telah, near FG£2.00
313Type Vc (1874-78): 283a Cairo*£1.00
314Type VI (embossed, 1878): 377B deep blue on white; 377G indigo on dk green, unseen thin£1.00
315Type VII (1879-80): 395a Benha, adhesion behind (die B, heavy roman letters)£1.00
316Type VIIA: 474 Chaka; 475 Dara: 481 Fazoglou£2.00
317Type VIII (1880): 515 Colosnah, gum*; 518 Chibin-el-Com; 523 Dessouk FG; 532 El-Wasta*; 540 Foua, FG; 545 Goddaba; 559 Korachieh; 567 Mehalla FG; 569 Mehallet-Malek; 580 Rahmanieh FG; 589 Samanoud*£4.00
318Type VIIIA (1882): group of 50 examples ranging from 616 Balliana FG to 710 Sidi Gaber, including 17 with full gum, dark printings of 256 Barbar and 284 Esna, both shades of Kafr-Amar, and 622 Beni-Mazar, used, single CDS with date£14.00
319Type X (1887): 806 blue on white, adhesion behind, 438 in pencil; 806, used with just off-centre CDs of El Fachn 19 DE 90 TI£2.00
320Type XI (1890): 807, used, indistinct CDS RA ... 7 OC 91 YII and IP damaged; 807a used, near-full CDS Ebchaway star/crescent 23 AO 91; IP damaged £2.00
321Type XI: 807, cancelled with spot-on strike of Fayoum 1 MA 95 TII, stuck centrally on face of otherwise unused buff visiting-card envelope. Excellent IP, odd usage  £4.00
 Stamps of Egypt 
3221872, 20pa LITHO, perforation 12 1/2 x 13 1/3, inverted watermark, (SG 26var, NP D21q), very fine used  £40.00
3231872, 1pi LITHO, perf 12 1/2 x 13 1/3, (SG 27, NP D22), very fine used   £12.00
3241884, 20pa on 5pi misplaced overprint variety, (SG 57var, NP D40 var), very fine used£3.00
3251906, 1m, inverted watermark (SG 58var, NP D45a), very fine used£3.00
3261906, 2m, inverted watermark (SG 59var, NP D46a), very fine used£3.00
3271914, 5m, watermark sideways to the right (SG 63var, NP D57k), very fine used£3.00
3281922, 1m, Crown overprint type III, block of four including "broken frame" and "two dots omitted" varieties (SG 98var, NP D78b,c), unmounted mint£18.00
3291937, 4m Farouk Boy King misperforated (SG 251var, NP 139var), very fine used£3.00
3301937, 15m Farouk Boy King inverted watermark (SG 256var, NP D144var), unmounted mint£1.00
3311944, 20m soldier (SG 300var, NP D164c), inverted watermark, block of 4, UM  £35.00
3321952, 10m soldier, overprint "66" instead of "16" variety (SG 378var, NP D178d), very fine used£3.00
3331954, Defence 50m "accordeon" flaw (SG 428var, NP D206var), block of four, control A/53 A/54, unmounted mint £25.00
3341954, Fellah 4m, horizontal white line flaw (SG 498var, NP D239var), very fine used £7.00
3351954, Fellah 4m misperforated so "EGYPTE" almost missing from top (SG 498var, NP D239a), very fine mint without gum   £12.00
3361955, 5m block of four including "extra dot" variety (SG 507var, NP C158b), unmounted mint£5.00
3371957, 10m Rameses II (SG542var, NP D242a), inverted watermark, block of four, unmounted mint£10.00
3381957, 10m vertical pair "gun on plane" variety (SG 545a var, NP C189a), unmounted mint£5.00
3391958, 35m vertical white line flaw (SG 559var, NP D251var), very fine used   £7.00
3401958, 10m Kasem Amin (SG 563var, NP C200a), watermark sideways to the left (inverted), block of four, unmounted mint£20.00
3411959, Petroleum 10m, extra dot variety so "arabia" reads "garbia" (SG 594var, NP C220d), UM£6.00
3421959, set of 17 plus £E1 overprinted (SG603-619, 634), 3 top values marginal control, unmounted mint£15.00
3431959, Nefertiti 55m/100m, misplaced opt "U" lost (SG 588var, NP D252b), marginal UM  £13.00
3441959 Printing Experiment – Flag, orange watermarked, unmounted mint£13.00
 Miniature sheets 
3451958, Flag miniature sheet (SG MS570), unmounted mint£6.00
3461959, Transport miniature sheet, (SG MS601), unmounted mint£3.00
3471926, 15m misperforated, (SG O146var, NP O48b) unmounted mint   £13.00
3481926, 20m misperforated, (SG O147var, NP O49b) unmounted mint   £10.00
 Postage Dues 
3491927, 2m three dots error (SG 174var, NP PD32a), unmounted mint£5.00
3501927, 2m misperforated (SG 174var, NP PD32d), unmounted mint£4.00
 Army Post 
3511939 ,10m misperforated (SG A15var, NP AP4b), unmounted mint  £13.00
352Perfins, accumulation of 19 used stamps£4.00
 Postal history 
3531860 entire used abroad letter from ALEXANDRIE (16 OCT 60) to LIVORNO, franked with French 80c. Livorno arrival cds on back  £70.00
3541889 1m wrapper (NP SWR1), unused£3.00
3551936 Mussolini mixed franking postcard from ERITREA to ALESSANDRIA, Eritrea and Ethiopia stamps  £30.00
356Egypt Used Abroad - SMIRNE, GEDDA, METELINO on 1872 1pi typo   £75.00
357Egypt Used Abroad - GEDDA, WADI HALFA on 1881 1pi blue   £25.00
358"DALLA STAZIONE" on 1872 10pa  £10.00
359"RETTA" on 1872 1pi typo, 1m and 5m DLR, Farouk Boy King (1m,5m,6m,20m), Farouk Marechal (10m,17m,50m) and 5m airmail, a total of 11 stamps£3.00
3601914 5m, cancelled RURAL SERVICE, four used stamps£3.00
362Railway and TPO postmarks on DLR (9 stamps and a pair), 1914 pictorial (3 stamps), Farouk Boy King (3 stamps), a total of 17 stamps£4.00
364British Military pmks "Field Post Office" and "Army Post Office" on Boy King and Marechal (4 postmarks)£3.00
 Forgeries and/or Fanciful 
365Postal Stationery: 20 para postcard red on brown (displaced), 20 para postcard red on green with offset on back, 3mm postcard (HG7) red on green, 5mm postcard (HG 12) red on brown having double impression of SG type 33, postcard HG25 3mm orange, envelope 179 x 140 imprinted forgery of 5mm SG type 21 in red (slight oily mark), 2 x envelopes – one 150 x 115 the other 162 x 128 (creased) with imprint of SG type 34 (Colossi), 2 x envelopes 130 x 95 with imprint of SG type 42 (statue) one misplaced. 9 items, mixed condition, most unusual£3.00
366Definitive: 1978 1mm blue, Irrigation Wheels Fayoum. SG1340 unused block of 18 (6x3) plus RH margin with additional forged perforations£2.50
367Postage Dues. 1888 2 mills green, sheet of 50 (5 x 10) with large perforated margins all round. A little crumpled£2.00
368Postage Dues. 1888 2 mills green with multiple impressions including a very light upside down impression of the 4mm maroon. Block of 26 from RH side of forged sheet of 50 including large perforated margins top, side and bottom£2.00
369Postage Dues.1938 SG D174 2 mills orange, sheet of 50 (10 x 5) including perforated margins, also similar sheet in pale orange but totally imperf (small mark in LH margin of latter), unused, 2 sheets£3.50
370Postage Dues. 1927 SG D179 8 mills purple, sheet of 50 (5 x 10) including perforated margins all round£2.00
371Postage Dues. 1927 SG D175 4 mills green. Stock card with approx 68 examples all fairly well centred plus some 20 examples with various misperfs£2.00
372Interpostals. Type III The-el-Barud, Type VIII Bedrechein, Bouah (displaced), Goddaba, Mallaoui. 5 items. Interesting£5.00
 Share Warrants 
373Illustrated Share Warrant issued by Land Bank of Egypt, Alexandria with embossed stamps of Ten Shillings and Three Shillings with 36 coupons attached, certified and embossed, dated 10 January 1905. Folded. Interesting and unusual£3.00
374Decorated Share Warrant issued by Egyptian Credit Foncier Le Caire with two French 10c revenue stamps affixed, with 17 coupons attached, certified and embossed, dated July 1905. Printed in French/Arabic/English. Folded. Interesting and unusual£3.00
375Stamped Paper. Feltus 161? Used, completed in Arabic, sheet 7 x 9¾, watermarked 1929-30 as described by Feltus. 3pt imprinted circular stamp top LH corner in green with crown and Arabic F beneath. Arabic above and French below (not to right and left as figure in Feltus book). (Feltus scarcity code 15.51). Minor creases but nonetheless good£3.50
376Land Registration Issue. Feltus 179. Used sheet 11 x 18 printed and completed in French, watermarked 1923 as described by Feltus. 50m albino embossed stamp. Various handstamps and annotated in Arabic. (Feltus scarcity code 15.51). Good£3.50
377Land Registration Issue. Feltus 180. Used sheet 11 x 18 totally hand written in French, watermarked 1939/1358 otherwise as described by Feltus. 50m orange-red embossed stamp. (Feltus scarcity code 15.01). Good£3.00
378Land Registration Issue. Like Feltus 181 but 70m. Used sheet handwritten in French 11 x 18, watermarked 1940 as described by Feltus. 70m orange-red embossed stamp. (Feltus scarcity code 10.03). Various hand stamps and annotations. Good£3.00
379Land Registration Issue. Feltus 182. Used sheet typewritten in French. 11 x 18, with pseudo-watermark 1943 as described by Feltus. 100m orange-red embossed stamp. (Feltus scarcity code 15.01). Good£3.00
380Land Registration Issue. Feltus 187. Unused but price column completed, sheet 11 x 18, watermarked 1975/1395 as described by Feltus (inverted). 250m scarlet-red embossed stamp. Pre-folded in four as normal. (Feltus scarcity code 5.01). Good£3.50
 Printing Experiment 
381SG593 - 1st anniv United Arab States. Lower corner block of 3 in red (minor faults), pair (slightly cut off at bottom) in blue to RH margin, pair in pale blue and a strip (minor fault) of 5 across the sheet with margin each end in yellow. Full OG£6.00
382XVI Exposition Agricole & Industrielle 1949. Complete set on illustrated cover cancelled with the exhibition postmark 1 MR 49. Unaddressed£3.00
383As above but cover front only£1.00
3841933 International Aviation Congress, SG214-218, lightly mounted mint, 5 mills has a few blunted perfs at top, otherwise fine£12.00
 Postal history 
385Air mail cover from UK to Major Savile, 1st Middlesex Regt, Moascar. Back stamps RECU PAR AVION ALEXANDRIE 21 MA 35 and ISMAILIA-CAMP 22 MA 35. Four GB postage stamps on front, one on back£2.00
386Postmark GARE DE RAMLEH ALEXANDRIA P. 3.3.56 on cover to Huddersfield franked SG428 and SG496, also censor mark£2.00
387Cover with letter enclosed from Mrs Hamersley. Very tatty with stamp removed but interesting letter of El Miralai Hamersley Bey dated 1.3.39 from El Arish. Contents about wild flowers etc reference El Arish in Sinai. CDS on front ARISH 1 MR 39. …£1.50
388Interpostal seal GALIUB type III green, full og but some foxing and crease£1.00
 Egypt collection 
389A4 stockbook, 7 sides crammed with well over 500 stamps, DLR 1880s to 1960s, mostly good used, scattering of unused, a few UMM. A few interesting postmarks, some duplication. KES and bars opts, definitives and commems, few back of the book and some labels, etc. Page stuffed with Reg labels inc good selection of OHMS, OHEMS and UAR in various green shades, red OHEMS, others in red, blue or black on white, mostly unused, mostly good though a few of the latter torn into (perfs are notoriously poor!). Plus a few air mail labels and post office label P44 OD mint and fine£15.00
 Stamps - Officials 
390SG 073 1 mill Official 50-plus used in packet£1.00
391SG 076 5 mill Official 50-plus used in packet£1.00
392SG 077 1 pi Official 50-plus used in packet£1.00
 Stamps – Postage Due 
393SG D73 1pi Postage Due 30 used in packet£1.00
 Stamps - Soudan 
3947 De La Rue stamps overprinted SOUDAN with postmarks of MERA(WI), DONG(OLA), (KH)ARTOUM, (K)ERMA, (W)ERBA, (B)ERBA, and KHAR(TOUM)£4.00
3956 De La Rue used stamps overprinted with forged SOUDAN, identified by Caire cds, impossible dates of use in the Sudan, etc£3.00
 Stamps – Used Abroad 
396Austrian large 6 heller brown stamp SG227 with fine Egyptian postmark CAIRO / EGYPT / 11 VI 14  £7.00
 Stamps – First Issue 
3972 pi yellow, imperf proof on unwatermarked paper, small tone spot£10.00
39810 pi blue, imperf proof on unwatermarked paper, small thin£10.00
39910 para, unused, well centred, perf 12½  £28.00
40020 para, used, well centred, perf 12½, with Retta cancel£15.00
4011 pi, used, well centred, perf 12½, with Vice-Reali Egiziane cds£4.00
4022 pi, used, well centred, perf 12½, with Port Said cds  £17.00
4035 pi, unused, well centred, perf 13, with on reverse red handstamp “ela”  £90.00
 Airgraphs – bids may be accepted on the following ten lots (404-413) as a single lot with a reserve price of £40. If a bid is received for a single lot, all must be sold singly. Any previous bidder for the full series of ten will be advised. 
404October 1942 from No 33 General Hospital, Persia, to London. With envelope£6.00
405July 1943 from 996 Docks Operating Coy, RE, APO 532 at Gabes, Tunisia, to Cambridge. With env£5.00
406September 1943 from 10th Field Regiment RA in India to Bradford, Yorkshire. With envelope£5.00
407October 1943 from No 5 General Hospital, BNAF, to Cambridge. With envelope£6.00
408November 1943 from 17th British General Hospital, India. With envelope£6.00
409December 1943 from Transit Coy 5 Battalion GRTD, BNAF, to Selkirk, Scotland. With envelope£4.00
410December 1943 from No 6 Light Field Ambulance Unit, RAMC, to Dawlish. With envelope£6.00
411February 1944 from 12 Royal Lancers D Squadron BNAF to Colchester, Essex. With envelope£5.00
412May 1944 from 4th Armoured Brigade RASC to Glasgow. With envelope£5.00
413Christmas pictorial December 1944 from CMF to Birmingham. With envelope£6.00
 Miniature sheets 
4141949, SG MS 357, XVIeme Exposition Agricole et Industrielle, lightly hinged mint. NP $3£1.50
4151951, Royal Wedding, SG MS 368, never hinged mint. Cat £8£4.00
4161959 Transport & Communication 50m green and red, SG MS 601, fine used. NP $12£4.00
 Postal history 
417Registered Air Mail cover (probably philatelic), addressed to H.R.Harmer), franked 2x25m plus 30m 1941-48 photogravure airs SG 387-8, cancelled Alexandrie Bourse Royale with boxed R registration cachet of same source. Five wax seals on reverse with Alex R2 CDS date 7 FE 46. Neat cover£6.00
418Real photo postcard “Panorama of the Pyramids” franked 10m Defense, 32m Mosque (SG 419,424) cancelled Cataract Hotel + civil censor and bilingual Par Avion to Sweden 2 AP -4 (ie 5 slug missing)£6.00
419Real photo postcard, by on camel, franked 1m=3m DLR (SG58,61ab) cancelled clear Aswan star and bridge 17.1.08 with same date TPO Shellal-Luqsor to Braunschweig, Germany£3.50
420Real photo postcard (Lehnert & Landrock), camel and rider in desert, franked pair 4m green Second Fuad (SG 155) cancelled Shepheard’s Hotel Cairo (HS7) dated 14.11.30 to Bournemouth£5.00
421Real photo UPU postcard “Caire, Date crop”, franked 1m+2m DLR (SG58,59) cancelled TPO Rashid-Abukir to Rochester, Kent, with Abukir-Alexandrie TPO (barred type) and Alexandrie transit all same day, 16.I.06. Two TPOs, interesting£10.00
422Real photo postcard (Cairo Postcard Trust 604), “Native Girls”, sent On Active Service with clean skeleton Base Army Post Office 7 dated 28 OC 17 to Chiddingfold, Surrey£5.00
423UPU monochrome postcard, “Avenue and Caracol of Ghesireh” (showing man on boneshaker bicycle), franked Imprimes rate 2m DLR (SG 59ab) cancelled Cairo 31.VIII.05 to Novara, Italy£3.00
424Polychrome postcard LL 13 “Assouan – vue prise du Cataract Hotel”, franked 4m DLR (SG62) cancelled Savoy Hotel 27.1.11 with next-day Cairo transit to Hoxton, London£5.00
425Polychrome postcard (Max Rudmann & Fils), “Philae Temple under inundation”, franked Edward VII India 1/2 anna cancelled Sea Post Office A Set dated 10.10.06. Manuscript “Printed Matter” to England. Neat maritime item£4.00
426Polychrome postcard (Max Rudmann & Fils 32) showing “Cairo, Arabic school-house” (very pretty building), franked 5m DLR (SG 63) cancelled Cairo 27 V 0-6 to Christchurch, Hants£1.50
427Sepia postcard (Cairo Postcard Trust 35), “Eglise au Caire”, franked 1m+3m DLR (SG 58, 61ab), cancelled Cairo Station 5 X 11 to Gentilly, France, with Cairo B same-day transit and Gentilly / Seine receiver 12.10.11, all on same side£1.50
428Polychrome postcard (Rommler & Jonas, Dresden), “The Mountains of Thebes”, franked on picture side 5m DLR (SG63c) cancelled Faggala, Cairo 12 V 12 (very clear strike) to Troyes, France. Address side has Cairo D transit next day. Neat£2.50
429Colourful modern Air Mail cover sent “Signature required” from Mohandessin (label RR00600865XEF Al-Mohandisin 12655) and red machine cancel 7.7.00 Mohandeseen to Stroud£1.00
 Anti-tuberculosis campaign 
430Top left corner block of 32 charity stamps, value 5m each, depicting mother and baby. Certified in Arabic on the reverse£10.00
 Postal stationery 
4315 millièmes carmine envelope NP SEN 6 146x111mm uprated 5m DLR for registration, unused£2.00
4322 piastres yellow envelope NP SEN 3 146x111mm unused, pristine£3.50
4331892 provisional 5 mills on 2 pi envelope with 23mm short surcharge (NP SEN 7A) uprated with 5m DLR for registration and used 5 VI 93 T.4 at Alexandrie-Ramle to Mainz, Germany£15.00
434Another NP SEN 7A uprated with 2m+3m maroon DLR sent from Helouan (4 strikes, barrel type) 25.1.93 to same addresses as last£15.00
435Three 2 mills carte de visite envelopes, one unused, one used Caire 21.1.01 to Mourh...?, the last Alexandria to Cairo£2.00
436Great Britain Edward VII 1d postal stationery cover used from Leyton 7 SE 06 to Poste Restante Cairo; reverse has very clear Port Said-Cairo TPO dated 12.IX.06, but small part of back flap missing£3.00
 Russian Levant 
437Accumulation of four values used (1,5,7 and 10 kon values, all from Constantinople) and three unused, 1,3 and 7 kon values (3 kon rubbed). Catalogued well in excess of £30£10.00
438Three part sheets, of 1m (18 stamps), 2m (28 stamps) and 2m (18 stamps), all unmounted mint but tatty margins of the First Camel issue. High catalogue value and useful for plating. 64 stamps priced to go£6.00
 British Forces – Army Post 
439Fuad 3 mill Army Post stamp cancelled MPO E603 on clean cover with boxed Passed by Unit Censor 29 dated 6 DE 39 to Alperton, Middlesex£25.00
440Fuad 10 mill Army Post cancelled MPO Cairo 1 MR 36 (type 5) to London. First day and immaculate£8.00
441Fuad 10 mill Army Post cancelled MPO Abu Qir 5 JU 36, flap lost otherwise very clean and neat£6.60
442Surface rate cover from FPO 171 franked Farouk 10m Army Post cancelled Field Post Office 171 30 OC 40, with boxed Passed by Unit Censor 254 (censor signed) to London, readdressed to Bury St Edmunds. London WI arrival 11 Jan 41£4.00
443Honour envelope franked strip of 4 Farouk 10m Army Post cancelled BPO E602, boxed Passed by Unit Censor 7 and with By Air Mail etiquette to Blackheath, 29 JU 40. Roughly opened£3.00
444Air rated cover franked 4x10m Farouk Army Post cancelled FPO 169 dated 26 DE 40, boxed Passed by Unit Censor 2, signed in blue crayon, to Harpenden£4.00
445Single Farouk Army Post cancelled BPO E602 dated 6 FE 40 and boxed Passed by Unit Censor 26 in purple on reverse. Sender is D. McNeille (of ESC fame), to Leominster, Hertfordshire £6.00
446Surface rate cover franked Farouk 10m Army Post cancelled FPO E 605 dated 25 AP 40 with red circular Crown Passed by RAF Censor No 16 and on reverse transit FPO E 602 £7.60
447Four Farouk Army Post franking air cover to UK (boxed Passed by Unit Censor 247 in mauve) cancelled FPO 171 dated 20 NO 40; readdressed on arrival, cover still has original handmade card contents£6.00
448Single Farouk Army Post cancelled FPOI7I dated 24 DE 40 with smudged boxed censor, surface rate£6.00
449Scruffy and creased (away from stamps) cover franked block of four of Farouk 10 mill Army Post, four clean strikes FPO 169 dated 8 JA 41 and boxed Crown over wings Passed by RAF Censor No 30 in purple. Would clean up nicely.£4.00
 British Forces – 1932 Postal Seals 
450Accumulation of 14 used including a block of six: why not reconstruct a pane of 20? Priced to clear at£12.00
451Postal seal cover cancelled 9x9 retta in black from, on front, MPO Cairo (type 3) in black and Crown Cancel 6 in red dated 6 JA 33 to London E15£15.00
452Postal seal, with variety ‘hooked I’ (Zeheri 1a), cover cancelled black10x9 retta with Alex civil PO CDS, and on front, Crown Cancel 13 of RAF Aboukir in red and cds of Mamura civil PO in black. Unusual £25.00
453Postal seal cover cancelled black retta with Alex B civil PO cds 16 AP 33 and cds of Alex-Abu Qir TPO both in black, and on front Crown Cancel 13 of RAF Station at Aboukir and Abu Qir civil PO cds in black£20.00
454Postal seal cover cancelled 10x9 black retta with, on front, Crown Cancel 6 in red and MPO Cairo type I cds in black 20 MR 33£15.00
455Postal seal cover cancelled 10x9 retta and cds of London Receiving Office dated 6 MA 33 with, on front, Crown Cancel 4 in red and cds of MPO Cairo in black. To London E15£16.00
 British Forces – 1933 Letter Seals 
456Accumulation of 24 used inc pair and block of three: why not reconstruct a pane of 20? Priced to go at£7.60
457Letter seal cover cancelled black 10x9 retta and Alexandria B civilian cds, and on front, Crown Cancel 13 in red and cds of civilian Abu Qir PO dated 2 JL 34, to Seaford, Lincs£12.00
458Letter seal OHMS cover cancelled 10x9 retta from MPO Cairo (type 1) in black dated 21 AU 33 with Crown Cancel 4 in red. To London WC2 £10.00
459Letter seal cover cancelled 10x9 black retta, on front Crown Cancel 5 in red and MPO Cairo cds in black dated 3 FE 34 £10.00
460Letter seal cover cancelled retta in mauve and, on front, Crown Cancel 8 in red and MPO Moascar cds (type II) in black dated 4 DE 33 to London WCI. Mauve rettas known only from Moascar? £22.50
461Letter seal cover cancelled 10x9 retta in black, and, on front, Crown Cancel 8 in red with MPO Moascar (type II) cds 4 MR 34 £15.00
462Letter seal cover cancelled 9x9 retta in black from, on front of cover MPO Cairo (in black) and Crown Cancel 6 in red, dated 20 AP 34£10.00
463Letter seal on RAF crested cover cancelled black10x9 retta and cds of Alex-Abu Qir TPO (2) and, on front, Crown Cancel 13 of RAF Station Aboukir in red and Abu Qir civil PO cds in black dated 3 JA 34 £13.00
 British Forces – Christmas seals 
464Unused Christmas seals for the years 1932 (black), 1933 (brown), 1934 (blue) and 1935 (vermilion) (three of them UMM). Black is marginal but has slight thin, brown is corner and blue is marginal. Cat over £60 and seldom offered together£25.00
4651933 brown-lake cancelled retta, priced to clear at£12.00
4661934 deep blue, two marginal used, one from right margin, other from left, priced to clear at£12.60
 British Forces – Letter Stamp 
467Letter stamp cover (carmine comb perf 13.5x14} cancelled black 15x17 retta and on front, Crown Cancel 22 in red and cds of MPO Alexandria (type II) dated 5 FE 36 to Plymouth (NB, CC 22 was originally at Cairo). Roughly opened £10.00
 Australian Forces 
468Air cover franked 4x10 mill Farouk Army Post cancelled two strikes 1st. BGF. H.Q.P.O. M1 dated 19 NO 40 with boxed Passed by Unit Censor 214 in purple, to Melbourne£17.60
469Air cover franked strip 4x10 mill Farouk Army Post with two strikes (in blue-green) ARMY P.O. A.M. 1 dated 9 OC 40 with boxed crown over wings Passed by RAF Censor No 123 in mauve, to Sydney£17.60
 French Post Offices 
470Alexandrie, 30c brown Peace & Commerce 1899 overprinted ALEXANDRIE, fine used (SG 12; Dalay 10, cat. € 13)  £3.50
471Alexandrie, April 1921 - local typo surcharge, 15 mills on Merson 50c brown, mounted mint, one shortish corner & small rust spot at back (SG 48; Dalay 46, cat. € 12) £3.00
472Port-Said - Peace & Commerce 1899 overprinted PORT-SAID, 1c to 4c values, mounted mint, 4 stamps, very fresh (SG 101 to 104; Dalay 1 to 4, cat. € 8)  £2.50
473Port-Said 20c red/green Peace & Commerce 1899 overprinted PORT-SAID, mounted mint,(SG 110; Dalay 8, cat. € 17)  £4.50
474Port-Said 20c red/green Peace & Commerce 1899 overprinted PORT-SAID, fine used (SG 110; Dalay 8, cat. € 13)  £3.50
475Port-Said 50c pink-carmine Peace & Commerce 1899, N under U, overprinted PORT-SAID, fine used (SG 115; Dalay 12, cat. € 15)  £4.00
 Stamps of Egypt – Definitives - control blocks of four unless stated 
4761888 DLR 1m SG 58 plate 2, MM£2.00
4771888 DLR 1m SG 58 plate 3, MM£2.00
4781921 Harrison 2m green SG 85 B.21, slight crease, UMM£3.00
4791921 Harrison 2m vermilion SG 86 B.22, UMM£4.00
4801921 Harrison 3m SG 87 A.21, MM£5.00
4811921 Harrison 4m SG 88 B.21, MM£5.00
4821921 Harrison 5m lake SG 89 A.20, UMM£5.00
4831921 Harrison 5m pink SG 90 B.22, UMM£5.00
4841921 Harrison 20m SG 93 B.22, MM£5.00
4851921 Harrison 20m SG 93 no plate number, block of 24, two hinge marks on back otherwise UMM£10.00
4861921 Crown opt 1m SG 98 A.22, block of six, UMM£3.00
4871921 Crown opt 1m SG 98, block of 4 with variety two dots omitted£1.00
4881921 Crown opt 2m SG 99 B.22, block of six, UMM£3.00
4891923 First Fuad 3m SG 113 C23 MM£2.00
4901923 First Fuad 4m SG 114 C23 MM£2.00
4911923 First Fuad 4m SG 114 C26 MM£2.00
4921927 Fuad 2m SG 149 A/35 A/34 A/32 A/31, block of six, UM£3.00
4931927 Fuad 5m SG 156 A/31 A/30, UMM£1.00
4941927 Fuad 10m red SG 157 A/27 MM£2.00
4951927 Fuad 10m violet SG 158 A/35 MM£4.00
4961927 Fuad 13m SG 159 A/32 UMM£5.00
 Air stamps - control blocks of four 
4961926 27m SG 132 A/25, UMM£20.00
4971933 1m SG 193 A/32, UMM£1.00
4981933 1m SG 193 A/38, UMM£1.00
4991933 2m black/orange SG 195 A/38, UMM£6.00
5001933 3m SG 196 A/32, UMM£1.00
5011933 5m SG 198 A/32, UMM£1.00
 Express stamps – control blocks of four 
5021929 20m black/red SG 139 A/28, MM£5.00
5031929 20m black/red SG 139 A/30, UMM£5.00
5041929 20m black/red SG 139 A/36, UMM£5.00
5051929 20m black/red SG 139 A/40, MM£4.50
5061944 40m SG 290 A/46, UMM£6.00
507No lot 
 Postage Due stamps – control blocks of four 
5081921 2m green SG D98 A.20, MM£2.50
5091921 2m scarlet SG D99 B.22, UMM£2.00
5101921 4m scarlet SG D100 A.20, UMM£5.00
5111921 4m green SG D101 B.21, UMM£3.00
5121921 10m blue SG D102 A.20, variety short I in Millièmes, MM£6.00
5131921 10m lake SG D103 B.22, UMM, small fox mark on back£5.00
5141927 2m black SG D173 A/26, MM£2.00
5151927 2m black SG D173 A/28, MM£2.00
5161927 2m red/orge SG D174 B/39, MM£1.50
5171927 2m red/orge SG D174 A/40, UMM£1.50
5181927 2m red/orange SG D174 A/40, variety three dots, UMM£2.50
5191927 2m red/orange SG D174 A/41, variety three dots, MM£2.50
5201927 4m yell/green SG D175 A/35, MM£2.50
5211927 6m SG D178 A/40, MM£4.00
5221927 6m SG D178 A/40, perforations to margin edge, MM£4.00
5231927 6m SG D178 A/40, perforations stop short of margin edge, MM£4.00
5241927 8m SG D179 A/35, MM£4.00
5251927 8m SG D179 A/45, slight perf split, MM£3.00
5261927 10m SG D180 A/37, MM£3.00
5271927 10m SG D180 A/30, MM£3.00
5281927 10m SG D180 A/40, MM£3.00
5291927 10m SG D180 A/47, sl foxing, MM£2.00
5301927 10m SG D180 A/52, MM£3.00
5311927 30m SG D183 A/26, MM£6.00
 Gaza Strip – Israeli occupation 1956-57 
5323.1.57, DEIR el BALAH 1 on 30(+20)pr postal stationery postcard and registered cover. Plus RAFIAH 21.1.57. Both philatelic and day of opening of POs.£3.00
5333.1.57, Han Yunes 1 & 2 - both first-day and philatelic£2.00
 Gaza Strip – 1967 occupation 
53420.7.67, Han Yunes 1, first-day on Philatelic Service cover; plus cover with CDS of Rafiah 1, 22.10.1968; plus blank form with CDS Dir el Balah 1, 27.2.68.£2.00
 Gaza Strip - Egyptian occupation, 1957-1967 
535GAZA / T. 21.9.58 cover (franked SG 78,91-94,96) to Denmark with postmark 37 - 12.25mm and Censor 42  £7.00
536GAZA /T. 10.10.60 commercial cover to GB (franked SG 92,93,100) with postmark 35 -12.5mm. A bit roughly opened, but repair does not affect stamps or postmark. Censor  £5.00
537Gaza T. postmark (35mm) on local cover, date illegible but 1961, franked with SG 92x5, one stamp with NE corner missing. Censor 42£1.00
538GABALIA 12 FE 59. Philatelic cover to Austria, 20 mills (SG 91-94,95x2) and Censor 42. Very fine postmark plus Gaza /(T) in transit  £3.50
539Khan Younis / T. 17 FE 59. Philatelic cover (p.m.) to Austria, franked with SG 93x2,96. Very fine postmark plus GAZA T. in transit£3.00
540RAFA PALESTINE 12.(12).61, local-use cover with SG 92x2 and GAZA T. 12.12.61 in transit. Rafa postmark is worn£1.00
 Sinai - Israeli Occupation 1967-81 
541SHARM ESH SHEIKH 29.6.70 opening of Postal Point; plus another with postmark 27.1.72 (two different marks). Philatelic£2.50
542DI ZAHAZ 10.10.74 opening of Postal Point on Israeli postal stationary card£2.00
543ABU RUDEIS. Israeli air letter sheet to Denmark with cachet: Egged Abu Rodeis (Hebrew.) and pmk Tel Aviv 10.7.1969 (Egged is a bus company); plus Philatelic Service cover with ABU RUDEIS 25.11.71  £5.00
544ST. KATHARINA Monastery cachet on Israeli ALS to Denmark with Bat Yam postmark 16.7.1969; plus cover with postmark for opening of Postal Point there 9.2.76.* £5.00
545QANTARA 1, 22.8.68. UNEF air letter sheet with Israeli franking to Denmark. Philatelic*£1.50
 * These two lots with explanatory details from the vendor, who posted them! 
 Egypt Rural Service 
546Cover with all-Arabic Rural Post (barid tawaaf) CDS from the Edfu area, 15.4.1987  £1.00
 Postal history 
5471830 Clean early Missionary Letter unstamped to Beirout from Alexandria. Interesting and in English£48.00
5481870 Clean entire French PO Alexandria to Marseille with 40 centime tied by 5080 cancellation with clear PD (boxed in black) and Paquebot de la Med (boxed in red)£43.00
549Second Issue 1 piastre (single letter rate), clean cover Birket el Sab to Cairo. Neat postmarks including Cairo arrival postmark on reverse£18.00
5501888-1902 2 piastre green on clean cover£2.00
5511933 4 mills printed matter rate (D45,D46,D106) tied by Cairo A. Slit on three sides but front unaffected£2.00
552Clean Airmail cover with 27mills (A2) + 1 mill (Second Fuad) to Scotland£2.00
5531937 Airmail cover with 20milIs+8mills (airmail stamps) to UK with clear Government Etranger Caire postmarks. Reasonable condition, stamps and postmarks unaffected£3.00
5541937 Boy King 4 mills Printed Matter to UK. Slight tear at side but stamp and postmark unaffected£3.00
555Second Fuad Issue three postcards and six covers with a range of 5 mills stamps of all types plus one cover (2xl0mills & 2x4mills). Of varying quality but plenty of interest for the specialist£14.00
 Stamps – Second Issue 
55610 para mauve used (D9k)£19.00
55710 para mauve used (D9l) with wmk on face. Unpriced in NP but ESC Expertised Certificate£45.00
55820 para used with misplaced perf. Very rare£50.00
5591923 with photo of Great Nile Bridge, to France, 5 mills Printed rate D53 & D821 tied by Cairo A pmk£3.00
5601911 to UK 4 mills (D49) tied by Heliopolis postmark£2.00
5611921 to UK 4 mills Printed matter rate (D56) tied by Cairo B postmark£2.00
 Rural Service 
5621920 Printed merchant’s cover with 5m Sphinx and clear and varied postmarks Rural Service Fayum-Abuxah 4 OC 20 and Sem ...? cartouche on front and Abuksa & Alexandria V on reverse£3.00
5631923 5 mills Crown opt clean cover (D82) from Tunnamil Sharq-Mit Maaned to Tanta. Roughly opened but not affecting stamp or postmarks£3.00
5641923 5 mills Crown opt clean cover (D82) to Cairo via Senteris from (very faint) Sintiris-Q.Nanaia-Faraonia cds with illegible cartouche. Slight tear which does not detract£3.00
 Postal stationery 
5651922 5 mills clean cover (D82) from Kafr el Zaiyat with arrival postmark Azhar on reverse£4.50
5661929 (NP SRE5 1), unused with sunspots Registered Envelope. Reduced to reflect condition£17.00
567First Day covers – 1956 x 3£1.50
568First Day covers – 1957 x 8£6.60
569First Day covers – 1958 x 18£14.00
570First Day covers – 1959 x 20£16.60
571First Day covers – 1967 x 6£5.60
572Fifty Years On - Pristine unmounted mint collection of 1956-59. Definitives & Commems including 14 control blocks, 16 blocks of 4, 3 miniature sheets and dozens of singles, inc some Palestine overprints£15.00
573Forty Years On – Hundreds of used definitives & commemoratives. Some duplication but lots of interesting material and postmarks£9.00
 Postal history 
5741933, interesting long blue cover of Allen, Alderson of Alex, franked with full set of the 1933 Railway Congress issue plus an extra 13m, and a further 4x1m and a 10m Second Fuad to make up the 80 mills rate to Lincoln. Company wax seal behind, CDS is Cairo 21 JA 33, third day of issue. Unusual  £110.00
5751941, printed env of the US Foreign Service Cairo, sent to Baghdad and franked with 200 mills high value of 1933 airmail issue plus five Boy King stamps for total rate of 271 mills, all cancelled by the retta. Red bilingual Air Mail handstamp, violet boxed marking in Arabic, blue Censor 20 (Andrews 6b10), Cairo transit 21 10 41 and Baghdad arrival. Sl roughly opened at top, but striking  £30.00
5761931, postcard mailed from Alexandria to Jerusalem with mixed stamps - 1931 Zeppelin 50 piastres surcharge on 27m, Second Fuad 1m plus De La Rue 1m. all three cancelled with scarce Alexandria Graf Zeppelin postmark of Apr 10. Alongside is Luftschiff Graf Zeppelin pyramid in red and Jerusalem CDS of May 7. All message details crossed through, but a must for the avid Zeppelin collector  £120.00
 First Day covers 
5771959, Nile Hilton Hotel first day cover with desirable hotel postmark 22.9.59, pristine£2.00
5781959-1960, mini-collection of seven definitive-issue first day covers – 2m, 15m, 3m, 40m, 45m, 60m and including the high value 200 mills, all in excellent condition£8.00
 Postmarks – Poste Egiziane Type V-4n (dual language) all on the 1872/74 issue 
579Assouan 5para x 1, 20para x 4£5.00
580Assouan10pia. x 10 £10.00
581Sohag 10para x 3, 20para x 2, 1pi x 2 £4.00
582Sohag2pias x 6 £4.00
583Luxor 20para x 4 £4.00
584Luxor 1pias x4 £4.00
585Esna 20para x3£5.00
586Esna 2pias x2 £5.00
587Kassala1pias on small piece £25.00
588Kassala 1pias£10.00
 British Forces 
589British Forces in Egypt Silver Jubilee opt, lightly mounted mint; well centred £50.00
 First Issue 
5901866 10pi mint no gum perf 12 1/2, wmk upright type2 (expertised by Pip Whetter but no cert.) £50.00
 Flight covers 
591BOAC First Comet Flight Farouk Airport 05 JL 52 20 plus 5 Air with KES o/p. b/b BOAC term, London £2.00
592USA cover (20 Nov 1979) commemorating ACM Sir Brian Burnett long distance flight 7158 miles Egypt to Australia, signed£5.00
5931969-71, SG 1039-47, VF mint NH complete set of nine. Cat £60£25.00
5941972-77, SG 1131-41 and the rare 1138a, complete set of 18, MNH. Cat £62.30£32.00
5951978-85, SG 1340-51 plus all “a” and “b” numbers inc rare 1343ba. Complete set of 24 (16+8) inc two copies of 1350 and 1351 (shiny and matt gum). Rarely offered as such, VF, mint NH£30.00
5961974, SG 1137a, var with wmk, Balian 706, VF mint NH corner block of 4 with printing date 28 VI 76. Rare£40.00
5971985-90, SG 1575-89, inc two different shades of the 1pi and £E1 values. Cat £18.95. VF mint NH£8.00
5981993, SG 1870-74, VF mint NH corner blocks of four with printing dates. Cat £64 for four single sets£20.00
5991998, reprint of definitives SG 2020,2022,2031 and 2032 with watermark (limited printing). MNH upper rt corner blocks of 4 inc two shades of the 5pi value (brown and pinkish)£15.00
6001962, SG O685-93, VF mint NH corner blocks of 4 (not control). Cat £160 for four single sets£30.00
6011985-89, SG O1589-1600 plus all “a” and “b” numbers rarely offered as such. Set of 16 (12+4), MNH£8.00
602As last, but reprint of seven values (5, 10, 20 violet, 25, 30, 75 pi and £E1) with no watermark (limited printing), MNH£8.00
 Sudan stamps 
6031962, £1 Camel Postman definitive reprint without wmk, VF mint NH right lower corner block of 4£10.00
6041962, £1 Camel Postman definitive reprint with rectangles wmk. VF mint NH rt upper corner block of 4£10.00
6051990 10pi definitive handstamp surcharged £1. Control number 9B corner block of 4, VF mint NH. Michel cat €300£45.00
6062003, 9th definitive set, VF mint NH complete set of 14 stamps (50 to 500 dinars)£18.00
607As last, but imperf min sheet combining the 14 stamps. Rare, only 1000 sheets issued, VF mint NH£36.00
6081991, 8th definitive set in its official folder. VF mint NH complete set of 16 stamps. Michel cat €60£18.00
6092002, complete year, five commemorative sets of three stamps including “Dialogue among civilisations” and Palestinian “Intifada”. VF mint NH, Michel cat €150£36.00
6101991, Officials, 8th definitive set overprinted S.G. in Arabic. VF mint NH complete set of 16. Michel €75£22.00
6112003, Official set of four stamps. VF mint NH, Michel €40£11.00
6121948 Postage Dues, SG D12-15, VF mint NH complete set of four stamps. SG cat £30£10.00
6131980 Postage Dues, “Steamboat on the Nile”, 10m and 20m values with the rare Sudan Arms (rhinoceros) wmk (see note after SG D15). VF mint NH complete set of two stamps, Michel €300£50.00
 Errors and Varieties 
6141999, 20pi Official violet, var with no wmk and major horizontal misperf, shifted 5mm upwards so that the “20” values are at the top instead of the bottom of the stamp. Mint NH upper marginal vertical pair, upper stamp with no value! Fascinating, only ten stamps exist in pane of 100£18.00
6151999, as last but with major vertical misperf, shifted 4mm to the left and cutting through Arabic misr, hakoumi and the value. Mint NH right upper corner horizontal pair£10.00
6162001, 30pi Official, var, no wmk and major horizontal misperf, shifted 4mm downward so that Egypt and misr are at the bottom instead of the top of the stamp. Mint NH vertical pair£12.00
6172001, £E1 Official, var, no wmk and major horizontal misperf, shifted 5mm downward so that Egypt and misr are at the bottom of the stamp instead of the top. Mint NH left marginal vertical pair£14.00
6182002, SG 2237, 50pi definitive, VF mint NH imperf, horizontal pair£11.00
6192004, SG 2362, Housing/Development Bank 25th anniversary, var yellow and purple colours both shifted 1mm downward creating a doubler image. VF mint NH lower marginal single with normal for comparison£15.00
6202004, as last but with red and purple colours shifted downward and to the left, creating a stunning double image. VF mint NH upper marginal single with normal for comparison£18.00
6212005 International Year for Sports stamp with green shifted 1.5mm to the right, creating a stunning double image of the figures, UN emblem and the words EGPYT and POST in both English and Arabic. VF mint NH lower marginal single with normal for comparison£15.00
 First Issue 
622Six stamps. Three perforated – 5 para (inverted wmk), 10para (upright wmk 1b), 20 para (upright wmk 1b); and three imperforate proofs – 10 para (upright wmk, scarce), 2 piastres (no wmk), 10 piastres (no wmk). All in mint condition with light hinge. Cat over £700  £130.00
6231914, first pictorial issue: six horizontal imperforate pairs – 1m brown, 2m green, 3m orange, 4m red, 5m deep carmine, 10m deep blue. All mint not hinged (Bal 115-120) £94.00
6241921, four blocks of four mint stamps – 2m vermilion, 4m green, 5m pink, 10m lake (Bal 141-48)£16.00
6251927, Second Fuad issue, marginal strip of five 5m brown with tete-beche, oblique perforations and inverted watermark. Very scarce. Bal 314, NP D132 £100.00
6262002, the last definitive issue, comprising ten stamps from 10pi to £E5 (Bal 863-872). Six stamps have face values of £E1 or over. Pristine condition£6.00
 Year issues 
6272004, complete sets of all 37 stamps and five miniature sheets issued in the year, pristine condition. Also included are half-sheet commemorating the 92nd anniversary of the National Bar Association with the portraits of all 23 presidents of the association apart from the incumbent, Sameh Ashour, whose picture was removed from the sheet on July 3 2004 by order of the Post Office president. Very few sheets exist (Bal 1727)£39.00
6282005, complete set of all 37 stamps and three miniature sheets issued in the year. Pristine (Bal 1767-1806)£18.00
6292006, All 29 stamps and four miniature sheets issued in the year, as displayed by the Philatelic Office on five special beautifully decorated sheets with Arabic and French descriptions. Including the scarce min sheet marking the 50th anniversary of Egypt-China relations (Bal 1807-1835)£36.00
6302007, complete set of all 26 stamps and three miniature sheets issued in the year, also a block of four of the mysterious “commercial” Marsa Alam issue. All in pristine condi6ion£36.00
6312008, sets of stamps and miniature sheets issued, comprising 19 stamps and one sheet£12.00
 Information booklets 
6322002-2008, a collection of 67 Post Office-issued trilingual information sheets provided by the Philatelic Office with each issue. A mine of useful information£5.00
 Stamps on documents 
6339 Bulletin d'expedition half-cards with revenues and (mostly) Farouk stamps. Very mixed condition£3.00
63410 used order of payment forms with Officials and Farouk stamps, also 2 other forms. Mixed condition£7.00
 No-value Official 
6351200 unchecked by vendor No-value Officials SG 064£9.00
 Postal history 
63725 covers from King Fuad onwards. Mixed condition - all registered£12.00
 Postal stationery – Registration envelopes 
6381914 DLR Colossi 10m blue, the exceedingly scarce first envelope, with English inscriptions only, used quadruple-weight to US from LUQSOR / R / 17.XI.17, with AR (Avis de Réception) service! Uprated on face with 38m in 1914 stamps (4m pair, 10m, 20m) for 48m rate (10m reg, 10m AR, 10m letter rate, 3 x 6m added weight bands). 19 postmarks and auxiliary markings (inc censor, LUQSOR reg. cachet, boxed AR). Fragment of green 4m selvage at top shows how AR form was affixed. A bit stressed due to heavy contents, fully sound but for insignificant rounding of NW corner. Possibly unique, certainly of significant rarity! (NP SRE1)  £165.00
6391914 DLR Colossi 10m blue, the scarce second envelope, with English and Arabic inscriptions. Used to Tanta via Rural Service, fresh and fully sound, clean as can be! Via Minuf, with boxed SINGUIRG village cartouche, boxed R, uprated with 5m pink, vignette cancelled by three strikes Rural Service / Menuf-Miniet el Wat / 11.AP.22, clear Minuf and unclear Tanta backstamps. Most unusual usage. (NP SRE2)  £95.00
6401922 Colossi 10m, the scarce printing in carmine and light blue, clean, PO-fresh mint, fully sound (NP SRE3 var) £25.00
6411922 Colossi 10m, printed in carmine and dark blue, clean, PO-fresh mint and fully sound (NP SRE3)  £20.00
6421922 Colossi 10m printed in lake and dark blue, clean, PO-fresh mint and fully sound (NP SRE3a)  £20.00
6431939 Boy King 15m red-violet, offset-lithographed, with frame around vignette. Stunning mint example, absolutely PO-fresh. Scarce thus. (NP SRE8)  £40.00
644As last, 15m red-violet, magnificent postally used, airmail to Southern Rhodesia from Suez (10 DEC 45), 100m added franking (2x50m Boy King, 1 on face, 1 on reverse), total of 115m. Key aspect of wonderful cover is clear strike of purple double-oval SINAI HOTEL * PORT-TEWFIK * (signed by sender). Six wax seals (still present) closed flap, which was gently opened. Outstanding condition, a most unusual hotel gem! (NP SRE8)  £95.00
6451940 Boy King 20m blue offset-lithographed, with frame around vignette. Stunning mint example, absolutely PO-fresh in all respects. Scarce thus. (NP SRE9) £36.00
646As last, 20m blue, lovely postally used, surface mail to Palestine from Cairo (18 JU 43), 22m added franking (Boy King 1m, 6m, 15m, on reverse), total 42m (20m Reg + 22m foreign letter rate). Opened and resealed by Palestine censor (cream tape OPENED BY EXAMINER / KK / 34120 / PC. 90”, with 4 purple strikes hexagonal PALESTINE / PASSED BY / CENSOR / H.12, etc. Paper adhesion (tied by trilingual boxed marking) indicates where reg card was attached. Outstanding condition, a stunning WWII postal history item (NP SRE9)  £75.00
6471940 Boy King 15m red-violet, completely photogravure, with altered inscriptions, no frame around vignette. Stunning mint example, absolutely PO-fresh in all respects. Printing of intensely deeper colour than the example sold in Auction 46. Very scarce (NP SRE10) £135.00
648As last, 15m red-violet, lovely used example, VF and clean, British military usage, sent to England (8 FE 41) via Field Post Office. Six added 10m Farouk Army Post adhesives on reverse, with R / 16 military reg. label, cancelled FIELD POST OFFICE / 173 / * / 8 FE 41. Civil envelope vignette cancelled same marking, but next day (9 FE) and at office 173. Blue, boxed, winged-crown PASSED BY / R.A.F. / CENSOR No. 4A. Very scarce usage (NP SRE10) £150.00
6491945 30m yellow-green Farouk & Pyramids, pristine example of first type, intense shade, with inscriptions of normal intensity, the photogravure screen being mildly obvious. AFFRANCHISSEMENT ET RECOMMANDATION with deformed first S and preceded by vertical line. Stamp vignette slightly anticlockwise in relation to inscription (NP SRE12 var.)  £23.00
6501945 30m yellow-green Farouk & Pyramids, pristine example of second type, lighter shade, with inscriptions quite thinly printed, the photogravure screen quite obvious. AFFRANCHISSEMENT ET RECOMMANDATION very ‘anaemic’ and parallel to stamp vignette (NP SRE12 var.) £22.00
 1892 stationery envelope – errors and varieties 
 Each item offered signed C. F. Hass, and accompanied by colour-photocertificate, fully guaranteed as to authenticity. Forged surcharges of the errors and varieties of the bilingual surcharge on the 1888 2pi orange envelopes are abundant in the market. Many offered here are ex-Mackenzie Low, some signed by E L Angeloglou (“ela”). 
6511892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm wide) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, upright watermark), surcharge rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise. Absolutely pristine condition, very scarce (NP SEN8b)  £50.00
6521892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, inverted watermark), surcharge rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise, misplaced downward, only half printed on the vignette. Pristine appearance frontally, intersecting rust lines on reverse of flap, which has a 14x4mm indentation near right edge. Very scarce, possibly unique (NP SEN8b var)  £50.00
6531892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), surcharge rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8c)  £50.00
6541892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, inverted wmk), French and Arabic lines of surcharge inverted. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8d)  £50.00
6551892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, inverted wmk), surcharge doubled, the two impressions dramatically separated. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8f) £75.00
6561892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (medium format, 146x111mm, upright watermark), surcharge doubled, one impression inverted. Frontally clean and fresh, with some mounting marks on reverse, unseen 13mm tear top right (not affecting vignette). Very rare (NP SEN8g)  £75.00
6571892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), surcharge tripled, two impressions diagonal. Absolutely pristine. Very rare (NP SEN8h)  £75.00
6581892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inverted wmk), surcharge quintupled, two impressions horizontal, two impressions turned clockwise by 90 degrees, fifth impression greatly misplaced downward, turned diagonally clockwise 45 degrees. Absolutely pristine. Very rare, possibly unique (NP SEN8i)  £75.00
6591892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inverted wmk), Arabic line of surcharge inverted. Absolutely pristine. Very scarce. (NP SEN8l)  £50.00
6601892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inv wmk), French and Arabic lines of surcharge each with missing second “5”. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8m)  £50.00
6611892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inv wmk), French word “Millièmes” inverted. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8n)  £50.00
6621892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inv wmk), second French “5” inverted. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8p)  £50.00
6631892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, inv wmk), both French figures “5”. inverted. Absolutely pristine, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8q)  £50.00
6641892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), letter “È” of “millièmes” inverted. Absolutely pristine, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8r)  £50.00
6651892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), French word “millièmes” spelt “millimèes”. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8s) £50.00
6661892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111m, upright wmk), second French “5” and second Arabic “5” transposed. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8t)  £50.00
6671892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), French word “millièmes” spelt “millèimes”. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8v) £50.00
6681892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black ((24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), French word “millièmes” spelt “mililèmes”. Absolutely pristine, signed “ela”, ex-Mackenzie Low. Very scarce (NP SEN8w)  £50.00
6691892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (large format, 175x117mm, inv wmk), surcharge doubled. Fully sound, slight foxing at portions of two edges. Very rare (NP SEN8Aa)  £50.00
6701892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (large format, 175x117mm, upright wmk), surcharge rotated 90 degrees anticlockwise. Absolutely pristine. Very rare (NP SEN8Ab)  £50.00
6711892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 175x117mm, upright wmk), surcharge rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Pristine condition frontally, with vertical band of slight aging (75-80mm wide), result of prolonged contact with original band in which packet of envelopes was sold by PO (this example having been at the bottom of the packet). Very rare (NP SEN8Ac)  £50.00
6721892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 175x117mm, inv wmk), Arabic line of surcharge inverted. Absolutely pristine. Very rare (NP SEN8Ae) £50.00
6731892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black (24.3mm) on 1888 2pi env (med format, 175x117mm, inv wmk), French and Arabic “millièmes” inverted. Excellent condition frontally (tiny stain appx 7x2.5mm at SE corner), with mounting marks and consequent thins on reverse. Very rare (NP SEN8Af)  £50.00
6741892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black on 1888 2pi env (med format, 146x111mm, upright wmk), surcharge doubled, combined types (24.5mm and 23mm wide). Absolutely pristine. The 24.5mm surcharge is with “hamza” removed, as on NP SEN9c, while the 23mm surcharge (printed beneath the former) shows characteristic nick in inside curve of the second “5”, as on NP SEN7. Incorrectly listed (as SEN8x) in NP, this should actually be SEN9d. All other such “combination doubles” seen by C. F. Hass in 40 years are forgeries (all with an added, forged, 23mm surcharge). But this example is absolutely genuine, and possibly unique. An important rarity.  £85.00
6751891-1892 essay for 1892 bilingual “5 MILLIÈMES” surcharge in black on 1888 2pi env (small format, 146x111mm, inv wmk). As listed in NP (page 19), this is sub-listing of E125, “(Similar to) SEN9 (with “hamza” atop “alef”), with a first essay surcharge slightly longer than the issued surcharge, applied on the vignette, rotated 30º counterclockwise, with a second, larger essay surcharge applied towards the bottom-left edge of the envelope … partly missing, since it was struck across the edge …”. This example, in absolutely pristine condition (ex-Mackenzie Low), is NP E125a, “with the second surcharge albino”. Very rare essay envelope, probably unique.  £150.00
 Various errors and varieties 
6761952 Farouk Maréchal 30m green, error, double overprint of “King of Egypt and Sudan”, super-fresh, NH, with right-hand sheet margin. Only 100 mint examples were found. (NP D185c). With detailed Hass colour photocert  £55.00
6771925 5m brown Geographical Congress, horiz strip of three from NW corner of sheet, with full margins. Central stamp has variety, ‘curved line between “M” and “E” in “ROYAUME” ’ (sheet posn.2). Sparklingly fresh, UMM, with usual insignificant gum-wrinkling seen on this issue (NP C4a) £24.00
6781955 5m Arab Postal Union Congress, Cairo opt, the error of inverted overprint, pristine, UMM, posn 36 of the unique pane of 50 stamps (NP C158c). With detailed Hass colour photocert £95.00
6791958 10m red-brown with Industrial & Agricultural Production Fair overprint, the error of double overprint, pristine, unmounted mint vertical strip of ten from the right edge of the pane (with control number), vividly showing complete doubling on bottom stamp, the stamp above partly doubled (NP C210a). Detailed Hass colour photocert  £55.00
6801980 20m brown, grn-blue & orange 13th Cairo International Fair, horiz strip of four used on piece (cancelled EL AQSOR), right stamp being the error, missing Arabic inscription at SE corner (an error of cylinder staging). Very fine and fully sound, signed C F Hass (NP C876a)  £28.00
6811898 2pi deep orange postage due with bilingual 3 Millièmes surcharge, right marginal, horizontal strip of four stamps, its RH stamp showing the error, Arabic “2” in place of “3”. VF UMM, hinged in selvage only. (NP PD19a). Signed C F Hass  £25.00
6821913 “O.H.H.S.” overprint, the letters “O.H.H.S.” in inverted commas/quotation marks on Fourth Issue 5m. Stunning specimen of Egypt’s rarest Official stamp, of which only about 25 examples are known, all postally used, at Bani Suwef, Mina el Qamh, Alexandria, Tanta, Sohag & Port Tawfiq. This example is among the few known from the Mina el Qamh correspondence. Neatly cancelled by a 30+% strike of CDS showing Arabic “MINA A…” and partial dateline, it is from one the varietal positions on the 60-subject pane, its left-hand inverted commas missing most of their tails, appearing more like square stops (NP O8 var.). Signed “ela” (E L Angeloglou), with detailed Hass colour photocert and 1925 RPSL cert. (stamp submitted by Dr Byam). Great treasure among Egypt’s Official stamps  £450.00
 Graf Zeppelin usage of rare 1929 card 
6831931, scarce 3m orange Harrison card (NP SPC30) with 50m surcharge of GRAF ZEPPELIN / AVRIL 1931 stamp (NP C36, posn 12) for postcard rate on Zeppelin flight. Beautifully fresh & perfect, addressed to Wiesbaden, inscribed on face in red, “Voie Aerienne / par Graf Zeppelin”, with message on reverse, “Meilleurs Souvenirs / français(?) Par le Graf Zeppelin / le 9 Avril 1931. Cordialement Votre, etc.”. Stamp & 3m vignette tied by perfect strikes CAIRE / GRAF ZEPPELIN / 10.AP.31. 10.—P., with lovely CDS FRIEDRICHSHAFEN * (BODENSEE) * / 13 4 31 / 7— 8. Beautiful & rare Zeppelin item £160.00
 Scarce postal stationery items 
6841954, 6 mills Soldier definitive-imprinted Republican Tourist Views cards, the complete set of 100, 25 different views, each printed in a series of cards, in blue, brown, green & violet. Even as single views these are quite scarce (normally selling for £11-£15, more than their understated Balian catalogue valuations). Virtually unobtainable as a full series. Very few complete sets in this condition! NP SPC43-SPC46 (full series), Balian 44a-44d (full series), Higgins & Gage 42a-45a £1300
6851953, 4 mills deep green Farouk carte de visite envelope with portrait obliterated by 3 bars, 90º screen (NP SEN41b). Rare as genuine, as most examples in circulation are forgeries, but this is the real thing. Hass colour photocertificate  £65.00
6861939, 5 mills red-brown Farouk letter sheet (NP SLS11). Stunning  £45.00
6871939, 6 mills yellow-green Farouk letter sheet, offset- lithographed, wmk. reads diagonal/down (NP SLS12). Stunning  £55.00