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Bal.=Balian,   NP=Nile Post,   Magdy=Egypt Stamps Handbook

Egypt Study Circle Live Auction No 7.

Closes February 18th, 2017

 Classic stamps on cover 
112 MA 82, small folded entire, Arabic addressed to Asyut, franked with DLR 10 para gray (SG 51) cancelled CAIRE / DEPART. No arrival mark  £120.00
218 DE 85, small envelope used En Ville in Alexandria, franked DLR 20-para rose-carmine (SG 53) and 1Pi blue (SG 54) for postage and registration (vertical R-handstamp alongside. Stamps cancelled ALEXANDRIE / RECOMMANDÉES with similar arrival strike on reverse next day. Bilingually address to His Excellency (W F) Halton Bey (Pasha actually), who was Director-General of the Egyptian Post Office  £90.00
 Postal history / Instructional Markings 
310 V 02, printed company envelope franked 3x5m DLR (SG63) for postage and registration (cachet alongside) from Caire to Qalioub. Undeliverable and returned (1 VII07) with striking red bilingual Rebut a Remettre / a l’Envoyeur handstamp on face. Striking  £30.00
411 I 05, printed company envelope franked with pair and single of DLR 5m (SG 63) plus 1pi blue (SG 54) for postage and registration (Reg cachet alongside) from Caire, Arabic-addressed to Mansura but redirected to Salamoun with three bilingual instructional marking handstamps including sought-after town-name Rebut a Remettre / a L’Envoyeur / Mansura confirming return to sender (arrived Cairo 27 III 05)  £60.00
531 V 07, company printed envelope franked with block of four of DLR 5m for postage and registration (black on white Caire label) from Cairo / R to Benha. Undelivered, and returned with Unclaimed trilingual handstamp and rare Benha town-name return handstamp on reverse  £48.00
61 IX 07, printed company envelope franked strip of 5x5m DLR (SG 63) for postage, registration (cachet alongside) and AR (on two stamps) from Caire / R to Zagazig. Address error, so undeliverable, and returned to Cairo with Non Reclame handstamp behind and part strike of Zagazig town-name return handstamp on face. Striking, contents remain  £48.00
723 II 09, lawyer’s printed envelope franked pair of DLR 4m (SG62) and 1p (SG54), only latter receiving AR handstamps, for postage, registration black on white Caire label) and AR to Mounira. Undeliverable, and returned 1 IV 09) via two bilingual instructional handstamps  £30.00
815 III 09, small cover franked 2x5m DLR for postage and registration (black on white Caire label) to Mahallet Ruh (excellent strike on reverse). Sent to Mahallet Ruh-Shabshir Rural route (Murphy p.96) but then unclaimed and returned to Cairo with trilingual handstamp  £20.00
929 III 11, company printed cover franked 4m DLR from Cairo / D to Armant. Unclaimed on arrival and returned to Cairo next day with two strikes of trilingual Unclaimed handstamps. Neat clean cover  £20.00
105 NO 17, plain cover franked 2x10m DLR Pictorial (SG78) for postage, registration (black on pink Cairo label) and AR (scarce Avis de Reception straight-line marking) from Cairo / RD6 to Ataba el Khadra en ville. Refused on arrival and returned with trilingual handstamp. Neat clean cover  £40.00
1129 MR 19, plain cover franked DLR 20m Pictorial (SG 79) to pay postage, registration (black on red Cairo label) and AR from Cairo / RD6 en ville (AR handstamp alongside), but refused on arrival and returned with trilingual Refused handstamp  £20.00
1230 MR 27, company envelope (handstamp on reverse) franked First Fuad 15m (SG117) for postage and registration from Cairo (black on reg Reg cachet) to Fayoum, but undeliverable and returned to sender with two instructional handstamps including sought-after Rebut a Remettre / a L’Envoyeur / Fayoum. Returned to Cairo 3MA  £48.00
13June 1935, insurance company envelope, franked 15m Fuad (SG161) for postage and registration (black on red mute label) from Bab el Luq to Mansura. Not delivered but returned to sender with strikes back and front of sought-after Rebut a Remettre / a L’Envoyeur / Mansura handstamp. Clean and neat )  £48.00
146 MR 52, insurance company folded air mail letter sheet with 30m company machine cancel for postage and registration (black on red mute label) to Mansura. Delivery attempted for three days as per regulation, but eventually returned to sender with sought-after Rebut a Remettre / a L’Envoyeur / Mansura. Unusual  £40.00
 Palace Collection 
151933 Air set, oblique perforations from the Palace. UMM, all marginal with printing guidelines. 1 mill  £18.00
163 mills  £18.00
174 mills  £18.00
187 mills  £18.00
198 mills  £18.00
2010 mills  £18.00
2120 mills  £18.00
2230 mills  £18.00
23200 mills  £18.00
 2m on 3m Provisional  
241915, sepia postcard of Port Said waterfront, 1915 provisional 2m on 3m surcharge (SG83) affixed top left and tied with part strike of Paq Fr Reunion a Marseilles French hexagonal maritime marking. No address, no other markings  £30.00
2518 IV 16, small plain envelope with faint Belgian Consulate handstamp behind, franked with three DLR Pictorials – 1,3,4 mills (SG 73,75,76) plus 1915 provisional 2m on 3m surcharge (SG83). Addressed to Paris from Cairo / M. Striking  £48.00
 First Fuad control Blocks 
261923-24, First Fuad portrait set, 1 mill block of four with control B23, unmounted mint  £15.00
27As last, 5 mills block of four with control C23, unmounted mint  £15.00
28As last, 10 mills block of four with control C23, unmounted mint, one stamp with hinge remains  £15.00
 Postal Stationery 
291879, DLR 20-para mint stationery postcard, 87x122mm, NP SPC1  £10.00
301884, DLR20+20para mint stationery reply postcard, 8x139mm, SP  £20.00
311888, DLR 1pi pyramid/sphinx mint stationery envelope, 94x120mm, wmk inverted, NP SEN 2a  £10.00
321890, DLR 5 mills pyramid/sphinx mint stationery envelope, 111x146mm, wmk inverted, SEN  £10.00
331892, 5 mills on 2pi provisional surcharge, mint postal stationery envelope, with Hamza and watermark upright (NPSEN 9, size 111x146mm  £25.00
341907, 3 mills mint postal stationery envelope, size 111x146mm, watermark upright (SEN 10)  £15.00
35As last, wmk inverted  £15.00
361914, mint DLR Pictorials 5mills Sphinx (watermark inverted), size 111x146mm, SEN 16  £20.00
3724 III 14, DLR Pictorial 10mills embossed stationery envelope (blue Memnon, wmk Postes Egyptiennes, NP SEN 17), cancelled with Continental Hotel / Cairo Type 4 CDS and sent to Germany, where readdressed  £15.00
3821 DE 17, envelope as last (but wmk inverted), uprated with 2x5m DLP Pictorials (SG77) for postage and registration from Cairo / RD6) with black on white Caire label, Arabic addressed en ville  £15.00
3927 JA 28, Pictorial 10mills embossed stationery envelope (carmine Memnon, wmk al-Barid al-Masry, NP SEN 26), uprated with1+4m First Fuads and sent to Denmark from Port Taufiq / D. Alexandria / X transit behind. Unusual  £15.00
403 DEC 33, Fuad 5 mills embossed stationery envelope (NP SEN 28) sent from Cairo with machine cancel to Alexandria. Ibrahimia /(Ramleh) CDS on reverse  £30.00
4128 DE 36, Fuad 2 mills grey embossed stationery envelope (NP SEN 27) uprated with 2x1m Fuad adhesives and sent from Kafr el Zayat / (Station) to Switzerland. Cotton Ginners of Egypt Association handstamp behind  £8.00
4215 JL 43, Farouk Boy King 5 mill stationery envelope (NP SEN 32) uprated with Boy King 1m adhesive and sent from Sidi Gaber to Cairo. Part machine cancel behind  £40.00
 Found Open Labels 
439 AP 35, insurance company envelope franked 15m Fuad (SG 161) for postage and registration (black on red Cairo label) from Cairo / RD 11. Opened at top (to ascertain address?) and resealed with Type 8 Found Open labels cancelled with six strikes of Cairo 14 AP. Contents remain  £25.00
4426 MR 36, company printed envelope franked Boy King 5m sent from Cairo Station to Heliopolis but undeliverable even though address changed by hand. Opened at top and resealed by Type 8 labels cancelled by six Heliopolis / (T) postmarks  £20.00
 Diplomatic Mail 
4520 DE 17, printed envelope of Kamel Takla Bey, Italian consular agent in Aswan, Arabic addressed to Bahgura with registered ranking apparently “paid” by ornate Agenzia Consulare d’Italia handstamp in violet at top right (Reg cachet alongside). Bahgura arrival marks. Interesting  £30.00
 Hotel interest 
4630 XII 98, small envelope franked 2m DLR (SG 59) addressed to Switzerland from Cairo Savoy Hotel Post Office Type 1. Cairo transit and Luzern arrival markings behind  £38.00
4712 X 915, “bookmark” postcard of Casino Palace Hotel, Port Said, sent to Scotland from Port Said / Station as OAS with military censor in red. Interesting message about the hotel itself  £10.00
4828 2 27, printed cover of Grand Hotel Riche, Alexandria, containing similarly illustrated hotel headed notepaper on letter in Arabic. Posted with 5m First Fuad from Alexandria to Cairo  £10.00
4920 MA 27, printed cover of Regina Palace Hotel, Alexandria, containing similarly illustrated hotel headed notepaper on letter in Arabic. Posted with 5m First Fuad from Alexandria to Cairo  £10.00
504 JL 36, Shepheard’s Hotel printed envelope ranked with Fuad 15m for postage and registration (hotel Reg cachet alongside) to Alexandria. Shepheard’s Type 8 cancel. Cairo transit and Alex arrival behind  £20.00
512 1 76, unaddressed First-Day cover of complete Post Day set for 1976 (SG 1280-83), complete with UPU handstamp and two strikes of Hilton / Hotel Type 4 CDS  £15.00
5225 XII 77, plain envelope Arabic-addressed to Cairo, franked 20m AR Egypt definitive and cancelled with Sheraton Hotel Post Office CDS Type 2. Cairo machine cancel on face, flap lost  £20.00
531904, 1910, two Egypt postcards used with Alexandria San Stefano Hotel Post Office cancels. Types 3 and 4  £10.00
541898-1961, lot of ten covers and postcards all with Hotel cancels: Shepheard’s (3), San Stefano, Grand Continental (2), Luqsor Winter Palace (3), Nile Hilton  £30.00
 Station markings 
5528 I 07, coloured card, Le Caire / Au Bord du Nil, franked with DLR 1+3 mills (SG 56, 61) sent from Tanta / Station to Hitchin, Herts, with station Type 4 CDS. Message offers to exchange colour postcards  £8.00
5629 I 920, 3 mills stationery postcard (NP SPC 25) with Mansura / Station Type 3 cancel, addressed to Cairo. Lawyer’s oval handstamp behind  £8.00
5722 DE 37, small envelope Arabic addressed and franked 5m Boy King from Station / Port-Said. Cairo Station transit CDS behind with Heliopolis arrival. Neat and clean  £10.00
 Booklet stamps 
58125 JU 16, lawyer’s cover addressed to Switzerland and franked with horizontal paid of 5m DLR booklet pane stamps (see guillotining at top and extra perfs at left) cancelled Cairo / I. Censor square and Zurich arrival mark  £30.00
5914 FE 23, small envelope franked 5m Harrison Sphinx Pictorial booklet stamp (guillotined at bottom) sent from unusual small town El Dabia first to Cairo, but readdressed to Luxor. Reverse has Cairo-Asyut TPO and Luxor arrival  £20.00
6020 MR 23, registered cover from Maragha to Cairo franked with 3x5m Harrison’s Pictorial 5m Sphinx booklet stamps (note perf extension on top of first guillotine trimming at base of second and third  £20.00
6110 JA 24, small cover Arabic addressed from Farshut to Azhar, franked with Harrison 5m pink booklet stamp (SG 90). See extra oerfs below. Cairo, Azhar and TPO markings behind  £20.00
6212 OCT 25, A4 good conduct certificate from Ras el Tin school, Alexandria. 3m tax paid with full booklet pane of 6x5m First Fuad 5m stamps (note perf extension at bottom and trimmed right side). Hand-cancelled part illustrated  £30.00
6325 APR 26, flimsy A4 certificate from Rahmaniya with numerous notations in different handwriting, 3m tax paid with full booklet pane of 6x5m First Fuad 5m stamps (note guillotine cut across the top. Hand-cancelled as is normal part illustrated £30.00
64December 1931, Tuck’s Oilette card, Cairo, Street Scene, franked with booklet pane pair of Fuad 5m stamps for postage from Tanta to Sussex. See guillotining at right and extra perfs at top  £10.00
6515 SE 39, Official printed OHMS small envelope, franked with 5m Boy King from booklet pane (see extension at bottom). Sent from Mansura / Station to Mankabad military hospital near Asyut  £20.00
 TPO Markings 
661917-1941, jumbo lot of 21 TPO cancellations on covers or entires, including Mansura-Mit Ghamr, Shabrakhit-Ityai, Alexandria-Cairo, Cairo-Asyut, Cairo-Marg, Cairo TPO 24 (2 types), Cairo-Alexandria (6 types), Minia-Sohag (5 types), Asyut-Minia (2 types), Abu Kibir-Salhia, Minia-Cairo, Cairo-Minya – a small sample illustrated  £45.00
6726 XIII 05, b/w card (Philae – The Colonnade) franked 5m DLR and cancelled Luqsor / Station for Paris. En route gather Luqsor-Asyut (Type 8A1C) and Bani Suwef-Caire (Type 8A1a) transit TPO markings, Neat  £15.00
 Rural Markings 
681922-1939, lot of five Rural Service cancellations, including three with cartouche (three covers and two entires)  £35.00
 Advertising Envelopes 
691932-1940, three used envelopes illustrating the company’s products: Sulzer Freres (1932), Chevrolet (1932, spark plug), Midland Engineering (from Alexandria Station, 1940)  £20.00
 Ramleh / Bacos / Alexandria marking 
7011 II 07, grey cover franked 2x5m DLR for registration to Cairo, cancelled with good strikes of unusual Ramleh / Bacos / Alexandria CDS (Alexandria-Ramleh book p.130, RB11), recorded only 22 months. Excellent Bacos / Ramle Reg cachet  £30.00
 Shipping/Air interest 
711925, colour postcard of the Italian State Tourist Office shipping line Sitmar illustrating its shipping routes from Italy to the rest of the Mediterranean including Alexandria. Used en Ville in Cairo with a 5m First Fuad stamp  £10.00
721893, 1 mill DLR postal stationery newspaper wrapper (Magdy W1), uprated with 1mill DLR stamp (SG 58) and cancelled with neat Ramleh / Schutz CDS of 9 MA 93. Sent to Munich from clear oval handstamp on reverse: Farmacia Schutz / Statione Schutz Ramleh  £8.00
 Sinai Interest 
7314 AP 29, cover Arabic-addressed to Prince Michael Lutfallah in Gezira Palace, franked with a 15m Fuad (SG 16) for postage and registration, Stamp cancelled Port-Taufiq but Reg cachet in violet alongside is Gabal el Tor. Cairo transit and Gezira (Cairo) arrival next day on reverse. Unusual  £15.00
74Fuad era – lot of 34 perfinned loose stamps including the following companies: VOCO, ABE, CLC, BIE, IB, YC&S  £15.00
75Varied stamps, early to late: 25 perfins including SB, ABE, OB, CLC, CLA, VOCO  £20.00
 Flaws and Errors 
7619 AP 35, registered and AR cover from Korashiya to Cairo, franked with vertical pair of Fuad 5m plus Fuad 15m. To stamp of the 5m pair has a horizontal brown line through its centre. Clean cover  £10.00
775 8 2014, FDC for stamps marking opening of the “second” Suez Canal with the centre stamp illustrating the Panama Canal in error  £40.00
781898, Military Telegraphs stamps. Small lot of blocks, all unmounted mint: 1pi, lower right corner vertical strip of four with Telegraphs” margin; top right corner block of eight with “Sudan mili” margin; 10pi upper left corner block of ten with two blank margins; 25pi, right marginal block of six with “ilitary” in margin  £20.00
 French Post Offices 
791903 Postcard from Alexandrie French PO franked 5c Type Blanc (yellow green, pre-1906 bottle green) to France. Printed matter rate. Picture side: Kafr-el-Dawar market  £7.00
80French PO Port-Said: 10c pink Mouchon 1902 issue cancelled Type 84 small CDS on 26 August 1903. On Suez postcard mailed on board S.S. Macduff, westbound through Canal  £8.00
 Postal History 
81Air Mail - Small envelope from Marsa Matrouh (21.8.1936) to London, franked pair of 20 mills air mail (SG 204 / Balian 341). With manuscript Par Avion KLM. Alexandria transit  £8.00
82Service de l'Etat cover with strip of 3 x 10 mills, pair 1 mill and 5 mill 1938 Official stamps (Balian 393, 388 & 392), plus pair 1953 20 mill Defense (Balian 502), postmarked Ministry of Agriculture, Cairo, to the USA, 5.8.1957. Official cachet & censor marks. Very attractive  £20.00
83978 (6/12) Letter from GIZA - El Mutamadiya to the BBC Radio Service, Arabic Section in Cairo, franked 20 mill 1978 Tourist issue (Balian 747). On the front: Cairo arrival 8.12.78  £3.00
84Postcard from Port-Said (Square de Lesseps c.1900, showing bandstand) to the UK, dated 3/11/1919 from a soldier returning home. British Military "ARMY POST OFFICE , 6 NO 19", free franking datestamp, but section number illegible  £2.00
 Jean Boulad d'Humières (JBH) Items 
85The original 4 introductory pages of Jean Boulad d'Humieres' award winning display of SUEZ CANAL stamps, much acclaimed internationally, accumulated over 30 years. The collection was sold in 1981, but these pages remain. They are all hand-written (no word processors then) and all the varieties are hand-drawn in china ink on heavy buff paper. Enlarged photographs of the stamps are glued in to show each type. JBH used a special double format display pocket for his sheets, so they are two pages side by side, format each 380 x 270 mm. Absolutely unique historical item from the definitive master of the subject and of interest to serious Suez Canal collectors. Note: By their size and delicacy these sheets cannot be sent through the post and will be available for sale only in the auction room, to be taken away by the eventual successful bidder.  £35.00
86Registered Envelope from Ibrahim Chaftar addressed to JBH in Switzerland. Sender's address in manuscript on the back. Franked 235 mills (with Balian 694, 696, 702 and 787) cancelled 26 December 1976 by CDS of Manchiat Smouha, Alexandria with corresponding registration label. JBH's pencil manuscript on the front "reçu le 29.12". Historical item of correspondence between two giants of Egyptian philately  £7.00
87Registered envelope from the Philatelic Society of Egypt to JBH in Switzerland. Franked by 20 mill on the front and six times 30 mill on the back. Superb strike of the "Cairo RD Special 4" datestamp (5.4.1973), usually smudged or illegible. Postman tried to correct the time of deposit by cancelling 7 P in central CDS. No registration label, but red Registered mark with separate registration number and date by black linear cachet  £5.00
88Two registered envelopes from the Philatelic Society of Egypt to JBH in Switzerland. (As a former President and Life-Long Member of the PSE, JBH received regular correspondence from Egypt after he left in 1957). One from Bab El Luk R, 4.8.71, with only manuscript registration number (3 stamps on the back, 200 mills), the second from Dar el Salaam, Maadi R, 5.8.73, with seven stamps on the back (235 mills) and red Registered mark  £4.00
89Canal de Suez by JBH. Private compilation of all his Orient Philatélique articles (in French) on the postal history of the Canal (including all known covers, forgeries, etc), published from July 1949 to January 1958. This booklet is made up in part of photocopies of some articles, the rest of actual cut-out pages from the L'OP. Size 240 x 180 mm. 100 pages, soft cover. Also included are photocopies of 8 sheets from JBH collection of Suez Canal forgeries & fake postmarks  £10.00
90Les Cachets à Date des Bureaux de Poste des Hotels d'Egypte by Jean Boulad d'Humières. Reprint in booklet form of the article on Egyptian Hotel Post Offices published in L'Orient Philatélique 114 (Oct 1964- Jan1965). Fully illustrated with postmarks, dates, photos, etc. Size 240 x 170 mm. 24 pages in soft buff cover. A work of reference on hotels. Very fine  £10.00
 Literature. Please note – postage costs may be added to any invoice for heavy or bulky items 
91Brochure for collectors, issued in 1969 by the UAR Philatelic Office , listing and illustrating all Egyptian stamps from the 1952 Revolution to 1969. 240 x 170 mm. 68 pages in Arabic, French and English, giving all official dates of issue and quantities sold. B/W in soft colour cover. With 1969 supplement. Very useful and original companion to catalogues  £8.00
92Suez Canal, Forgery & Reprint Guide No. 14, compiled & published by John Barefoot, 1983. 24 pages, 210 x 150mm. Useful booklet, out of print. Mint condition  £8.00
93Unpaid and Underpaid Mail 1840 to 1921, England and Wales, by R.I. Johnson. Published by Robson Lowe, August 1982. 36 pages, 245 x 170mm, soft cover. Invaluable booklet, showing tax markings for incoming mail. Scarce and out of print. Condition like new  £12.00
94The Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire, 4 Volumes - Lost Territories in Europe, in Africa & Asia; Turkey in Europe; Turkey in Asia, plus Addenda. By John H. Coles & Howard E. Walker. Pub. by Christies Robson Lowe, 1984-1995. Complete survey of Turkey's offices from Albania to Arabia, with maps and postmarks all fully illustrated. Thousands of postmarks, over 500 pages (250 x 178 mm). The definitive work, long out of print. Condition like new. Rare. Very relevant to the 2017 Stampex dedicated to Ottoman Empire and the Levant  £90.00
95Deux Documents Relatifs à la Visite du Tsarévitch en Egypte, 22 Nov - 5 Dec 1890, by Marcel Jungfleisch. Small leaflet (7 pages and one plate) published in 1941 by the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale, Cairo. Fascinating account of the little known visit in 1890 by the future Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and the Prince of Greece. The two documents (illustrated) are a medal minted for the occasion and a unique photograph of the convoy (Khedive Tewfik and the two princes passing one of 3 arches of honour erected for the occasion). They had arrived at Ismailia on the Russian frigate Damjaty Azowa. Very rare. Where do you get another copy of this leaflet?  £7.00
96A Century of German Ship Posts, 1886-1986, by Edwin Drechsel. Published by The Pall Mall Stamp Co., 1987. An illustrated detailed account of all the German postal shipping lines, including through the Suez Canal to East Africa and the Far East, with all ships, dates & postmarks. Hard cover (with dust jacket), 114 pages 250 x 190mm. Out of print and rare in English. Invaluable work of reference. Condition like new  £30.00
97Small plastic folder presented by the Libyan Arab Jamahirya Postal Administration to FIP delegates at Philexfrance 1982 in Paris. Contains the post day stamp 200 dirham, the 300 dirham miniature sheet and a "no-value" miniature sheet. Sad in the light of recent Libyan history  £3.00
98Currency converter, issued by Banco di Sicilia in 1959 to enable conversion of Egyptian pounds into 15 other currencies. Practical device in the days before fluctuation & devaluation  £3.00
991949, Union of Syndicates of the Medical Profession – printing essay lower marginal block of four for the first issue, 4 mills orange, imperforate on gummed paper, without watermark but with marginal notes. See Feltus page 88  £20.00
1001949, Union of Syndicates of the Medical Profession – printing essay corner block of six for the first issue, 50 mills scarlet-red, imperforate on gummed paper, without watermark but with marginal notes. See Feltus page 88  £30.00
1011951, Syndicate of Professional Engineers, full sheet of 100 10mills stamps (control A/47) used on the back of an engineering drawing and all cancelled. Feltus page 83, No 741, the Kingdom Issue part sheet illustrated £30.00
1022014, 10pt Tax Revenue stamp, unmounted mint, in full sheet of 100 with full margins and printing date 16/10/2014 part sheet illustrated  £20.00
1032016, £1E Tax Revenue stamp, unmounted mint, in full sheet of 100 with full margins and printing date 01/02/2016 part sheet illustrated  £20.00
1042016, 90pt Tax Revenue stamp, unmounted mint, in full sheet of 100 with full margins and printing date 03/03/2016 part sheet illustrated  £20.00
1052016, 30pt Tax Revenue stamp, unmounted mint, in full sheet of 100 with full margins and printing date 11/04/2016 part sheet illustrated  £20.00
 Hotels Interest 
10625.7.932, hotel cover illustrating the Casino Fouad in Ras el Bar, franked with block of four of Fuad 5m booklet stamps (SG 156): see trimmed at top and right. Addressed to the Egyptian consul in Vienna, cancelled first in Ras el Barr, then Dumiat-Tanta (&a3,4) and Cairo-Port Said (7A3,.4) TPOs, and Port Said machine cancel all next day. Striking  £28.00
1077 AP 33, Hotels Hedra printed cover advertising its group in Aswan, Luxor and Ras el Bar, franked Fuad 5m (SG 156), Arabic addressed from Asyut-Luqsor TPO (7A3.7) to Alexandria (arrived April 8) via Cairo-Asyut (as 5A2.6)  £20.00
 Official Mail 
1084 V 11, large (21x27cm) buff bilingual OHHS cover wonderfully franked with a No-Value Official stamp (SG 025) and two 1907 bilingual OHHS overprints (2m+3m, SG 074-75), all cancelled Tanta / R. Addressed to the Land Bank in Cairo, and on reverse is an arrival strike of the official Cairo (G.S.) CDS on arrival. Remarkable  £48.00
 Military Interest 
1091901 PPC Ismailia to Munich with KAIS DEUTSCHE/MARINE / SCHIFFSPOST/29 cds. From SS Andalusia en route from Wilhelmshaven to Tsingtau carrying troops during the Boxer Rebellion.  £2.00
110Cover to Transvaal with two South African stamps cancelled with SA APO 30. APO 30 was captured at Tobruk  £2.00
111One cover and one Swedish military card from forces of UNEF II. The rarely seen card from the main UNEF base at Balouza is cancelled by rare East Qantara cds  £2.00
112Cover with FIELD POST OFFICE 136 OC 87. 136 was used by British in the Sinai  £1.00
113Long official cover, 14.NO.28, to Palestine with cachet GENERAL STAFF HQ BRITISH FORCES IN EGYPT. Only recorded use of this cachet.  £5.00
114Photo of King Farouk with 20 mills air stamp cancelled Bethlehem 30.AP.49. Bethlehem was held by the Egyptians during the 1948 war.  £5.00
115AR cover 8.AP.30. 20+5 mil 2nd. Fouad cancelled ABU KIBIR  £5.00
 Postal History 
11620 para CARTE POSTALE used internally with CAIRE.A arrival 19.VIII.97  £1.00
117Cover from USA to England readdressed Cairo in Sept.1939. Has early use of Egyptian civil censor on incoming mail.  £2.00
118Small cover for personal calling cards with 4mills (printed matter rate) stamp  £1.00
119Enveloppe-Lettre upgraded with mills 10 for overseas postage. Cancelled fine KALIOUB 5.VII.00  £1.00
120FDC Feasts 2-12-2001 block of four birds and blocks of 2014 birds with colour proofs in the margin  £1.00
 Air Interest 
121First airmail stamp, 27 mills, on cover to India 5.MA.27 backstamped Karachi & Calcutta  £1.00
122Two airmail covers 1936-37, one of them cancelled Simon Arzt  £1.00
123Three air covers two endorsed by Pan American Air Mail. The third sent to an address the same as one of the two franked 112 mils, so probably intended for the Clipper  £2.00
124Three covers with different Air Post cancels. One carried on the first direct flight from Israel to Egypt in 1977. The cover was carried by the plane carrying President Begin to his historic meeting with President Sadat  £3.00
 TPO Interest 
125Postcard from Suez to Bristol with near perfect strike of TPO Cairo Alexandria & V.V.  £1.00
126Two incoming covers with TPO markings. Smith 5D1 & 3B1  £2.00
127Two TPO cards, one of them to France with French dues.  £2.00
 Definitive stamps interest 
128Six FDCs 1946 Mean Conference with 1964 80 mills air mail stamp. Definitive type stamps on FDCS not so easily found  £3.00
129Over 100 definitive stamps of recent pharaonic issues showing colour variations. Opportunity for someone to study this sadly neglected area  £2.00
130FDC for definitive issue 1964. Definitive FDCs not easy to find  £2.00
131Two FDCs for the 1978 definitive issues. Includes the two high values, both elusive on cover  £3.00
132Twelve FDCs for 1958-59 definitives. Some duplication. Includes 55 mills surcharge on 100 mills 20.1.59  £3.00
133Ten covers for definitives 1998-2001  £2.00
134Eight FDCS of 1998 definitives including £1, £2 and £5 stamps  £2.00
135Nine FDCs 1990-91definitives  £1.00
136Internal cover with 2007 set  £1.00
137Twelve covers franked with modern definitives, 2002 onwards. Includes only known use of 2002 30pt stamp paying for internal usage. FDC 7/10/2013 and LE3 used on cover with part of background missing  £3.00
138Two covers with 1964 100 mills definitive. Rare to find high values used thus. One used to pay internal AR rate.  £2.00
 Vintage maps of Egypt 
1391684? b/w engraved map of the Delta area and the Nile Valley down to Manfalut, showing ten Nile branches reaching the Mediterranean. 24.5 x 17.5cm, perfect condition, being the double spread between two pages from Egitto, Ventesimaprima tavola nvova, pubished in Venice in 1561 to accompany La geografia di Claudio Tolomeo Alessandrino, nuovamente tradotta di Greco in Italiano, by Girolamo Ruscelli. A small and beautiful piece of history  £45.00
140Date? (post-1869). 18x22.5cm, mounted in stout card, Map 1: Eastern Part of the Delta, published by Harper and Brothers, New York (now HarperCollins). Sepia, well detailed, showing rail and road communication from Baltim to Katieh and south to Cairo/Suez. Excellent condition Part Illustrated  £35.00
 Royal memorabilia 
141Point de Vue: Images du Monde, June 1990, French magazine’s special edition cover-illustrated by Fouad and Fadila of Egypt, titled “The Great Expectations”, with eight pages inside including six excusive current photographs of the couple with their three children, Mohammed Ali, Fawzia-Latifa and Fakhr-Eddin, 12 more of the family in b/w as Fouad is interviewed about a potential return, and eight historic photos in colour. Condition fine cover part illustrated £30.00
142Type III, Gedda in slate, Kehr 51a, Die A, 1867, mint no gum  £7.00
143Type IVa, Ismailia, on blue, Kehr 125, 1868, mint no gum £2.00
144Type VIIIa, Sawakin, Kehr 708, tight-knit “plug” of say 20 examples, just as though they had come from the printing machine. Unseparated, and most probably a modern attempt at faking. Kehr value £25 most unlikely £4.00
 Egypt Air Mails 
1451947 Air set, assortment of nine control blocks of four, ranging from 2m to 30m (20m A/47 and A/48). All fine mint  £6.00
 Egypt Recent Varieties 
1461986, Sudan Drought Relief, lemon colour shifted significantly to right, over stamp edge (NP C1060a), only 50 known. MNH, with normal for comparison  £10.00
1471988, African Unity, silver colour (map of Africa) shifted significantly to right), NP C1124a), upper marginal copy, MNH, single sheet known  £12.00
1481988, as last, but magenta colour shifted significantly to right (NP C1124b), MNH, single sheet known  £12.00
1491995, Esna Barrage, black misplaced significantly upwards NP C1334a), MNH, with normal for comparison Only 50 known  £10.00
 Postcards - archaeology 
15019 joyous and colourful cards of Eastern Publishing Company’s “Gods and Kings” series (UAR period), all showing tomb wall paintings, mainly of classical scenes. All mint, good condition throughout  £10.00
 Postal Stationery 
1511934, 1937, two examples of Fuad 2m grey embossed visiting card envelope (NP SEN27, vertical wmk), showing distinct shades of light and dark grey. Both with Cairo machine cancels, earlier retains two visiting cards  £4.00
1524 MA 34, Fuad 3 mills green stationery postcard (NP SPC 34) uprated with 2x3m Fuad stamps to make 10m rate to Vienna. Air Mail label pencilled out, interesting typed message. Excellent condition  £6.00
1531946, 4m Marechal stationery envelope (NP SEN 37), one mint one used  £6.00
15410 I 67, Festivals printed envelope (NP SEN 48, with smaller vignette), illegible postmark but sent to excellent clear Hadaiq el Qubba machine cancel on reverse. Visiting card remains  £3.00
1554 1 68, Festivals envelope as last, but uprated with 1m definitive for new 5m rate, used from Cairo machine canceller in town £3.00
1561966-issue 80m Nefertiti Air Letter SALS8 (list of countries on back), uprated with 20m 1972 definitive and apparently intended to be used to New York. But address incomplete and no postal markings. Oddity  £4.00
1577 3 67, 115m Air Letter NP SALS9 (with list of countries) sent from Cairo with Egyptian censor alongside to Pasadena. Good condition  £6.00
 Discover Egypt 2004 booklet 
158Complete mint booklet with panes of 9 x 30pi, 9 x £E1.25, 9 x £E2, plus single stamps of 2 x £E5 and Tutankhamun mask at £E10. Egypt’s final booklet?  £15.00
15922 1 2004, specially printed First-Day cover with three high-value stamps and special cancel  £15.00
160As last, FDC for £E5 Nefertiti stamp with special cancel  £8.00
161As last, FDC for £E5 Sphinx stamp with special cancel  £8.00
162As last, FDC for £E10 “gold” Tutankhamun stamp with special cancel  £10.00
 Postal history 
16313 AUG 43, National Bank printed cover franked 2m Boy King + 50m Marechal (52 mills) for Air Mail (crossed through) to Tehran. Cancelled Cairo 4 roller machine, then censored by hexagonal No 87 and censored and resealed at both ends with different labels, further by Anglo-Soviet Persian and Russian(?) censors. Striking  £12.00
16423 DE 58(?), plain cover franked 2 x 10m + 35 m UAR Egypt definitives to cover registration and AR between Cairo and Giza. Astonishing, straight-line Avis de Reception handstamp used: very late date for this marking  £24.00
1651981, Colourful printed ARE Egyptian Railways envelope furnished with 5 x 70m Official (SG O1170) sent registered from Ahmad Badawi / RD to UK  £4.00
 Modern Essays 
1661959, printing experiment (first known production of Postal Printing House press) based on anniversary of United Arab States (UAR and Yemen), as NP C219. Five perfed stamps no wmk: blue, light blue, purple, vermilion, olive, all MNH  £10.00
167As last, five perforated with watermark: rose-red, deep blue, purple, blue, vermilion, all MNH  £10.00
168As last, perforated with watermark: rose-red, MNH  £2.00
1691980s, Essay for President Moubarak (NP E549), astonishing variety of multicoloured part printings, perforated and imperforate or misperforated, showing colour make-up. Seven singles, all fully gummed, MNH  £21.00
170As last, four singles MNH  £12.00
171As last, five horizontal pairs and a single imperf in yellow. All fully gummed, MNH  £30.00
1721970, no-value stamps/essays(?) printed for the Kima Factory in Aswan in various colours, perforated but without watermark, fully gummed, on thin and thicker paper: orange, olive, blue, deep blue-green, brown, deep brown, six colours all MNH  £24.00
173As last, five colours: brown, purple, orange, olive, blue, all MNH  £20.00
174As last, deep purple marginal strip of four with last two stamps failing to print apart from a smudge. Pencil marks in margin indicate 28 IX 70. MNH and scarce  £18.00
175Undated, stamp/essay for UAR Television building. See Feltus pp 199-200, where described as “publicity labels .. produced by printers of postage stamps”. Perforated, no wmk, attractive MNH  £4.00
 Postal History 
1769 DE 81, neat lightweight printed commercial envelope franked 1pi rose (SG 47) and used from Ghourieh / Caire to Manchester via Caire / Depart transit. Neat S / Manchester arrival mark of 19 DE behind  £8.00
177MY 21 16, unfranked pyramids sepia postcard with “on active service” endorsement, clear Field Post Office / N.M.Y. (Yorkshire Yeomanry) CDS and red triangular military censor, addressed to Nuneaton. Faint pencil message  £5.00
1781915-53, three covers to Switzerland, inc 1915 registered (bank wafer on reverse), 1924 with 5+10m Crown opts, 1953 with Farouk barred out. Neat covers £6.00
1791954-56, two Air Mail covers (to NZ with nine Farouk bars definitives totalling 128 mills, and to S.Africa with 100m Nefertiti and 2+5mills fellah), both clearly cancelled Paquebot / Port Said cds. Two clean covers  £5.00
1801951, two registered bank covers to Switzerland, both rated 92 mills in Marechal definitives, both censored and with clear R.A / Aeroport Farouk transit CDS with Swiss markings behind  £6.00
18121 JA 54, Registered postcard, commercially printed in Arabic, and provided with pairs of 3m+10m with Farouk bars for 26m local rate, together with black on red Registration label. CDS unfortunately illegible, vertical crease does not detract £6.00
 Covers with Farouk bar stamps 
182Group of six interesting covers and two cards, 1953-54, franked entirely with 39 Farouk bars stamps, including some Airs and definitive issues to 30 mills. All clean covers £12.00
183Group of ten post-Revolution covers and one card, 1953-54, all addressed to Europe or USA franked with combinations of Farouk bars stamps (37) and new revolutionary issues (18). Good clean covers include KES Airs with bars ; £17.00
 French Post Office 
184Cover (dirty) franked NP-FPO107, cancelled PORT-SAID/ 19 JUIL 01, to Glasgow arrival JY 28 01 £1.00
 News Agency Photograph 
185ARABIAN SUMMIT CONFERENCE, 128 x 183mm, Belgian office of France AFP agency, dated 17/01/1964. Main characters are, from left, Marshal SALAL (Yemen), General AREF (Iraq), President NASSER (UAR), King HASSAN II (Morocco)  £3.00
 Nasser Greetings Card 
186Large (23.5x12cm) colourful 1964 New Year greetings card sent (unsigned) from Nasser’s office to Belgium. Cover franked with 20+60m definitives, neatly cancelled by Egypt’s longest CDS: Presidency of the Republic / President’s Office for Public Relations of (remarkably!) 10 1 66  £5.00
 Great Bitter Lake Association mailings 
187Cachet ‘MAILED ON S.S. AFRICAN GLEN’, cancelled at Cairo Airport 20.9.69 £10.00
188Circular cachet ‘MAILED ON BOARD M/S SCOTTISH STAR’ and oval cachet BLUE STAR LINE M/S SCOTTISH STAR’  £10.00
189Cachet ‘MAILED ON BOARD M.S. Münsterland’ on Hamburg-Amerika Linie printed envelope  £10.00