Books, Magazines etc. on Egyptian Philately

"The Book".

Quite simply, this single volume comprises the basic and comprehensive source of all you could possibly want to know if you wish to collect Egypt and get to grips with its postal history. NB, it is not a stamp catalogue, and does not contain a listing; merely chapter after chapter of authoritative detail, properly and comprehensivly referenced, on every other conceivable aspect of Egyptian philately, from issue dates to watermarks, postmarks to postage dues. Still in print, and though some may balk at the price (115), this is a volume to treasure and to use now; and to set aside as an investment for the future. Update May 2010. Now out of print second hand copies have surfaced but being offered higher then the original price.

Sections of this book can be found online in the members section. Eventually it is hoped for all the contents to be there.
Awarded a Large Gold medal at the 1997 Italian National Exhibition in Saluzzo, this volume is the fruit of 25 years' research, study and collecting of this fascinating episode in the rich postal history of Egypt. All aspects of the Posta Europea: its origins, the first service between Alexandria and Cairo, extensions throughout Lower Egypt, the handstamps used, interpostal seals, rates of postage, the relationship with the several foreign postal services and the transition to the Posta Vice-Reale are described in depth. The treatment is set in the context of other aspects of Egyptian postal history, including the post of Mohammed Ali, private carriers and forwarding agents, the consular posts in Egypt, Waghorn's overland service, Egyptian Transit Company, Suez Canal Company, and the postal services in the Egyptian-occupied territories abroad. Fully illustrated, it ends with a list of the great collectors of Egypt in general and of the Posta Europea in particular, and an 11-page bibliography. In Italian with a separate softbound 74-page Guida ai Testa in Lingua provides translations of English and French quotations and extracts into Italian
This book has just gone, by popular demand, into its third and updated reprint. Update sheets have been issued for the earlier printings but it is all there in the latest edition. The volume contains all the "Air" postmarks and extends extensively beyond the mid-century listings of Blomfield. New finds are publised in the QC under Air Mail Jottings.
An eighty-page book published in 1981 gives the route map of the Zeppelin's flight.

Core to any study of Egypt's single Zeppelin flight, it illustrates the postmarks used, the prevailing postal rates, and draws on the diary of a passenger on board!