KeyPad: This came about when buying a new printer that came
with one of those annoying key panels. These come under the
heading of those hateful aspects of software – software that
“HELPS YOU”. Bring back DOS when I could control things. If
you want the letter K you press on the key 5jkl three times.
Hesitate and the pad “HELPS YOU” by assuming you’re finished
with that entry and “HELPS” by moving to the next import space.
Make a mistake and realise it a few places later on the import,
how do you edit it!

The pad has a flashing cursor, the vertical stroke after the 1
in the picture. The number/letters appear in the import space
as you cycle through the number/letters on the key clicked on.
After a time it auto moves to the next space. The X clears all
charters the < key goes back one space.