Sum_Div: this version actually contains Eular_1 but in addtion
finds the factors of any number thoretically up to naerly infinity,
just might take a long time! Itís about the simplest way possible,
starting at 1 divide the number chosen and divided it by ever
number up to that number. Check to see if there is a remainder
and if not then the divisor is a factor.

This could be a method suggested by one of the students itís a
perfectly sensible approach. On the crib sheet a question is
posed on the main loop Ė is the way itís constructed necessary
and if why not? This challenge introduces some of the mathematical
blocs of Scratch and that the terminology used in maths
and computing have their differences. It also shows that a method
as used here would be almost impossible for Ďlargeí numbers done
by hand but done in a few seconds or even less than one but computer.