TenGreenBottles: Itís the old nursery rhyme Ten Green
Bottles-simple. N.B. as the bird sings he continues to flap his
wings and move around. The crib sheet shows examples of it done
in several script languages taken from the web.
Note however the words used by them are different to mine
- I think thereíre the American version.

So what language is Ďbestí? To me this is a nonsense
question, when you teach art is it best done in French,
Russian, Tagalog, Arabic, Navarro Ö.etc. I fooled you itís
obviously Japanese.

Why because it has flexible about word order although
the main verb must come at the end of the sentence.
The clincher there are at least four levels of politeness
in Japanese including the casual, abrupt, or "children's"
speech. So you see ideal for children.