February 1938 to September 2020 (latest issue)
Volume I, No.1 to Volume XXIV, No.3

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Vol. I February 1938 - March 1942 1 - 12 Vol. II August 1942 - December 1945 13 - 24
Vol. III March 1946 - September 195125 - 36 Vol. IV December 1951 - October 1956 37 - 48
Vol. V May 1957 - October 1962 49 - 59/60 Vol. VI February 1963 - April 1969 61 - 72
Vol. VII March 1970 - December 1972 73 - 84 Vol. VIIIMarch 1973 - December 1975 85 - 96
Vol. IX March 1976 - December 1977 97 - 103/104Vol. X March 1978 - December 1980 105 - 116
Vol. XI March 1981 - December 1983 117 - 128 Vol. XII March 1984 - December 1986 129 - 140
Vol. XIIIMarch 1987 - December 1989 141 - 152 Vol. XIV March 1990 - September 1992 153 - 163
Vol. XV March 1993 - December 1995 164 - 174/175Vol. XVIMarch 1996 - December 1998 176 - 187
Vol. XVIIMarch 1998 - December 2001 188 - 199 Vol. XVIIIMarch 2002 - December 2004200 - 211
Vol. XIX March 2005 - December 2007 212 - 223 Vol. XX March 2008 - December 2010 224 - 235
Vol. XXI March 2011 - December 2013 236 - 247 Vol. XXII March 2014 - December 2016248 - 259
Vol. XXIIIMarch 2017 - December 2019 260 - 271 Vol. XXIV March 2020 - 272 -

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March Quarter 2021 Whole Series No. 276
Officers/Draft Meetings schedule p.97.
John Sears steps down as President p.98.
Alan Jeyes (ESC 239) : An Appreciation p.99.
News from the ESC official Facebook page pp.100 - 101.
5-Piastre - 1875. pp.102 - 109
A TPO on Lake Nasser pp.110 - 111.
'KES' proof overprints via K. Bileski pp.112 - 114.
Modern censor or receving mark? p.115.
Alexandrie French P.O. farewell pp.116 - 118.
Heliopolis 1914 Aviation Week p.119.
Queries sent to the Q.C. pp.120 - 121.
Book review p.iv
December Quarter 2020 Whole Series No. 275
Officers/Draft Meetings schedule p.73.
Study Circle and the lockdown pp.74 - 75.
Egypt's firs - a stamp with a hole. pp.76 - 78
Only in Egypt. p.78.
Edouard Empain and the Genesis of Heliopolis. pp.79 - 86.
Farouk Imperforates, gift of George E Lee. pp.87 - 88.
Updata I - CDS, Cavala, TPOs p.88.
Third Issue franking - Zagazig to Bologna p.89.
T E Lawrence and stamp design for the Hejaz. pp.90 - 95.
Updata II - Port Said architecture p.95.
Book review p.96 - iii.
September Quarter 2020 Whole Series No. 274
Officers/Draft Meetings schedule p.49
Book review p.60
Lockdown issues released at last p.50
UPU discloses Egyptian fakes p.51
William Byam, founder of the Study Circle p.52
An Egyptian Syndicate - power, politics and a sculpturepp.53-58
Princess Norfret staring at a fly p.59
Ismailia - Timsah pp.61-72
New research amoung TPOS pp.iii-iv
Sidi Abd el-Rahman-Maryut: Is it a TPO? p.iv
June Quarter 2020 Whole Series No. 273
Officers/Draft Meetings schedule p.25
Editorial p.26
Members' changes p.32
Lockdown and Egypt Post p.26
Unrecorded TPO for Press train p.26
Crown overprint error: the original sheet p.27
Census of First Issue covers used at Gedda pp.28-31
Postcards of Mystery p.32
Unlisted Farouk greeting-card envelope? p.33
Egypt parcel rates 1914 pp.34-35
French Censor 373 - Erratum p.36
Railway stations during 1879-1914, Part 8 pp.37-iv
Doors closed at beloved Windsor Hotel p.iv
March Quarter 2020 Whole Series No. 272
Officers/Meetings schedule p.1
AGM Report pp.2-3
Book Review p.4
Egypt stuns the world in Monaco pp.5-8
Addendum '1910 - Heliopolis - Grande Semaine d'Aviation' p.9-16
Railway stations during 1879-1914 Part 7 p.17-iii
December Quarter 2019 Whole Series No. 271
Officers/Meetings schedule p.267
Cairo visit meeting report pp.268-271
Revenue Stamped Paper: Pyramid and Sphinx pp.272-277
B.O.A.C. test letters p.278
Posts from the ESC Facebook page p.279-281
ESC grant to a member-author p.281
Railway stations during 1879-1914 Part 5 p.282-289
Update: Hotels and steam yachts p.290
September Quarter 2019 Whole Series No. 270
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member News, Obituariesp.243-244
2019 AGM Report pp.245-247
TPOs and timetables: Secrets revealed pp.248-255
Update: Tokar again p.256
Update: Fiscal papers p.256
Update: Consular revenues p.257
Update: Hai el-Arab p.257
Remarkable 1943 postal rates Airgraph p.258
Eagle eye: First Issue forgery p.259
Eagle eye: No-watermark OHHS p.259
Saint-Exupéry in Egypt pp.260-261
Hall Caine in Egypt p.262
Simon Arzt seaplane wreck cover pp.263-264
June Quarter 2019 Whole Series No. 269
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member News, Obituariesp219,221,222-225
World of Egypt: ESC News pp.220-221
Members receive philately's greatest honour pp.222-223
Hai-El-Arab, Port Said pp.226-239
Consular revenues, 1982-2012 pp.240-242
1948 Malta-Cyprus surface mail censored in Egyptpp. iii-iv
March Quarter 2019 Whole Series No. 268
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member News, Obituariesp195-198
Railway Stations during 1879-1914:Part 5 p199-209
Cancelled-back: Discovery or Fake? p210
Swedish Zoological Expedition to Egypt of 1901 p211
The Water Sellers - Saqqayeen p212-216
BBC's 2011 Antrax Check p216
Query: French Warships in Alexandria p217
Echoes of the Byam Family p218
Book Review - Egypt: From the Postal Concession until Suez, 1932 to 1956. Part IIp. iii
Wadi Halfa Train Revisited p. iv
December Quarter 2018 Whole Series No. 267
Exciting programme of ESC events p172-173
Railway Stations during 1879-1914:Part 4 p175-185
A new cover from Tokar p186
Continental goes - with Khetcho stamps p187
Circuit of the Oases a flown souvenir p187
Airmail overprints for Gaza - some oddities p188-191
The 1935 Xmas Provisional (SG A11) on cover p192-194
No easy life on the Paquebot wave p195
September Quarter 2018 Whole Series No. 266
Railway Stations during 1879-1914:Part 3 p150-162
British PO at Alexandria:first circular CDS p163-164
1954 misperf/Cancelled back: how many stamps p165-166
1933 Aviation Congress semi-postal project p166-167
Egypt flight of Graf Zeppelin p168-169
News and Views from Members and Beyond p170-iii
June Quarter 2018 Whole Series No. 265
A Facebook variety confirmation p126
"O" under 'sad' discovery p126
Railway stations during 1879 - 1914: Part 2 - The Deltap127-138
A postal tax not easy to explain p139-140
Egyptian ration stamps p141
Resealing labels - can you help? p142-144
New postal ratesTrain in Sudan piii
March Quarter 2018 Whole Series No. 264
Egypt – railway stations during the De La Rue period 1879-1914p101-108
General Gordon in Massawa p109-110
Private revenue-related stamps from Egypt p110
Egypt’s AR service 118-119
Zeppelin on-board mail revisited p120
World Meteorological Day p121-122
December Quarter 2017 Whole Series No. 263
Air Mail Jottings: A new Marc Pourpe cover p78
The Asyut Find: A Preliminary Note p79-84
Zeppelin Ägyptenfahrt 1931: Posted on Board p85-91
Stamped Covers from Massawa – an addendum p91-92
Canadian Air Support in North Africa in WWII p93-95
A King Farouk Coronation Day Note p96
El Tor Quarantine Station p97
September Quarter 2017 Whole Series No. 262
Edmund Hall p50-52
Military Matters: The German Army in North Africa in WWIIp53-61
Stamps and Rates - the 1933 Airmail Stamps p62-65
Italian Internees in World War Two p66-71
Stamps and Rates:When is a Stamp Like a London Busp72-iii
June Quarter 2017 Whole Series No. 261
A New Military Cachet? p27
Consular Revenues and the Campaign for Nubia p32
Sinai & Gaza - Part 5: The 1948 War p33-39
General Herbert C.C. Uniacke p39
Port-Fouad Postmarks p41-42
Shell Perfins p42
Under-Cover Addresses in World War II p43-44
Perfin Varieties: Agricultural Bank of Egypt p45
A Perfinned Postal Stationery Card p46
Helft Ägypten: GDR Solidarity with Egypt during 1956 Suez Crisisp47
March Quarter 2017 Whole Series No. 260
'Mamlaka' Find p4
The Slave Trade, from the Nile Sources to Cairo. Part 2p5-9
Watch Out: There are Crocodiles About p10-16
Canadian Post Offices During UNEF I and II p16-17
Handwritten Notation on French Disinfected Mail Rediscoveredp18-23
Airmail Letter Cards – The Official Paid Versionp24-25
Military Matters: Bright Star piv
December Quarter 2016 Whole Series No. 259
1943 - Air Mail Cover From Turkey To Colombia, Via Egypt p267
Official Airmail from Iraq to the United Kingdom, Posted in Egypt, 1922-1925p270-273
Not one but Two 1941 Farouk 6 Millièmes Letter Sheets p274-276
A Study of Perforation Varieties and Their Definitions p277-279
The Slave Trade, from the Nile Sources to Cairo. Part 1 The Slave Markets. p280-284
The “Imprimés” Postmarks. New data p285
Air Mail Letter Card p286-288
A Letter to Miss Monroe piii
September Quarter 2016 Whole Series No. 258
An Interesting Zeppelin Cover p245
The PORT-SAID Local Overprints, 1899 p246-249
A Continuing Enigma: the S.Y.Argonaut of London p250-251
Stamped Covers from Massawa p252-256
Austrian Stamp Cancelled Cairo Egypt p251
Military Matters - Force Publique p257-263
Study of Re-sealing Labels Used in Censorship of Civil Mail in Egypt 1939-45p264-iv
June Quarter 2016 Whole Series No. 257
Cover franked with 1949 Commemorative Stamp p220
Classical Rarities on Cover p221
Poste Restante, Port-Saïd p222-223
Benians’ Four Hand-stamps – Is This a Fifth? p224-225
Varieties on a Miniature Sheet p226
The 4m Moss Meter Mark on Cover at Last p227-229
Suhag Station Postmarks p230-231
Arab Legion In Egypt p231
A Real Puzzle – Military Matters p232-234
Reconstructing a Most Interesting Cover p235-238
W.W.II British Army Letter Sorting Dockets p239-240
New Perfin Find p240
The Study Circle is on Facebook piv
March Quarter 2016 Whole Series No. 256
First Issue Anniversary Exhibition in Cairo p195-197
Air Mail Jottings p198
Egyptian Military part 1: Egyptian–Ottoman War (1839–41) p199-204
Ibrahim Khalil Chaftar Bey: A Philatelic Biography p205-207
Stamps and Rates: What, no Stamp? p208-213
A Mystery Envelope - "Found In Mail Bag...." p214
New Date of Cook’s Tourist Service Post Office Cairo Markingp215
U.S. Army Post Offices in Egypt p216
Censor Label/Markings iii
First Issue Anniversary Exhibition in Cairo Member’s Exhibitsiv
December Quarter 2015 Whole Series No. 255
The 1915 Provisional: A Centenary Celebration p173-185
Military Matters – The Japanese Navy in WWI p186-189
Spotted on Ebay – Sudan “Express” Stationery p189
Important Perfins Updates: K&H/A and BCIE p190-192
Last Post p.iv
September Quarter 2015 Whole Series No. 254
Earliest Date for Egyptian Perfins p148
Philatelic Society of Egypt Exhibition June 2015 p149-151
The 2 mills on 3 mills Pictorial of 1915: A Spectacular Findp151
Khedivial Mail Line and the S.S. Taif P152-154
Army Post – King Farouk 3 mills green on cover: Census UpdateP154-155
Reporting from the Suez Canal Zone P156-159
Cancelled Backs: An Amazing New Discovery p159
In Search of Rifleman A Ferguson p160
Postcards and/or Pictures of Post Offices p161-166
Query 120 p166
Travels of an Early Airmail Cover to India P167-168
ESC successes at Europhilex 2015 p168
Another New Definitive p168
June Quarter 2015 Whole Series No. 253
Radio Theatre Egyptian Style p125
The Story Behind the Cover: French Maritime Post in the Levant p126-127
U.S. Army Post Offices in Egypt During World War II p128-138
The “Imprimés” Postmarks. Addendum and correction. p139
Mena House Hotel Oddity p140
Air Mail Letter Sheet of August 1st, 1971 p141
George Higlett Original Egypt Pages p142
The Way of the Official: I. Pigeon Post p142-144
March Quarter 2015Whole Series No. 252
Suez Canal Error: The Shredder’s Story p78
Postal Rates Rise – and a Registration Surprise p99
Emirates Battles the Forgers p100
Peter Smith – A “tribute issue” p101-120
December Quarter 2014 Whole Series No. 251
Query 119 reply p78
French Navy in Alexandria 1940-43 p79-83
Rural Cover with Two Cartouches p84-85
Sinai & Gaza - Part 4: 1917 to 1948 p86-92
Military Matters – The Czech Legions Return through the Suez Canal. p95-96
Russian Office cover goes for €8,500 p96
Suez Canal – or Panama? iii
September Quarter 2014 Whole Series No. 250
The “Imprimés” Postmarks of Cairo p52-55
Savoy Hotel, Cairo - New Cachet? p55
Bottle Mail and Basil Benwell Rees p56
Army Stamps and Their Rates P57-59
Query 119 – Traffic CDS p59
Egyptian Offices Abroad: Genuine or forged Cancellation?p59
New Issues and a visit to Egypt p60
Mystery of the New Definitives p63-65
Egypt Cassette Mailers – A Study and Catalogue p66-iii
June Quarter 2014 Whole Series No. 249
Barcode Registration Labels - Update p29-33
The Mariette Pacha - Scrapped But Not Forgotten p34-35
Stationery Cutouts Revisited p36-40
1879 5-Para Provisional Guidelines p40
Supply and Demand Analysis of Post Office Wrappers of Egyptp41-46
Austro-Egyptian Postal Agreement p47
March Quarter 2014 Whole Series No. 248
The Statue of Ferdinand de Lesseps p3-10
Two Previously Unseen Cachets of Mena House Hotel? p11
New Discoveries of M.P.O. El Daba on Cover p12-13
Egypt: The 1879 Provisional Surcharge with Guide Marksp14
Marlag and Milag Nord p15-16
Bottle Post p17-19
Query 118 CAIRE / T. IMPRIMES / (2) p19
Study of Re-sealing Labels (Strips) Used on Censorship of Civil Mail in Egypt 1939-45p20-iii
December Quarter 2013 Whole Series No. 247
"Winter Palace, Cairo" - A fake postmark p271
1867 1 Piastre Guidelines p272
Egypt. The 5-para 1879 Provisional with Guide Marks in Four Cornersp273-4
Update: Instructional Markings p275-277
TPO Registration: Another Egyptian Mystery Ibrahim Shoukryp278-280
WW II Civilian Airmail : U.S.A. - Belgian Congo - Egyptp281
Military Matters - Czechoslovak Forces in Egypt during WWIIp282-283
New Research into Egypt's Postal History p284-285
Official Express Mail p286
Army Post Stamp Oddity p287
New Definitives p287
September Quarter 2013 Whole Series No. 246
Bir Hooker, Wadi el Natroun p244-245
Heliopolis Aerodrome New Date Discovered p247
Chalk-Surfaced Stamps and the De La Rue Fourth Issue p248-249
1916 3 mills Postal Card Reply 1931 p250
3 Milliemes Farouk Army Stamp p251
Rates at the US Army Post Offices in WWII p252-253
BRITISH NAVY Propaganda Label p254-255
Japan Mail Steamship Co. p256-257
Mobinil Commercial stamp, the Third in Line p258-259
"TH/&Co/Ltd": A New Perfin Discovery p259
Changes in Egypt's Postal rates From June 1, 2012 p261-262
Query responses 116 and 117 p262-263
Egypt's Euromed design success p263
June Quarter 2013 Whole Series No. 245
The First Issue of Egypt, 1866 1 piastre p222
After 92 years, a new Mena House CDS p223
Stationery Cutouts Valid for Postage? p224-229
Simon Arzt Interpostal Seal p230
U.S. Navy at Alexandria 1885 p230-231
Military Matters - Polish Forces in Egypt during WWII p232-237
Queries 116-117 p238-239
Air Mail Jottings - Another Marc Pourpe cover p239
Maxicard $1,713 shock on eBay! p240
Australia 2013 World Stamp Exhibition p.iii
Book reviews p.iii-iv
March Quarter 2013 Whole Series No. 244
Misr Petrol Company Pyramid Perfins p200-201
Anglo-American Nile Company p202-203
Stamps and Rates: 13 millième Postcard Rate p204-207
Armenian Refugee Camp at Port Said p208-209
Military Matters - 'On the Town' the American Fleet Visits Egypt. p210-213
A Forged Cover of the Egyptian Office in Tripoli p213-214
Hotel Pension Antonio p214-215
Queries 110, 112, 113 p216-iii
December Quarter 2012 Whole Series No. 243
High Value Perfin on Cover p175
Reply Coupons: Addendum p175
Service Des Rebuts Stationery Revisited p176-177
Instructional Markings: Preliminary Report p178-184
The 2 mills surcharge on 3 mills pictorial of 1915: a new findp184
Hotel Air cover with 500mills stamp p185
"Crescent & Star" - Molette d'Eperon p186-187
New Definitives and other Stamps p187-188
Air Mail Jottings. The 1933 Airmail stamps p189-191
Queries 110, 111 and Answers to 106 and 107p191-192
The Story Behind the Stamp   iv
September Quarter 2012 Whole Series No. 242
Clinging on for Dear Life - (“Wish You Were Here?”) p148-150
International Reply Coupon: An Introduction p151-155
Sinai & Gaza - Part 3: World War I, British Empire and Allies p156-165
Queries 106, 107 & 108. Reply 104p165-166
More on the 1898 Provisional Postage Due p167-169
The Story Behind the Stamp    iv
June Quarter 2012 Whole Series No. 241
Service Des Rebuts Stationery p127
SPC3/ SPC5 Unrecorded Printing Flaw p127
Cancellations of Egypt from Government Post and used on the 1866 first adhesive issuep128-134
Query 104 p134
Slogans on Machine Cancellations 1959-1970, Part II p135-141
Uses of the 3-mill Postage Due Rate p141-143
Editor's Comment p144
Census of Nahman Forgeries 1898 Postage Due Covers iii
March Quarter 2012 Whole Series No. 240
Helouân-Addendum p100-103
Opend but Uncensored Egyptian censorship label of WWIIp104-105
Heliopolis Hotel p105
Letter-sheet Postal Stationery for Soldiers (1960s) p106
High "T" Numerals p107
Unrecorded Bisect p108
Why not a Bisect? p108
Queries Q101, Q102, Q103, Q104 and Responses Q82p109
Sinai & Gaza - Part 2 World War I, Turkish, German and Forces p110-120
December Quarter 2011 Whole Series No. 239
Helouân p91-92
Military Matters - Egyptian War Office p91-92
The revolution and Egypt’s stamps p93-94
Queries 99-100 and Responses p95-96
September Quarter 2011 Whole Series No. 238
Egyptian Booklet Panes p53-55
Constanta-Alexandria-Constanta 1907-1939 p56-58
Stamps and Rates: 50 millième Surcharge High Value on Cover p59-61
UNRRA 558 p61-62
Notes on Some Alexandrian Names p63-70
Queries 93-96 and Responses p71-72
June Quarter 2011 Whole Series No. 237
Slogans On Machine Cancellations 1922-1959 p29-33
The Romanian Steamship Line S.M.R. - Sequel p34-38
Lehnert and Landrock p38-42
Maxicards and their Postmarks p45-46
Queries and Responses p47-48
March Quarter 2011 Whole Series No. 236
TPOs - Time for New Research p6-7
Maritime Markings Since 1890 p8
Postage Due on Official Correspondence p9
Official Mail service from 1866 to 1883 p9
The Official Mail Service in 1884 p10-11
Queries Q87, Q88, Q89, Q90, Q91 p13-19
New Issues: November 7, 2007 to December 31, 2008 p20-24
December Quarter 2010 Whole Series No. 235
Official Mail service from 1866 to 1883 p284-288
RAMLEH, ALEXANDRIE - First Update to the Book p292-295
Mosaic Essay: Rainbow Production Discovery p296-297
Stamps and Rates: A puzzle p297
Index of Towns: Plans for a Database p298-300
September Quarter 2010 Whole Series No. 234
The Romania Steamship Line S.M.R p258-263
AIR MAIL JOTTINGS: "Cairo Airport" Cancellations p263
Continental Hotel in Kasr el-Nil Street p264-266
The 1915 2 mills Provisional; a Another Example p267
Correction to Maritime Markings from 1890 p267
The Surcharged Agricultural Set p268-269
Egypt Errors of Design p270
Mohammed Naguib: Responses p271
Queries Q84 Q85 p272-273
Replies to Queries Q76 Q80 Q81 p273-276
June Quarter 2010 Whole Series No. 233
Maritime Markings from 1890 p234-237
Antverpia 2010 p237
Paquebot Marks - Response p239
Military Matters: German PoW Working Companies p241-247
Replies to Q71 Q72 p248
Queries 74, 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83p248-252
March Quarter 2010 Whole Series No. 232
Interpostal Used as a Reseal p198
Forgeries of Rural "Cartouche" p198
Slogans on Machine Cancels p199
Early Incoming Letter to Shepheard's p200
Unusual Postal Rates 1888 - 1914 p202
Early Airmail, the Development Period p204
Paquebot Marks: East or West p205
The Star & Crescent Postmarks p206
Shepheard's Hotel p207
Egyptian Viceregal Post p208
Early Printed Matter Rate p209
Farouk and Egyptians "Abroad" p210
Mail Between France and Egypt p211
Children's Savings Bank p212
Mena House Hotel: A Precursor p213
Treasures of Classical Egypt p214
Sphinx and Pyramids Cinderellas p215
A Continental Hotel Registration Cachet p216
The State Courier Post of Mohamed Ali p217
Partly Prepaid Transit Letter (1865) p218
Railway Station Post Offices. p218
François Fournier's Album p219
Stamps and Rates: 55 surcharge on 100 p220
Queries 70, 71, 72 & 73 p231-224
New Issues: December 2006-October 2007 p225-228
December Quarter 2009 Whole Series No. 231
Postal Mechanisation Revisited p173-174
The "No Value Stamp" Revisited p175-178
1980 Definitive Stamps Used as Postage Dues p179
Senhit, A Second Cover p180-181
An Experiment With FDCs from Cairo p183-184
Egypt's new Postal Rates - April 1, 2009 p185-186
War Time Cover p186
Lebanon - Airmail Pioneer Flights 1919 p187
Hitler's Birthday - Answers p190
Queries 67, 68, 69p191-192
September Quarter 2009 Whole Series No. 230
"No-Value" stamp: Discovery or Controversy? p149
Suez Canal Postmarks. p155
Hitler's 50th Birthday and Grossdeutschland celebrated in Egypt.p156-157
Mohammed Naguib, 1901-1984. p158-159
The Earliest Postmarks of Heliopolis. p160
The First Heliopolis Civilian Postmark. p161-162
Barcode Registration Labels Revisited. p163
Louis Mouillard - Pioneer Aviator. p164-166
Q59 Imperial Airways Cairo - Baghdad route p167
Q61 2m King Farouk (Marechal) double impression. p167
Q63 Railway Station postmarks p167
Q65 Postage Paid mark. p168
June Quarter 2009 Whole Series No. 229
How Rare are the IAFFA and DALLA STAZIONE Postmarks?p124-126
French Forces in Egypt during World War One p127-143
Answering the call, reply to QC 228 p144
March Quarter 2009 Whole Series No. 228
Crown Overprint New Discovery p101
Stamps and Rates p102-5
Unlisted Constant Varieties of the Harrison 1921 Pictorialsp106-7
Yankee Clipper’s Return and TWA’s First Flight p108-9
Query 53/56/ 57   p110
Barcode Registration Labels p111-5
Egypt Postal Stationery Cards Concordance p116-7
Response to Stamps and Rates: QC 227 p117
First Fuad Series Day of Issue? p118-9
Query 58 p120
December Quarter 2008 Whole Series No. 227
Study on Retouches and Flaws of King Fouad Second Portrait Issue (1927-37)p82-89
New TPO Marking p89
Stamps and Rates: 2 mills Surcharge on 3 mills Pictorialp90-91
Military Matters: The Norwegian Navy in the Second World War p93
Marsa Alam Resort: Egypt’s First “Commercial” Stamp p94
Star and Bridge: A New date p94
Feedback on QC 226 (31 Poynders Road) p96
September Quarter 2008 Whole Series No. 226
50th Anniversary of Egypt-China Diplomatic Relations Issue p53-54
31 Poynders Road, Clapham Park, London p55
New Hotel, Cairo p56-57
Fantasy or Reality? - It’s Reality p58-59
A Blast from the Past p63
The Withdrawn TELECOM EGYPT Stamp: Egypt’s Most Common Modern Stamp? p64-65
1919 – Unrecorded R.A.F. Military Flight Aleppo (Syria) to Qantara (Egypt)p66
New Issues: December 31, 2005 to November 26, 2006 p67-72
Queries Q50, 51, reply to Q47piii
The Story Behind the Stamp    iv
June Quarter 2008 Whole Series No. 225
Egyptian State Railways - line numbers p29
U.N. Commemorative Cairo Cancellationp29
The Heliopolis Luna Park in World War Ip30-31
More Philatelic Items From The Suez Crisisp32-33
Shepheard's Hotelp34
Empire Emergency Service FDCp35
1953 Unusual Ink Hand Cancellation on King Farouk's Facep35
Fonduq Katarakt: A New Hotel CDSp36
The £E1 with Consular Administration Overprintp37
Modern Varietiesp37
Opening and Closing of Offices listed in the Postal Bulletins, 1885-1901p38-48
March Quarter 2008 Whole Series No. 224
Q46 Rural Service cancellation ‘SEEVICE’ p6
Q48 King Farouk’s wedding p7
Sphinx or Anne of Cleves p8
A New Date-stamp for Rafah, Sinai p9-12
Q47 Civil Censorship on incoming mail p13
1939 U.S.A to Egypt by Pan America Airways K.L.M. p14
Opening and Closing of Offices listed in the Postal Bulletins, 1885-1901 p15-24
December Quarter 2007 Whole Series No. 223
Farouk Air Letter Used in 1956 as a Post Office Formp272
Pyramids Postal Cancellations 1892-1956 p273-274
The 1872 5pi Tête-bêche p275-276
Third Issue Flaw p276
Perforation Variety of the 20 Paras of 1874 p277
Reduced Rate agreement – Response p277-278
Comment on Air Jottings in Q.C. Sept 2007 p279
Q40 reply p279
The Italian Army in Egypt during World War II p280-288
September Quarter 2007 Whole Series No. 222
Postes Egyptiennes – New Find p251-252
National Bar Association Anniversary p252
Heliopolis Philatelists Club: Reply to QC No 218 p253-254
Reduced Rate Agreement - 1907 p255-256
Express Stamp (Bal.263, NP EX2) Plate Flaw p256
Unrecorded First Issue 5pa Variety p256
Air Jottings p257-258
Mary Postcards – Mystery Solved p258
New Issues: February 1, 2005 to December 26, 2005 p259-264
The Story Behind the Stamp iii
June Quarter 2007 Whole Series No. 221
More New Postal Stationery Envelopes p221-222
The Grey 5 Piastres DLR Pyramid & Sphinx with Narrow Watermark p223
Mrs Jean Flower, Daughter of our Founder p224-227
The Postal History of King Fuad Portrait Issues (1923-1939) – Part IIp228-238
Query Section Q27, Q29, Q30 Q33, Q35 Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39 p239-249
March Quarter 2007 Whole Series No. 220
Hotel Post with Bureau des Rebuts marking p98
Notes on the 20 millième Control Blocks of The Fouad Postes Issue p199-201
Ambulante Ales-Cairo & V.V. p202-203
Plate Flaw on the 1929 Express Mail Stamp p203
The Perforating Comb of the 1951 Royal Wedding Sheet p204
The Postal History of King Fuad Portrait Issues (1923-1939) part I. p205-216
December Quarter 2006 Whole Series No.219
Egypt - Express Mail p175 & p182
Operations Kadesh and Musketeer: the Tripartite Aggression p176-177 & p183-192
Reply To The Postal Stationery Query QC 217, page 142 p178-179
Exhibition Pages p180-181
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
September Quarter 2006 Whole Series No.218
Postmark Update: Star and Crescent and Star and Bridge p151
Egyptian Postal Mechanisation 1960-1980 p152-157
Sharm el-Sheikh p158
Grand Continental-Savoy p158-159
It happened 200 years ago, Mehmed ‘Alî Pasha' p159-160
Reproductions and Forgeries of Some Common Stamps p164
RAF from Egypt to Iraq in 1919 p163-164
Queries Q15, Q19, Q23 & Q25p165-166
Heliopolis Philatelists Club: An Ancient Mystery p167-168
June Quarter 2006 Whole Series No.217
Meetings in Washington p125
Egypt's Post Rates as at Mid-1998 p128-137
The Withdrawn Telecom Stamp p138-140
More Varieties p140-142
A real FDC p142
Postal Rates from 1952-1990 p143
Reply to the Mazar Query p143-144
British Postal Order for use in Egypt p144
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
March Quarter 2006 Whole Series No.216
Change of Leadership in Cairo p102
Al Chark Assurance p102-105
Assouan with an ‘I’ p106
New Stamp Flaws p107
Inverted Watermark Discovery p107
Hotel Mail - Heliopolis Palace Hotel p86
“Nonsense” Card p109
Q216/1 Spotted on eBay p109
Port Said Paquebot: Response p110
“Postagent” Marks used on Dutch Ships p110-111
Egypt’s Mystery New Postal Stationery Envelopes p112-114
Q216/2 Ras Mallap see web query Q8 p115
New Issues September 16, 2004 to January 26, 2005 p116-120
December Quarter 2005 Whole Series No.215
French Post Offices p79
Air Mail Jottings - more Marc Pourpe covers p80-81
British Military Telegraphs in Egypt 1884-1890 p82-85
The 2m First Portrait Issue, Watermark Pointing Down p86
Pioneer Flights: Egypt-Iraq 1919 p87
Slip-up in UN World Heritage issue p89
Ghesireh Palace Hotel Post Office p90-91
Newly Identified Continental Savory Registration Catchet p91
Newly Discovered United Arab Republic Medical Professions p92-93
Q215/1 boxed “O" p94
Dutch Seapost: a New Type and Early Date p94
Port Said Paquebot – new Marking? p95
Web Watch p96
September Quarter 2005 Whole Series No.214
Postcard From Alexandria 25 July 1882 p54-56
A Modern Mystery p56
Nile Hilton with Acknowledgement of Receipt p57
Ghesireh Palace Hotel Registration Cachet p57-58
A Gem of The Foreign Post Offices in Egypt p58
El Shatt Yugoslav Refugees Camp p59-62
The 1919 E.E.F. Emergency Flights p63-64
Sheraton Hotel p65
Hotel Postmarks: Mena House p66
New Issues: February 24 to August 24, 2004 p67-72
June Quarter 2005 Whole Series No. 213
Commemorative Egyptian Issues of 1951-1952 Postmarked Gaza p30-31
The History of Modern Egypt as seen through its Stamps and Postal History. Part 1: To 1914p32-40
Hotels Revisited p41-46
Mazar “Registration cachet” in North Sinai p47-48
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
March Quarter 2005 Whole Series No. 212
Egypt: The Russian post offices p302-30
Hotel Hilton p304
Different Types of Shell Company Perfins p304
Third Study of Parcel Cards for Foreign Countries p305-309
Second Fuad Issue 5 Mills Type V - Mark Above F p309
New Issues July 2003 - January 2004 p310-316
December Quarter 2004 Whole Series No. 211
A Note on T.P.O.s p272
Mail Flown by the R.A.F. Cairo-Baghdad p273-274
Egypt’s new Booklet p275-277
Commemorative Palestine Stamps used in Egypt p278
Primitive Pencilled “O” Markings & Who were the COULONS ? p279-280
Proof of an Unknown Machine Marking p280
Postcards p281-284
Why Postcards p285-288
Types IV-4 and V-4 for Khartoum p289
Censorship of Prisoner-of-War Mail: Second World War p290-291
Disinfection or Quarantine? Anthrax in the 21st Century p291
Postal History on CD p292
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
September Quarter 2004 Whole Series No. 210
Second study of Parcel Cards for Foreign Countries p250-254
Service Des Rebuts p255-256
CASSA Postmarks p257
Addenda and Corrections to the Type IX Postmarks p258-260
Express Mail p261
1952 Miniature Sheet with Predated Cancellation p262
New Issues Sept. 16 2002 - April 25 2003 p263-268
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
June Quarter 2004 Whole Series No. 209
Shake-up for Egyptian Post Office p225
Parcel Cards for foreign countries and the rates used p228
£E 1 King Fuad Reproduction p244
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
March Quarter 2004 Whole Series No. 208
A “Croquis”/Sketch for the 1926 King’s Birthday Stamp p202
A new Express Discovery p203
Perfins on Egyptian Tax Stamps p203-205
An Egyptian Album p206 & 211
Railway Congress Stamps 211
Cover Census The 1882 Egyptian Campaign p212-218
New Issues p219-220
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
December Quarter 2003 Whole Series No. 207
Taxe Non Perçue: Alexandria p178
Perfins on Egyptian Tax Stamps p159-161
Extracts from the Postal Guide of Egypt and from the U.P.U. Congress p183-196
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
September Quarter 2003 Whole Series No. 206
Post Office Forms (extended meeting report) p151-158
The 1898 3m Provisional Postage Due p159-161
Air Mail Jottings p162
The Russian Post Office at Alexandria : Triple rate Franking p163
Fabricated Cover with a “Hotel Marking” p165
Taxe Non Perçue p165-166
Cartoon Cover : Who Is It? p166
An Earlier Overland Route p168-172
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
June Quarter 2003 Whole Series No. 205
Express Handstamp Cachets p130-132
Book Review - The Cyprus Sea Post Office p133
The 1946 Commemorative Semi-Postal/Charity Stamp p134-136
Fake Farouk ‘Die Proofs’ p136
Wrapper to King Farouk p137
New Issues p138-145
Paquebot Marks of Port Said p146-148
Accounts 2002 iii
The Story Behind the Stamp iv
March Quarter 2003 Whole Series No. 204
Unravelling Hotel Secrets? p106-109
Hotel Secrets Revisited p110-111
History and Stamps: Egypt’s Stamps of Success p112-113
Misr Airwork S.A.E. p114-123
‘AR’ - Advice of Receipt (Avis de Reception) Service p124
December Quarter 2002 Whole Series No. 203
Cyprus-Europhilex ’02 p79
Civil Censorship in Egypt 1948 – 1974 p80-83
Postmarks Type IX p84-93
New Issues p94-99
Foreign Rates from the French Post Offices in Egypt p100
Auction Accounts 2001 inside back cover
September Quarter 2002 Whole Series No. 202
Cover Census of the Indian Forces in the 1882 Campaign p61-65
The Army Post Office in Egypt p66-67
Postage Due Forgery: 5 Piastre 1884 p68
De La Rue Colour Proof Books p69-71
Suez Canal Company Sick Note p72-73
A Forgery of French Offices in Port Saïd p74-75
An O.H.M.S. Registration Label used in 1973 p75
Registered Letter Posted on a Train p76
June Quarter 2002 Whole Series No. 201
Mahallet Roh Railway Station cds: A Response p31
Invalidation of Postage Due Stamps p37
The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company p38-45
Invalidation of Postage Due Stamps p37
Perfins on Egyptian Stamps p46
Some Notes about Perfins P47-48
Air Mail jottings p40-51
Mr Hewitt of the Survey Department and his Archive p51-52
March Quarter 2002 Whole Series No. 200
Special Colour edition comprising 26 single page articles p1-28
December Quarter 2001 Whole Series No. 199
1946 Farouk Postal Stationery p276
Italian Consular fiscal stamp used in Alexandria p277
Air Mail Jottings p278-279
Hotels: More discoveries and updates p276
Egyptian perfins price list p286
List of Places in Egypt on which Money Orders can be Drawn p287
An extra coloured line in the 5 milliemes Second Portrait Issue p288
50 milliemes Second Portrait Issue with inverted watermark p288-289
Wrongly Dated FDC. p289
Value Declared p291
Martial Law Censor p291
1898 Sudan stamps used in Egypt p292
Encounters with Forgeries p292
September Quarter 2001 Whole Series No. 198
Carried by Sea p248-250
Two Fake Covers at Auction 251-252
Civilian postal markings of Heliopolis p253
Sinai & Gaza Part 1 pre World War I 256-269
June Quarter 2001 Whole Series No. 197
Flaw on First Portrait p226
Civil Postal Markings of Heliopolis p227
A Near Shipwreck in the Suez Canal p231
Hotel Parcel Card p232
Extracts from the Journal Official p233-240
Perfins Update p241
Answer to Query 195/1 Xmas Seal 242
March Quarter 2001 Whole Series No. 196
United States Diplomatic Mail p199
Mahallet Roh Railway Station CDS p200
Registration Labels - An Update p201
Perfins p201
Early Use of Registration Label p202
1926 Express 20 mills p203
Registration Envelopes 'Colossi' Design p204-205
3 mills on 2 mills Surcharged Postcard Error p206
New Maritime Discoveries p207
3 Mill DLR Postal Card / Postal Tax 1976 p208
A Remarkable Forth-Issue Cover / Miscut Frame 209
The 5 mill Value of the Second Portrait Issue p210
New Issues June 1999 - April 2000 p212-220
December Quarter 2000 Whole Series No. 195
Early Egyptian Postal history p177 - 182
British Forces in Egypt 1 Piatsre Seal p183 - 186
Egypt’s Postal Service Leaves Customers Dissatisfied p187 - 188
Greek or Egyptian ? p189
Provisional Issue Port Said p190
British Post Office at Suez p191
The Ramleh Electric Tramway p192 - 193
Late Use of 1938 Official p194
Paquebot Marking p194
Espana 2000 p195
Queries and Answers p196
September Quarter 2000 Whole Series No. 194
Cairo Baghdad Air Mail Service, A book Review p148
San Stefano and new Hotel Discoveries p149 - 152
The Hotels Study Latest List p153 - 170
WIPA 2000. p171
The Stamp Show 2000 Earls Court p172
June Quarter 2000 Whole Series No. 193
A New Hotel Postmark p126
A New Thomas Cook Cds p127
Hotel Offices, Finds & Updates p128-195
Response by Hotel Study Leader p136-137
Perfins Update p137
New Issues p138-145
March Quarter 2000 Whole Series No. 192
1914 - 1919 Booklet. p100
Air Mail Jottings. p101
The Ramleh Electric Tramway p102 - 117
Interpostal Aboukir p118
Med,Games Perf. Q192/3 p120
Unknown Labels Q192/4 p120
Audio Cassette Tapes Q192/5 p120
December Quarter 1999 Whole Series No. 191
Post Said Provisionals p77
Mena House Private Cachet p78
U.A.R. Bilingual Watermarks p79
Postage Rates Forces Mail 1940-41 p80-83
Civil Censorship p84
Perfins Update p85
Perfins Update p85
Station Postmarks p86-95
September Quarter 1999 Whole Series No. 190
Time Travel p52-62
Unknown Perfin. p63
Port Said Provisionals p64-65
Report of David Feldman Sale p66-72
June Quarter 1999 Whole Series No. 189
The Egyptian No Value Stamp p32-38
U.S.S. Tennessee p39-43
French Rates from Egypt. p43
March Quarter 1999 Whole Series No. 188
Stamps of Egypt, Update p4
World War II, P.O.W.s p5-6
French Army in Egypt. p7-19
New Issues p20-23

Articles from previous series 1938-1998 I(QC1) to XVI(QC187)
XVI(12) December Quarter 1998Whole Series QC187
Unusual Express Cachetp293
The Consular Offices in 1866p294-295
A New Forgeryp296
Prisoner of War Mail WWIIp297-298
Postal Markings, Departurep299-305
XVI(11)September Quarter 1998Whole Series QC186
Stamps of Egypt, reviewp264-265
Reminiscences of Alexandriap266-270
Audio Cassette Postal Statoneryp271-277
Postal Markings Printed Matterp278
New Issuesp279-283
XVI(10) June Quarter 1998Whole Series QC185
Air Jottingsp246-247
New Used Abroad ?, International Reply Couponp248
Public Custodian Labelp249
Araby Pasha coverp250-251
Listing of Money Order Branches 1903p252-253
Postal Markings ‘Infomation Offices’p254
Egyptian Postcardsp255
Pete’s Ponderings, effect of humidity on perf sizep256
Queries - Newp257-258
Queries - Replies top259
XVI(9)Whole Series QC184
1914 Pictorial Issue, A New Discoveryp213
New Zealand Chapterp217
Query Comer: Postal Stationery Cardsp218
New Issuesp219
The Postal Markings of Egypt: Addendum to the "Delivery" Post marksp224
Feedback: Alexandria Epargne Scolaire Postmarkp224
The Donkey, Sand and the Pyramidsp225
Used Mary Post Cardp233
Bogus Sudanese Postmarkp234
Query Comer Cancellation on 1 st Issuep234
A New Airgraph Varietyp235
XVI(8)Whole Series QC183
New Zealand Chapterp192
Query Cornerp192
The Suez Crisis 1950p193
British Forces Letter Stamp Perforation Findp203
Alexandria/Egypt Postmarkp204
flee Postal Marking s of Egypt : Addendum to the Cash Postmarksp205
XV1(7)Whole Series QC182
Book Review Ninteenth Centuray Wars in Egypt and the Sudanp166.
Double -Bisect Postage Due Coverp168
First Fuad 10mill Stampp171-172
Notes from a Visit to Egyptp173-175
Feedback :Air Mail Vignettep175
An Early Ingoing Greek Coverp176
An Unrecorded Military Letter Sheetp177-178
A New Pleine Mer Markingp179
The Postal Markings of Egypt: IV Deliveryp180-184
The Postal Markings of Egypt: Addendum to the "Customs Duty" Postmarksp184
ThP Postal Markings of Egypt Addendum to the "Arrival" Postmarksp185-187
XVI(6)Whole Series QC181
New Issues ,p143-144
A New Heliopolis Hotel Markingp145
Registration Labelsp146-157
A Philatelist Let Loose in Cairop158-161
Query Corner Imperial Airways vignettep162
XVI(5)Whole Series QC180
San Stefano Hotel Registration Markp117
Feedback - Airmail Stamp Vainietyp123
The Postal Markings of Egypt After 1879 III Customs Dutyp124-127
The Forerunner Period of the French Post Office in Egyptp128-130
New Issues 1996p131-134
Feedback - Postal Stationeryp135-136
Cassa Arrival Postmtarkp137
The Postal Markings of Egypt After 1879: Addendum to the "Cash" Postmarksp138
Feedback Alexandria Stationp137
Postal Tax in Egyptp139
XVI(4)Whole Series QC179
Recent Discoveries Alexandria Stationp95
Query Corner Unknown Markingp96
Great Bitter Lakes Associationp100
Airmail Routes & Ratesp101-102
New Issues Revised S.G. Numbersp102
The 3m on 2pi Provisional Postage Due of 1905p103-106
The Military Stampp107-113
1974 Soldiers' Stampp114
Query Corner Unknown Studentp115
XV1(3)Whole Series QC178
Egypt on the Isle of Wightp68
Postal Stationery (Other than postcards & envelopes)p69-71
Airmail Jottingsp72-74
Postal Stationery Notesp75
Forged Miniature Sheetsp75-91
XVI(2)Whole Series QC177
3rd. Bi-Annual Meeting of the New Zealand Chapterp34
Book Review S.G. Part 19p36
Postal Stationery Notesp37-43
New Issues 1995p44-45
Airmail Jottingsp46
The First Farouk Definitive Series Issued 1937 and 1939 (see QC 165)p47-55
essays for the Farouk Issue 1937p56-62
XVI(1)Whole Series QC176
The Suburban Railway Stations Of Alexandriap5-6
The Official Stamps 1972-1985p7-11
Egypt Disinfection and Ouarantine at Alexandria 1833-1930p12-24
Civil Censorship in Egypt 1948 to 1974p25-30
XV(11/12)Whole Series QC174/175
The Austrian Post in Egyptp282-292
New Issues 1994p293-302
Series XV(10) June Quarter 1995Whole Series QC173
The Studies263
The Pictorial 3m and 10m Postal Cards265
New Issues Sept.14, 1994 to Nov.14.1994268
The E.E.F. - Aerial Post270
Corrections: The British Consular Post In Alexandria271
Cercle Khedivial272
Variety of Postal Stationery Envelope H & G 43273
Proposed new Specialised Catalogue of Egyptian Stamps273
Army Post Stamps 1936-9 - Controls274
Batavia - Rotterdam Mailing Service275
Savoy Hotel, Assouan mark HSY2276
Extended Datespans - Mena House and Cataract Hotels277
Non-aligned States Conference, Nile Hilton Post Office278
Booklets of the Fuad Portrait Issue 278 Intaglio Cancellation on de la Rue Wrapper279
Exchange Control in 1953 - a question279
XV(9)Whole Series QC172
The British Consular Post Office in Alexandriap228-240
Harrison Postage Dues: Plate Varietiesp241-242
New Issues 1994p243-244
Letters Suez to Brazil through the British PO in 1875p245
A 1923 "Special Service" Coverp246-248
Variety of Postal Stationery Envelope H & G 43p248-249
Continental Hotel, Cairo - six typescof HC1 Postmarkp249-251
Egypt Study Circle Certificate No. 1p251-252
XV(8)Whole Series QC171
Book Review GB Used Abroadp200-201
The Official Stamps 1972 - 1985p202-208
New Issues 1994p209-212
Postcard Rates in 1921p213
Book UPU Mail Annual Table of Exchange to the U.S.A. 1881-1953p213
Upward facing Crescent and Star Watermark on 2 mills 1st Fuadp214
Forgery: Faked 1868 Combination Coverp215-216
Continental Hotel - Unrecorded Postmarkp217
Sheraton Hotel - a new Postmark?p218
Constant Flaw on the 4 mills 1926 Officialp219
Imperforate Stamps after Farouk's Abdicationp219
Unidentified Mark on Postcard to Parisp220
Reply:- French Postman's (de Facteurs) Handstampp220
XV(7)Whole Series QC170
The Postal Markings of Egypt after 1879. II "Cash"p169-179
New Issues 1993p181-189
The Jusqu'a Markingsp189
The ESC numbering system for Postmarksp190
Circle Khedivialp191
Circle Khedivial Mahomet Ali Clubp191
Question Time 113 - Soldiers Café Cairo/Free/.... /Fp191
Young Egypt Propaganda Labelp192
Foreign Printed Paper rate in 1876p193
Postcard Rates in 1921p194
QV Id rose-red plate 155 used at Alexandriap194
The Study Circle in New Zealandp195
XV(6)Whole Series QC169
Civil Censorship in Egypt 1948 to 1974p143-148
De la Rue Plate Numbers and Current Numbersp149-151
The Jusqu'a Markingsp152-153
Transatlantic Service from Lagos 1945p154-155
Return to Sender Cachetsp156
Unrecorded Flaw on the 30 mills of 1953p156
Book Review Interpostal Seals Merlander Barckhausen and Kochp157
Inverted Watermarks - Definitives 1953/56p158
Ad Hoc conference to improve the Catalogue Listings of Dates of Issuep150
Army Post 3 mills of 1936 - Date of Issuep160
Montreal 1976 - XXI Olympiad Labelsp161
Question Time 113 - Soldiers' Cafe Cairo/Free/..... /Fp162
Cercle Khedivialp162
Forgeries: 1866 10pi "Die Proof"p162
XV(5)Whole Series QC168
1941-6 Air Mail Issuep118-120
The 2½ Piastre of 1874: Substituted Stereos and Three States of the Platep121-122
New Issues - SG 1843 -1862 (17 Mar 1992 - 2 Jan 1993)p123-128
Air Mail Jottings Air Mail Cachet - Transatlantic Service from Lagos, 1945p129-130
lst Fuad Issue - 5 mills Imperforate with Reply J. Searsp130
Another Crowned Circle Frank of the British Post Office at Alexandriap131-132
Forgeries 1879 Provisionals on Coverp132-134
Boxed 'O' Markigsp134-136
1938 Wedding stamp cachetsp136
Return to Sender Cachetsp136-137
Port Tayfiq Claification of its Locationp137
XV(4)Whole Series QC167
An Appreciation of the Work of John Grimmerp86
The Surcharged Provisionals of 1878/9p87-95
The Postal Markings of Egypt after 1879 'Arrival'p96-103
Varieties of Modern Issues 1993p104-108
Newsletter from New Zealandp109
Forgeries: 1886 Postage Dues imperforatep109
XV(3)Whole Series QC166
The Crowned Circle Franks of the British Post Office in Egyptp64-65
F. Hendrey - The Man and his Work: The Mystery Solvedp66-67
The Boxed 'O' Markingp68-69
Some Unrecorded Double Impressionsp70
Naafi Numismaticsp71-72
Arrival of the Overland Mail at Alexandria London Illustrated News 1853p72-75
Bogus "Issue" 1977 The Cinderella Philatelist 1977 - submitted byp76
Postage Dues - some further questionsp77
Alexandria Double Line Bridge and 'A'p78
Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail Service 1921/1927p79
Port Taufiq: Clarification of its Locationp79
XV(2)Whole Series QC165
A New Retouch on the 5 Mills Value of 1914p33
Printings of the Air Mail Issues 1933 - 1939p34
1933 Air Mail Issue - A Constant Flaw on 4 to 9 Mills Control A/32p37-38
New Issues - SG 1797 - 1842 (2 Jan 1991 - 15 Feb 1992)p39-50
Greek Currency Marksp51
Postage Dues 1884 - 1888 - A request for helpp51-52
The Egyptian Post Office in Metelinop53
French Maritime Mail to and from the Levantp53
1933 Air Mail Issue - Help wantedp54
Thomas Cook postal historyp54
XV(1)Whole Series QC164
Display at the Royal Philatelic Society - S. Fikryp9
The First Farouk Definitive Series issued 1937 and 1939p10-22
Cairo '91 - A Judges Perspectivep23-25
Air Mail Jottings - Greek Currency Marksp26-27
Volume XIV(11)Whole Series QC163
Book review: Overland Mail via the Syro-Iraqi Great Desert: Norman J Collinsp300
Egyptian Coil Stamp in 1910? (first & only issue)p301-303
Flaws on De La Rue printsp304-308
Air mail Jottings: Heliopolis Air Meeting of 1910p309-311
Bradbury Wilkinson Archives - Die Proofsp312
First Fuad portrait Worn Plate variety on 100-millp313
New Issues: 6 Oct to 30 Dec, 1990p314-317
Postal Stationery - two 3mills-Post Cards with wide difference in styles of letteringp318
1933 Railway commemoratives Artist's drawingsp319-324
Re-sealing Label new colour of printp325
XIV(10)Whole Series QC162
Obituary: the late Jean Boulad d'Humieres:p270
Flaws in the De La Rue issues 1914 5-mills refs. 7a - 7gp272
New Philatelic Atlas of the Ottoman Empire (Dr Andreas Birken) p273
Postal Paper Italian Administration periodp273
New Issues 25 Apr to 15 Sept. 1990p274-275
Port Said (by Merchant Navy captain, from the 1920's on)p276-278
Mail Disinfection in Egyptp280-295
XIV(9)Whole Series QC161
Book Review: Handbook of Holy Land Philately Collins Dicksteinp248-249
The Collection Order Service New Study Reportp250-258
Egypt Postage Prepaid Military Datestampsp259
New Issues 16 Feb to 24 Apr 1990p260-261
Marine Captain H B Tuson and portrait painter R Poatep262-263
Italian Ship Cancellationsp264
Postmarks extending dates of Type XI (star & bridge)p265
Question Time 121 "CHARGE"-French PO Port Saidp265
Forgery of Rural Post mark on coversp266-267
XIV(8)Whole Series QC160
Egyptian Postal-Rates: Amendments and Correctionsp214-217
Circle Member disposing of collectionsp217
F Hendrey-The Man and his Workp218-221
Egyptian Stamp Exhibition: "CAIRO '91" - Illustrations of medals p222-225
Egyptian Stamp Exhibition: "CAIRO '91" - Exhibits and Awards p226-233
New Issues 15 Nov 1989 to 2 Jan 1990p234-235
Airmail Jottings - Airjot 6p236
Flaws on De La Rue printsp238
Question Time: Q.Time 104 Double Bridgep239
Travelling Post Offices of Egypt - Supplementaryp240-241
Tutankhamun Telegramp241
XIV(7)Whole Series QC159
Air Mail Jottings - "Airjot5"p184
Collection Order Service - C. 0. S. postmarkp185
Secretary: Meeting 14 Sept 1991; Membershipp186
Subscriptions 1992p186
Secretary Request for Information and Material, Polish Philatelic Fed.p187
1915 Official 2 Mills: The mystery of the double overprint and its solutionp188-197
New Issues 6 Oct to 12 Nov 1989p198-199
Flaws on De La Rue printsp200-210
XIV(6)Whole Series QC158
Red Date-stamps and Black rettas on the FIRST ISSUEp162-169
Air Mail Jottings - "Airjot 4"p170
Interpostal Seal previously unlisted - SMYRNEp171
Civil Censorship - dates of use extendedp171
Book Review British Empire Campaigns & Occupations in the Near East, 1914-1924 J Firebrace)p172-175
Study: 1892,1893 3-mill maroon, orange Zeheri 38, 39p176-179
New Issues - SG 1730-1737 (4 May to 1 Oct 1989)p180-181
C.O.S. (Collection Order Service)p182
XIV(5)Whole Series QC157
Air Mail Jottings: Airjot 3 joint Egypt/U.S. postage prepaidp135
Suez Canal proposed routes shown on contemporary mapp136-37
Suez Canal some aspects regarding its historyp138-42
Suez Canal the famous letter from Ferdinand de Lesseps to the Viceroyp142-46
New Issues 10 Jan 1989 to 1 Jan 1990p147-49
Book Review Handbook of Holy Land Philately (Norman J.Collins and Dr Leopold Dickstein)p150-51
Book Review Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue Part 19 Middle Eastp151
Italian Ship Cancellations on Egyptian Mailp152-56
XIV(3/4)Whole Series QC155/156
Archive material 1st Fuad 1923p78
New Zealand - first International Philatelic Exhibitionp79
Encounters with Forgeries - Faked 1867 Coverp82-83
Question Time QT 117 'HARAR'on 1879 1pi. rosep83
Air Mail Jottings - authority for deleting the routing notified by Air Mail etiquettep84
Purpose of 1953 issue values ?p84-85
Flaws on the 1-millieme value of the Harrison pictorial issue 1921-22 as shown on album sheetsp86-93
QT.118: Fiscals part franking 1943 letterp94
QT 119: Fire-damaged coverp94-95
Question 108 - problems of illustrating "FAXed" pagep95
Egypt Philately in USA (Chicago Exhib'n)p96-97
QT 120 - 1867 bisect - First Day use of bisect; also First Day use for official frankingp96-97
New Issues 15 Nov 1988 to 2 Jan 1989p98-99
Special Report: Additions SG Number Changesp100-03
Quarantine and Disinfection at Alexandriap104-07
Egyptian SPLSM (sorting machine) Coversp108-09
The Meridian Indicatorp110-11
Italian Ship Cancellations on Egyptian Mailp112-21
Second Fuad Issue, 1927-34 - Flaws & Retouchesp122-26
QT 120 Nasrieh Military Hospitalp127
Invalidation Mark on 1895 Return Letter Noticep128
XIV(2)Whole Series QC154
Book Review John Sears The Airmails of Egypt (1990)p45
Postmarks Classic Period Offices and Relative Scarcity factorsp46-63
Italian Ship cancellations on Egyptian mail: marks of Steamshipsp64-66
QT 116: latest date 1888 3 mill maroon ? and earliest date of 1893 3-mill orange?p67-68
Imperial Airways in Egypt-House magazine 1935p68-69
New Issues Oct-Nov 1988p70-71
"While in London for the 'London 901"p72
Interpostal Seals - Report on "CAMP" newly recorded Type Xp73
The new CASSETTE POSTp74-75
Series XIV(1)Whole Series QC153
Postal Rates of the Egyptian Postal Service 1866 - 1953p6-10
Stamp Designers' Unadopted Essaysp11
New Issues 188p12-13
Encounters with Forgeries: Salama (1866 issue)p14
QT 113 "Soldiers' Cafe Cairo / FREEp15
QT 114 1929 Prince Farouk frame colour?p15
QT 115 Abou Hammad intaglio seal on 1879p15
1943 Overprint on 5+5m Ferial Charityp16-18
Corrigendum, Motor Mail to Baghdad 1924 ship namep18
Updata Postmarks type X (Star & Crescent)p19
Civil Censorship WW1p20-24
Egyptian Postal System: various extractsp25
Rural Service markings - mail TO a rural localityp26
Interpostal Seals - Reportp27
Further response to QT 104 ("double-line bridge")p28
10m Postal Card of 1930 - proof of its existencep29-30
Response to QT 94 Greek Religious cachetp31
Response to QT 95 Royal Printingsp31
Italian Ship cancellations on Egyptian mailp32-35
Journal Officiel - Extracts (1929 concluded)p36-40
XIII(12)Whole Series QC152
PITTPEX 4-5 Nov 1989 - Reportp250-251
CANCELLED on Egyptian Stampsp252
1947 Interparliamentary Union Conference: Commemorative stamp with forged "Double Impression"p253-254
Civil Censorship in Egypt, WW1 - letter from the late Jim Beniansp255
Civil Censorship in Egypt. WW1 markings: Nos. 4 to 11p256-260
New Issues: March-May 1988p261-262
QT 105: Royal Printing - status?p263
QT 106: Postal Scales, Egypt - metric/other?p263
QT 107: Listing of Postal Rates ?p263
QT 108: 2-mill surcharge on 1914 3 millsp263
QT 109: WW1 Forces - Registration costp265
QT 110: 1935 Air 15 mills, variety - details?p265
QT 111: Unused Airgraphs-photocopies wantedp265
QT 112: 1966 Monastery - varietyp265
Responses to QT 104 (Double "Bridge" / A)p265-267
The Greek Consular presence in Egypt - Period 1833 to date-Help wanted on this Studyp268
Civil Censorship: 1948 onwardsp269-271
Journal Officiel 1929 - Extracts (1)p272-274
XIII(11)Whole Series QC151
Postal Rates in Egyptp222
Interpostal Seals - Study Reportp223-226
Response to QT 100 (Dopo la Partenza)p224
Response QT 101: Nasrieh Military Hospitalp224
Motor Mail Egypt to Baghdad in 1924p229-232
UPDATA 'Star & Bridge's Question Timep232
QT 104: Alexandria datestamp with double ringp232-234
New Issues: Dec 1987-Jan 1988p235-236
Seamen's Home earlier date of usep237-238
Soldiers' 8 Sailors' Institute - 1932p237-238
Postmarks with indication of midday (Meridian) postingp238-239
Hotel Postmarks-New and Oldp240-241
Imperial Airways-House Magazine extractsp242-246
XIII(10)Whole Series QC150
New! Double surcharge. 1948 22m SAIDE on 200m Airp197-198
New Issues Oct-Dec 1987p199-200
WW1 Wireless Telegraphy. Abu Zabal unique covertp201-202
Postal Stationery: Check list view Cardsp203
Salt Tax: Stamps used on Salt Requisition Forms 1892-1899p204-213
Question Time QT 99 Watermark on 1923 Fuad £E1p214
QT 100: "Dopo la Partenza" circumstancesp214
Response to QT 100 "Dopo la Partenza" - from article on "Uffizio Natante"p214
QT 101: WW1 Military Hospital cachetp215
QT 102: "AIDE-DE-CAMP" cachetp215-216
Journal Officiel - extracts 1928p217-220
XIII(9)Whole Series QC149
New Issues: June-October 1987p176-177
Unusual Motor Mailp178-180
International Express Mail Servicep181-182
British Civil Censorship Early WW2p183-185
Response to QT 89 (OHHS in quotes var.)p186-187
Updata: Egyptian Civil Censors in Cairop188
QT 96: CAIRO/EGYPT on 1889p189-190
QT 98 Revenue stampp189-190
Response to QT 98 (Revenue stamp)p189
Journal Officiel - extracts 1927p191-193
XIII(8)Whole Series QC148
New Issues: April-June 1987p147-148
Civil Censors in the Cairo Postal Museump149-158
Response to QT 91/92 (intaglio seal on Posta Europea)p159
Response to QT 94 (Greek religious cachet)p160
Response to QT 95 (NZ Hospital FREE mark)p161
1938 Envelope to mark a Royal birthp162
special envelopes. Farouk's weddingsp162-164
Journal Officiel - extracts May-Nov 1926p164-167
XIII(7)Whole Series QC147
Napoleon Bonaparte in Egyptp122-128
New Issues: March-April 1987p129-130
Civil Censors in the Cairo Postal Museump131-133
Varieties in Egypt Philatelyp134-136
International Express Mail Servicep137-139
Journal Officiel - extracts Jan-May 1926p140-142
XIII(5/6)Whole Series QC145/146
In Memoriam: Rudi Jeidelp84
New Light on British PO's in Egyptp91-93
Cleaning and Restoration concernp94
New Issues June 1986 - March 1987p96-100
Information wanted Bachdad-Haifa Overlandp101
Information wanted "Wet Through Collision on the Nile"p102
QT 89 1913 OHHS varietyp102-103
QT 90 1946 German POW card - Postage freep102-103
Aid& performance: commemorative handstamp - setting errorp103
QT 91 1964 Intaglio Seal on Posta Europeap104-105
QT 92 Intaglio Seal inside Post& Europe& entirep104-105
QT 93 1940 Army Post to S Africa via Manchesterp104,106
QT 94 1936 Env. to England - Greek Religious cachet?p106-107
QT 95 Hospital "FREE" markp107
Rejected Essay for Aid& centenaryp107-108
Royal Wedding. 1939: Princess Fawzia Com coverp107-108
Varieties in Egypt Philatelyp110-112
Journal Officiel - extracts 1925p113-119
XIII(3/4)Whole Series QC143/144
Medals Galore! achievements at Capex and Hafnia Internationalsp45
Egypt-Sudan 1896-99: the Bowker correspondencep46-48
New Issues: March - May 1986p49-50
Ibrahim Khalil Chaftar Bey: a Philatelic Biographyp51-54
Ibrahim Chaftar's Writingsp55-58
Varieties in Egypt Philately (classified by type)p59-63
Cleaning and Restorationp64-67
Correction: Egyptian Post Office Jaffap66
Interpostal Seals what price fakes?p68-69
Interpostal Two markings of uncertain naturep68-69
Notes from a visit to Egyptp70-75
1983 World Heritage set "Ghost" imagep74-75
Journal Officiel 1924p76-81
XIII(1/2)Whole Series QC141/142
Egyptian Postal Manual for 1876p6-11
Egyptian Post Office at Jaffa (1870-1872)p12-13
List of 19 Jaffa known marksp13
Interpostal Seals - confirmation of existence of 14 itemsp14-15
New Issues May 1985-Jan 1986p16-23
"Faked" perforations on 1923 Fuad 5 millsp24
Study: Civil Censorship, World War II Interim Reportp25-27
Officials variety on 1907 overprintp28
Postage Dues - variety on 1905 provisional (surcharge sideways)p28
Poland to Switzerland Censored in Egypt (1944)p29-36
Airs Airmail instruction cancelled by parallel barsp37
1933 Air Mail issue wing-tip projection flawp37
1933 Air Mail issue extra dotp37
1933 Air Mail issue additional cloudp37
1938 Unissued Commemorative Envelopep38
"Aida" performance at the Temple of Luxor 2-12 May 1987 special postmarkp38
Response to QT 85 Carl Neufeld prisoner of the Mahdi 1885-1898p39
Response to QT 85 Carl Neufeldp39
Supplement 1 Index to Volume XIIpi-xi
XII(11/12)Whole Series QC139/140
Obituary E H Kehrp227
Obituary J E Hampp227
Uffizio Natante Ales/Cosp: how were its datestamps used?p233-235
Matteucci-Massari Sudan Expedition 1880p236-237
Study Report: Airmails-1p238-239
Notes on medium-value Farouk 3-bar overprintsp240-242
"The Missing Link" (3rd Issue 1872 10 para)p243-245
New Issues Jan - April 1986p246-249
New Issue News: 1980 Cairo International Fair arabic value omitted varietyp250
1967 El Alamein artist's essay and issued stampp250
1980 Cairo 13th International Fair Arabic value omittedp251
"Postmen" postmarks - examples in response to request for informationp252-257
1938 envelope to commemorate royal birth (unissued)p258
Civil Censorship WWI previously unrecorded re-sealing labelp259
QT 85 re Carl Neufeldp260
QT 86 Classic Egyptian Combination Coversp260
QT 87 1965 Postage Dues on Airmail Coverp260
QT 88 1918 Pigeon gramp261-262
Extracts from Journal Officiel 1922p263-274
XII(9/10)Whole Series QC137/138
Egypt at AMERIPEXp182-3
Updata TPO'sp185-8
Book Review Travelling Post Offices of Egypt P A S Smithp189
Updata TPO'sp189-190
Civil Censorship WWI Dumb Markingsp191-3
New Issues Aug 1984-January 1985p194-7
Postal Rates Egypt to UK reprint from LOPp198-202
Postal Rates Egypt commentsp203-210
Cancellation of Airmail instructions commentsp211
Air Mail Studyp212-4
Framed '0' markingp215-6
Black-and-white photographyp215
Response to QT 82 (Portrait obliterations)p217
Response to QT 50 (Intaglio seal Zeila)p217
Extracts from Journal Officiel 1920/1921p218-224
Interpostal Seals new discoveryp224
XII(8)Whole Series QC136
Study VI - "POSTMEN" postmarksp157-160
New Issues - June-July 1984p161-162
New Question 79 Tunnel under Suez Canalp163-164
QT 80 "Tresor et Postes" cancelp164
QT 81 W E K perf i np164
QT 82 1953 portrait obliterationp164
QT 83 1967 dumb datestampp164
QT 84 Greek number-in-circle marksp165-166
Faked perforations on 1923 5-mill proofp165
Reponse to Q.T. 50 Intaglio seal on 1882 PS cardp167
Reponse to Q.T. 54 Ottoman aduesive overprintedp167
Reponse to 55 Motto impressed on envelopep167
Reponse to 70 Jordan labelsp167-168
Reponse to 78 1933 Airmail set - printing platesp168
Journal Officiel 1919 - Extractsp169-172
A Thousand Miles up the Nile - Amelia Edwards (1873-74)- extractsp173-174
Al-Azhar millenary- Further Notesp174
XII(6)Whole Series QC134/135
Obituary F W Beniansp103
Study Circles-1938 Congress Paperp104-180
Peforation Points UAR Issuesp111-113
Interpostal Sealsp114
Meter Marks and Franking Machinesp115-139
New Issues March-May 1984p140-141
New Issue News - 1980 Cairo Fair Varityp141
QT 77 French PO Return to Senderp141-142
QT 78 1933 Airmail cylinders usedp141-142
Response QT 73 private/official postal stationeryp144
QT 74 Qostantinia cancelp144
QT 76b Epargne Scolaire cancelp144
Book Review Private Ship Letters Stamps od the World Pt.3 The Suez Canal Companyp146-147
Proprietary Study ABBASSIA BARRAGESp147
Prevost Essay postal Stationery used 1869p147-148
Appendix "The Book" Synopsispi-v
XII(5) March 1985Whole Series QC133
Study Reports Motor Marks & Franking Machines p90
Amendments to Gilbert Airmail Ratesp91
Journal Officiel extractsp92-94
British Unit COPO(ME)p95-97
Interpostal Seals date of opening Post Offices at Kafr el Cheik Kotour and Talahp96,77
Missing Perf. Pin varietiesp97-98
XII(3/4) September/December 1984Whole Series QC131/132
Revision of Kehr's book by Cockrill on Interpostal seals p33
Use of Interpostal Seals as Free Franksp36,38-39
Interpostal Seals no Franking powerp36-43
Interpostal Seals Mexican equivalentp37,43
New Issues 6 Oct.1983 - 20 Dec 1983p44-47
Proprietary Study second echelonp48-62
Cancellation of Air Mail instructionsp63-65
Interpostal Seals Nazali Ganoubp66,67
Design of 1933 and 1941 issuesp67
Epargne Scolaire mark on DLRp67,68
Al Azhar Millenary letter sheet FCDp68
1907 ..Tourist Service mark on DLR 1884p67,68
1888 DLR issue 5 mills P flawp67-71,72
The French Post Office in Egyptp73
XII(1/2)Whole Series QC129/130
Early postal services in Saudi Arabiap5-18
Bombay to Ayr, 38 daysp19-20,25
New British Post Office at Constantinoplep20-21
New Issuesp22-25
QT 72 Earlist Egyptian Postal Administration Coverp30-31
The Gaza Strip and Sinaip26-29
Earliest Egyptian Postal Administration coverp26, 30
Arabic fiscal labelsp31
XI(11) December 1983Whole Series QC128
SZ Series of datestampsp294-295
Encounters with Forgeriesp296-297
Air Mail Etiquettesp296
New Issues October 82 - March 83p298-301
Waghorn (or not)p302
Book Review Posta Europea/Interpostals Kehr/Cockrillp303-304
Updata 'Star *' Bridge" cancelsp306
Updata Proprietary Post Officesp310
QT 68 1st Fuad portrait-early usep306
QT 69 New cachet INTROUVABLEp307
QT 70 Arabic labelsp307
Reply to QT 51 Repair Labelsp307-308
Reply to QT 57 A I F Handstampp308
Reply to QT 58 HUR cancelp310
QT 71 Postage Dme/Poste Restantep310
Index Philatelic Literature of Egypt Miscellaneouspi
Index Philatelic Literature of Egypt List of abbreviationspv
XI(11) September 1983Whole Series QC127
Third Issue first printing 1872 Block of 8 of 5 Piastrep273-274
Overprint "October 1954" on postal stationery postcardp273
New Issues April-October 1982p275-27B
Pre-Adhesive Egypt display notesp279-281
Navigation by Sail in Gulf of Suezp281
French commerce and influence in Egypt from 15th centuryp281
Al-Azhar Millenary Was the FDC a Lettersheet?p282-284
Al-Azhar Millenary How many stamps were intended?p283
Revenue Report-Cigarette Tax stampp285
QT 57 A I F Handstampp286
QT 58 HUR cancellationp286
QT 59 Posta Europea - native coversp286
QT 61 Postmark Turkey?p286
QT 63 Official cachetsp288
QT 64 Variety on 1926 Official 10mp290
QT 65 Index of Officialsp290
QT 66 Variety on 1961 4m Lanternp290
QT 67 Variety on 1958 10m Ramesesp290
Rural Service coverp290-291
Index to the Philatelic Literature of Egypt Officialspi
Index to the Philatelic Literature of Egypt Duespii
XI(10) June 1983Whole Series QC126
SG Catalogue-changes in numbersp250
New Issues December 1981 - March 1982p250-253
Post Monarchy-Book Fair accepted and unaccepted essaysp254-256
1888 Definitive issue 5 mills value 'P' flawp257-258
Unrecorded intaglio Seal?p258
Extracts from Journal Official 1913 - 1916p259-266
Recent Acquisitions Suez Canal Kilo 83 new earliest date?p267-268
1953 Nefertiti 100 mills inverted watermarkp267-268
Repair of damaged mailp267-268
Political Prisoner's mail 1916p267-268
Unstamped Canadian postcardp269-270
Turkey adhesive used from Egyptp269-270
Motto on envelopep269-270
Incomplete cancelsp269-270
Index to the Philatelic Literature of Egypt Airspi
XI(9) March 1983Whole Series QC125
Book Review Postal Markings 1865-1879 P.R.Feltusp230
Book Review S.G. Catalogue Part 19p230
ESC: Expert Committee Certificates 513-536p231
World War One Censored Piecesp231
Intaglio Seal Postmarks Some new discoveriesp232-236
Overprint October 1954-Error correctionp236
Waghorn advertisementp236
Military Use of Civil Post Offices 1914-16 Addendum 1: Postal Ratesp237-242
Recent Acquisitionsp242
Revenue Reportp242
ESC Study VI The Postmark Reportp243
New Issues Oct/Nov 1981p244-245
Index to the Philatelic Literature of Egypt Commemorativespiii-v
Plan of Cairo Where to go etc. Y.M.C.A. circa 1935p246
XI(8) December 1982Whole Series QC124
Military Use of the Civil Post Offices in Egypt 1914-16p200-209
Voyage in the isthmus of Suezp210-219
Updata RACCOMANDATO Type Reg-6p220
FESCNE Type III-2.5np220
Found Open label cancelled Cook's Post Officep220-221
Maritime Cancellations on 1927 Fuadp220-221
Overprint "October 1954"p220-222
ABU TIG datestamp with inverted 'G'p222-223
British Navy Labelsp223
Flaws on 1915 Officialp223
Interpostal Seal on Coverp223
Rural Service Locationsp223-224
XI(7) September 1982Whole Series QC123
Military Use of Civil PO's in Egypt, 1914-16p173-181
Modern Issues - Report on Watermark details given in SG catalogue Part 19, 1980p181-182
Postage Due on Upper Nilep183-187
New Issues 12 May to 28 September 1981p188-191
P.O.W.Camps in Egypt World War 2p192
Turkish Label on 1909 postcardp191-192
Talismanic Numbersp192-193
Interpostal Seal on Coverp192-193
Rural Service - locationp192
Civil Censorship 1914-19 Dumb markingsp192-195
Gutter Margin Block 1909p196-197
Unusual Datestampsp196-197
Journal Officielp197
XI(6) June 1982Whole Series QC122
The Military Use of the Civil Post Offices in Egypt 1914-16p144-152
Archaeology and Postal History - Ramses & Serapeump153-157
WWI Censored Pieces cancelled by favourp168
Proprietary Post Offices Addendum The Hotels in Wartime WWIp158-161
New Issues 14 March 1981 to 1 May 1981p162-163
1954 Postal Stationery Postcards Overprinted datep163-164
Roumanian Maritime Servicesp164-166
Constantinople-Galata markp166
Marseille - Cours Du Chapitrep167
Posted on the High Seas markp167
French Ship Cancelsp167
Circular Datestamps incorporating Paquebotp168
World War One censored pieces clandestine producedp168,157
XI(5) March 1982Whole Series QC121
Named Military Datestamps used in Egypt 1895-1920p111-116
New Issues December 1980 - February 1981p117-118
Proprietary Post Offices Addendum 4-The Seamen's Home Alexandriap119-128
Constantinople Galatap128-130
Cours au Chapitrep129
1959 Nile Hilton varietyp129-130
1968 16th Anniversary of Revolution varietyp129-130
Posted on the High Seasp129/131
French Ship cancelsp129/131
Waghorn Boucher & Townsendp132-133
Booklets Galorep133-136
Unframed '0' marking of the Sudanp135-136
Egyptian Sea Post cancelsp137-138
Index to the Philatelic Literature of Egypt the Definitive Issuespi - iv
XI(4) December 1981Whole Series QC120
Named Military Datest- Part IIp88-99
Fifty Years Onp97-99
Updata 14 Star & Bridgep99-100
Constantinople cdsp99,i 102
New Issues 8 Aug.1980 to 16 Dec.1980p101-102
Waghorn Industrial Relationsp103-105
Gt Bitter Lake Association Faked Censor mark?p106-107
38 Marseille j Cours au Chapitre cdsp107
XI(3) September 1981Whole Series QC119
Obituary the late R.A.G.Potterp55
Named Military Datestamps used in Egypt 1895-1920p57-65
United States APO's in Egyptp66-73
Turkish Prisoners of War in Egypt 1914-18p74-76
Fuad 1927 Maritime Cancels additional Notesp77,81
Fuad 1927 Flaw on 3-mills No. 100 Commentp78
Flaws on 1915 Official Overprint lithop78-79
1908 Official cachetp78-79
Greek Consular Agencies in Egyptp80-81
Registered Letter posted out of coursep80,83
Return to Senderp82-83
1869 20 para New Discovery pair Imperf. betweenp81-82
Series XI(2) June 1981Whole Number QC118
Waghorn - The sad story of De Burghp30-32
Waghorn Robert Gower Cachetp33-34
Proprietary Post Offices Hotels postal statonery Addendum 3p35-38
Maritime Cancels on 1927 Fuad Issuep37-38
1953-54 Bars Overprintsp39-40
Comment on Egypt 1953-54 after the Abdicationp41
New Issues, 5 June 1980 to 23 July 1980p42-43
Framed '0' invalidation on bisectp43
Royal Maritime Mail The Mahroussap44-46
Mail to India. suspended - cachetp45-46
French P.O. Alexandriap46-47
British Forces Franksp46,48-49
1927 Fuad 3 mills - flawp47,50-51
Maritime Cancel - Marco Polo on 1935 Commemp49
Post-Monarchy Study - Watermarks 1973-76p49-50
Star & Bridge cancelsp51-52
Series XI(1) March 1981Whole Number QC117
Civil Censorship in Egypt, 1st World War Lloyd Trestinop13-17
British Forces Numeral Frank 19p16
British Forces Numeral Frank 9p16-17
New Issues, 30 Dec.1980 to 15 May 1981p18-20
Waghorn and The Egyptian Transit Companyp21-22
Egyptian Paquebot Datestampp22-24
Egypt 1953-54 after the Abdication of Faroukp24-25
Index to Volume Xpi-vii
Series X(12) December 1980Whole Number QC116
July 1940 Definitive stamps used as Postage Duep324
Civil Censorship in Egypt, First World War, 1914-19 (Part 1)p325-337
Evaluating Watermark Varietiesp337
Naval Control Servicep338-339
New Issues: Re-numbering by S.G. in. Part 19p340
New Issues, 6 Oct.1979 to 23 Dec.1979340-343
Waghorn: The Lotus-Comment344
A modern Chain Variety 1966 Victory Day344/5
New Variety: 5 mills inverted surcharge on 50 mills, 1926 Agric.345
Series X(11) September 1980Whole Number QC115
Intaglio Seal Cancelling Devices in the Egyptian Postal Museum, Cairop297-298
Post-Monarchy Study 1962 Dag Hammarskjold Issuep299-307
Constant Varieties on 1925 Geographical setp308,314
Yet another faked cover 1867 bisectp308-309
New Issues, 2 Jan.1973 to 23 July 1979p310-315
The Royal Palaces of Egyptp316-317
Out-of-the-Ordinary Datestampsp316,318
Series X(10) June 1980Whole Number QC114
Key Observations concerning three overprinted Issues of Egyptian Stampp277-284
Waghorn Whatever happened to the Lotusp285-286
An interesting retouch on the 2 piastre of the 1867 issuep287-288
The Special Cancellations on New issues, Aug-Dec.1978p288
Military Travelling post officesp289
The Framed °0" Makingp289
1800 letters from Murad Bay to Brigadier-General Donzelotp290
New Issues, 1 Sep.1972 May to Apr.1972p291-294
Civil censorship 1948-74p295
Farouk 1939/45 £E1p295
Colour of Gaza overprintp295
Series X(9) March 1980Whole Number QC113
Waghorn - Periodical: to Indiap227-228
Posta Europea - translation of 1860 Tariffp229-232
Posta Europea- combination with Overseas Postal Servicesp230
Posta Europea- new mark and early datesp232-233
1888 5-millieme Plate Proofp232
Travelling Post. Offices of Egyptp234-237,258
1898 Surcharged Postage Due - Plating Studyp238-251
Nahiman forgery sudan 1898p251
1923 Fuad £E1 1st Portrait Issuep251
World War I - The Walshe Lettersp252-257
Postal Curiosity - ms addition to Suez c.d.s.p257-258
1923/26 1st Portrait Issue retouches, flawa and rejected Essayp259 - 259
1951 Farouk Canal Essay for Commemorativep260-262
1939/45 £E1 Varietyp261
New Issues, 26 May 1979 to 22 Aug.1979p263-267
Essay from republic periodp267-268
Royal Free Frankp269-270
Returned Letter Service - New Labelp269 - 270
G.W.Wheatley & Co. Ltdp271,221-222
De La. rue replicasp271,222
Series X(8) December 1979Whole Number QC112
Egypt The framed O markingsp192,196-205
The approches to Egypt up to 1914 by rail and seap211-214
Thomas Waghorn the hated rival - Hill and Ravenp215
Overland mail Egypt/Iraq 1920sp218
Star and bridge cancelsp220
Cash cancelsp220
Series X(7) September 1979Whole Number QC111
The Posta Europea part 3p162-163
Waghorn and the eastern questionp170-173
Hotel postmarks bogus cancellationp174-175
New Issues, 2 Jan.1979 to 31.Mar.1979p181-183
Encounters with Forgeries used abroadp185
Abdin palcep188-189
Overland motor mailp190
Series X(6) June 1979Whole Number QC110
Penasson Group Photograph - Loose Insert Insert
The Posta Europea part 2p137-144
1888 5-Mills plate proof of144
New Issues, 28 Aug.1978 to 31.Dec 1978p145-148
Guide markings on 1945/46 £E 1p149-150
Napoleon's lettersp150
Forgeries and fakes Gaza overprints and early coversp151
1922 Cover with Italian-language sealp153
Update 1865-79 postmark Data Sheetsp153
Star and Bridge cancelsp155
'MARY' Post Cardsp153
British Navy labelp160
Series X(5) March 1979Whole Number QC109
The Posta Europea part 1p110-113
Encounters with Forgeries 1932 £E1 Provisionalp113
Proprietary Post Offices, Addendum 1p114-118
2 mills Official 1914/15, unusual varietyp119
New Issues, 23.Dec 1977 to 23.July 1978p120-124
Booklet Issuesp124-127
German Forces' Mail 1897/98p128-130
Egyptian P.O. in Sinaip130
Diplomatic Mail to USAp131
Series X(4) December 1978Whole Number QC108
Harrison 1923 essaysp74
The warter mark of the 1893 official stampp;p76
De la Rue archive material - sphinx and pictorial issuesp77-82
Encounters with Forgeries and Fakes 1866, 1872p82
New Issues 25 Feb.1977-17 Nov.1977p84-87
London to India in 1929p88
The 1923 Fuad portrait issuep89-101
The star and bridge cancellationsp103
Series X(3) March 1978Whole Number QC107
The 1884 provisional 20 para/5 piasterp62
Teheran-Baghdad-Cairo air routep52
Covers from the Cairo Philatelic Officep57-61
New Issues 15 Mar.1976-2 Jan.1977p63-66
R.A.F. airmail service from Cairo to Baghdadp68-70
Coding of Cairo Machine Cancelsp71
Alexandria Lazaret postmarkp71
The star and bridge cancellationsp71
Seaman's Home Alexandriap71
Ambulant T.P.O. with single town namep81,91
Index to volume XIpi-ii
Series X(2) March 1978Whole Number QC106
Taxed unpaid letter 1869p30
The proprietary post offices(Hotels)in Egypt cont fron QC104p33-39
Interpostal sealsp40-44
New Issues 6 Oct.1975-27Jan.1976p46-47
Postal markings update 1865-79p28-29
Civil censorship 1948-todatep49-50
Series X(1) March 1978Whole Number QC105
5 paras 1879 the Jioned Characters flawp3-13
New Issues 24 Oct.1974-2 Aug.1975p17-19
The State Post founded by Mohammed Alip20-26
Notes on postal services markings 1865-79p27-28
Postal markings 1880-1952 uncertain typesp28-29
Index to volume VIIIpi-iii
QC Series IX comprised only 8 Issues to facilitate the switch to A4 for Series X
September and December Quarters 1977 - Series IX (7/8) Whole Series No. 103/4
Chairman''s Reportp71
Secretary's Reportp72
ESC Accounts 1975 & 1976p73
Meeting Report - 13 August 1977pp74-75
Meeting Report - 8 October 1977pp75
Meeting Report - 10 December 1977pp76
New Issues 6 Oct.1974-24 Oct.1974pp77-80
Star and bridge cancellationspp81 & 91
Proprietary Post Offices in Egypt. Part 1 - Hotelsp82-93
June Quarter 1977 - Series IX (6) Whole Series No. 102
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp53-55
The Sudan Study Groupp55
Interpostal Seals usage across string bundlesp56-57
Egyptian Postal Markings 1865-1979p58-59
De la Rue Issues proofsp60-62
Egyptian POs abroad and in the Sudan; The relative scarcity of their cancellationsp63-69
December Quarter 1976 / March Quarter 1977 - Series IX (4 & 5) Whole Series No. 100 & 101
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp32-34
Reviving Waghorn Studiesp35-43,45
A new kind of fakery, Type 1-2 on first issuep44-45
Egyptian Used - Senhit, Red Sea Littoralp46-49
Comments on the Senhit Coversp50-53
March/June/September Quarters 1976 - Series IX (1, 2 & 3) Whole Series Nos. 97/99
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newspp1-9, p19
Egyptian Perfinsp8
QC Back Numbersp8
L'O P Back Numbersp8
The projected Suakin-Berber railyway in the Egyptian Campaign of 1885p10-13
Heliopolis Air Meeting 6th to 13th February 1910 - forged cancellationsp14-19
The 1953 Bar overprints on airmail stamps - Some conclusionsp20-25
Italian internee mail from Egypt in WWIIp26-31
December Quarter 1975 - Series VIII (12) Whole Series Nos. 96
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newspp158 - 161
The 1953 Bar overprintsp163
1974 Soldiers Stamp Letter Sheetp164
A new look at the interpostal sealsp165-178
September Quarter 1975 - Series VIII (11) Whole Series Nos. 95
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newspp143A - 145
Arphila '75p 147
Egyptian Postal Stationery overprinted for use in the Anglo-Sudan. 1897-1907p148-154
Early letters and cards from WWIp155-157
June Quarter 1975 - Series VIII (10) Whole Series No. 94
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp131-134
French PO in Alexandria 1839p133
Canadian Forces U.N.E.F.p133
The French Campaign in Egypt - SIOUTH handstruck town stampp135-137
Air Mail soldiers letters at the beginning of WWIIp137
The registation labels of Egyptp138-143
March Quarter 1975 - Series VIII (9) Whole Series No. 93
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp114-115
Emergency Air-Mail Service Egypt-Palestine 1919p116
The 1953 Bar overprints on airmail stampsp117-130
December Quarter 1974 - Series VIII (8) Whole Series No. 92
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newspp92-96
Civil Censorship in Egypt 1948 to datepp97-106
Le Jounal des Trinuaux Mixtes dated 26/27 May 1948 - translationp106-113
September Quarter 1974 - Series VIII (7) Whole Series No. 91
Chairman's Reportp80
The Civil Censorship Groupp80
Meeting Report - 3 August 1974p81
The Italian Consular Office in Alexandriap82-83
A mysterious cancellatiom of the 1867-1875 period-rhombusp83
The mysterious pentagram of WWI and WWIIp83-84
The Philatelic Society of Egyptp84
1923-1926 First Portrait Issue Retouches and Flaws cont from QC 90p85-91
June Quarter 1974 - Series VIII (6) Whole Series No. 90
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp62 - 65
The Mail of the Sailors of the French Navey detained in Alexandria 1940-1943p67-70
Cancellations of Air Mail Etiquettes 1930-1936 from Bulletin of Aus. Soc.p71-72
1923-1926 First Portrait Issue Retouches and Flaws cont. from QC89p73-75
1923-1926 First Portrait Issue Bookletsp76-79
March Quarter 1974 - Series VIII (5) Whole Series No. 89
Meetings News, Meeting Reports, Member Newsp47 - 49
1882 Arabi Revolt and Sudanp50-54
1923-1926 First Portrait Issue Retouches and Flaws cont from QC88p55-61
December Quarter 1973 - Series VIII (4) Whole Series No. 88
An Egyptian Government Label and Airgraphsp26-27
Interpostal Seal on cover of 1876p37-39
1923-1926 First Portrait Issue Retouches and Flawsp40-44
The B.A./E. killer and the Egyptian Campaign of 1882p45-46
September Quarter 1973 - Series VIII (3) Whole Series No. 87
An Egyptian Government Label and Airgraphsp26-27
WWII Civil Censorshipp27
The 1953 Bar overprints on airmail stampsp28-35
June Quarter 1973 - Series VIII (2) Whole Series No. 86
British Consular Office cachetsp13-14
1926-1934 Second Fuad Portrait Issuep14
WWI British forces FREE cachetsp14-15
Early postmaks Posta Europeap16-19
Early postmaks 15 April-December 1865p19-22
Indian Forces in the 1882 Campaign in Egyptp23-24
March Quarter 1973 - Series VIII (1) Whole Series No. 85
Meeting report - 3 February 1973p2
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Record - Egyptian Government Labelsp3
Balloon Flightsp4
World War I Historyp4
Hotel postmarksp4
Egyptian Perfinsp5-8
Royal Engineers in Egypt and Bechuanalandp9
Colour trials of the King of Egypt and Sudan overprintsp10-11
December Quarter 1972 - Series VII (12) Whole Series No. 84
Meeting Report - 7 October 1972p208
Meeting Report - 2 December 1972p209
The French/British Campaign in Egypt 1798-1801p208-209
The French Consular Office Alexandriap211
A Dongola cover 1884p211-212
An Egyptian Government Labelp212-213
WWI The French Naval and Navel Air Force in Egyptp213-214
55th Philatelic Congress - Special Meeting - 3 May 1973p214
The Postal Stationery of Egyptp216-219
Hotel postmarksp220-221
Third Issue 1872 printings, cont. from QC83p222-226
September Quarter 1972 - Series VII (11) Whole Series No. 83
Meeting Report - 5 August 1972p186
Posts in Egypt 1798p188
The De la Rue Issues 1879-1914p189-191
Belgica 72p192-198
The British PO in Egyptp198-202
Third Issue 1872 printings, cont. from QC82p203-207
June Quarter 1972 - Series VII (10) Whole Series No. 82
Meeting Report 3 June 1972p162
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordp163
WWI The French Naval Air Force in Egyptp163-165
The French Campaign in Egypt 1798-1801p166-170
King of Egypt and Sudan overprints Colour Trialsp170
Harrison Issues 1920-1921 retouches and flawsp171-177
Third Issuep178-185
Belgica 1972 - Award Winnersp185
March Quarter 1972 - Series VII (9) Whole Series No. 81
Meeting Report 5 February 1972p130
Meeting Report 25 March 1972p134
The 1914-1922 Pictorial Issuesp130-132
The 1921-1922 Harrison Pictorial Issuep132-134
Egypt Postage Prepaidp135-137
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordp138-140
Airpost Historyp141,153
Third Issue 20 para and 1 piastre Litho and Typop142-153, p154-157
Third Issue 20 para and 1 piastre -Illustrated AppendicespC1, C2, D1, D2
December Quarter 1971 - Series VII (8) Whole Series No. 80
Meeting Report 4 December 1971p115
Displays by members at The British Philatelic Exhibition 1971p116
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordp118
A foray with a thickness gaugep122-127
Named Military Post Offices 1895-1939p128-129
September Quarter 1971 - Series VII (7) Whole Series No. 79
Meeting Report 31 July 1971p98
Meeting Report 2 Oct 1971p99
The British Philatelic Exhibition 1971 - a bronze for the "Quarterly Circular"p100
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordp101
The British Philatelic Exhibition 1971- The Study Circle'sDisplayp103
The Double ring datestamps Base Army Post Office Zp106-113
1921-22 Issue - 2 mils varietiesp114
Corrigenda - Vol VII (6)p114
Index to Volume VI (1)p114
June Quarter 1971 - Series VII (6) Whole Series No. 78
Meeting Report 29 May 1971p83
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Record - The Pigeon Posts, Postal Markingsp85
The Roll of Distinguished Philatelistsp87
Further Notes on Hotel Postmarksp88-89
1921-22 Issue - 2 mill Unrecorded Varietiesp90-94
Plating the Second Issuep95-97
March Quarter 1971 - Series VII (5) Whole Series No. 77
Meeting Report 23 Jan 1971p66
Meeting Report 27 March 1971p69
The Marginal Markings of the De La Rue Issuesp66-68,73
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordp71-73
In Memorium - Gabriel Bouladsp74
Egyptian Miscellanyp77
Egyptian Perforations 1879-1935p79-82
September and December Quarters 1970 - Series VII (3 & 4) Whole Series No. 75 & 76
Meeting Report 15 Aug 1970p40
Meeting Report 20 Sept 1970p40
Meeting Report 21 Nov 1970p43
Notes from the Keeper of the Philatelic Recordpp46-47
The Egyptian Section at Philympia 1970p48-53
Notes on the displaysp54-61
A Philatelic Index - Express Stampspi-iv
Sibuna Pharoh Houndssup III pi-iii
Series VII(2) June 1970Whole Number QC74
Small 3 Mil Green Army Postp30
Austrian PO at Alexandriap30-31
British Forces Concession Sealsp32-38
Index to volume VIpi-vi
Series VII(1) March 1970Whole Number QC73
1872 20 Paras Varietiesp10-11,12
The Postal Markings Adenda Sheet 5p13-14
British infantry battalions in the Middle East 1939-1941p15-21
Samuel Shepheard - the founder of Shepheards Hotel Cairop22-28
The French campaign in Egypt 1798-1801p166-169
British post offices in Egypt - Additional notesp198-202
British post offices in Egypt - Additional notesp226
British forces concession sealsp32-38
The double ring datestamp BASE ARMY POST OFFICE Zp106-113
Named military post offices in Egypt 1895-1939p128/9
VI(12) April 1969Whole Series QC72
1879 De la Rue Issuep144
Sea Mail Roumanian Maritime Servicesp145
Eassays and Proofsp145
Hotel Postmarksp146-148
British Divisions in Egypt 1914-1920p149-165
1872 20 para Thunderbolt varietyp166
Index to volume VIpi-vi
VI(11) January 1969Whole Series QC71
Development of Air Mails of Egyptp121-123
A short history of the Khedivial Mail Linep133-136
On active service 1898-1914p137-139
VI(10) March 1968Whole Series QC70
The Second Fouad Portrait Issuep100-102
English Field Post Offices in Egypt 1940-41p103-107
Imperf. and part-perf. in Egyptian Philatelyp108-115
Market Notesp117-118
VI(8/9) October 1967Whole Series QC68/69
Forgeries of the Suez Canal Companyp80
Postal Stationery of Egyptp82
The First Issuep84
The First Fouad Portrait Issuep84
Egyptian Offices Abroad - Beirourt Office & Alexandrettap90-91
British Diplomatic Mail, C.S.S.S labelsp92-94
Philatelic Indexsup i-iii
Index to Volume Vsup i-iv
VI(6/7) May 1966Whole Series QC66/67
1927 King Fuad Issue the £E1 valuep63
1927 King Fuad Issue the 5 mill valuep64-71
Ship Letters with Pleine Mer handstampsp72-77
Study VI: Postal Markings 1866 through 1880p78
Philatelic Indexsup i-iv
VI(4/5) August 1965Whole Series QC64/65
The Seal Markings of Egyptp35-37
WWI civil censorshipp37-39
Egypt Seal Postmarksp47-54
VI(2/3) August 1963Whole Series QC62/63
British P.O. in Cairop18
WWI civil censorshipp18
Disinfected mailp19
The French Consular office in Alexandriap20
Sudan Historical notesp21-30
Waghorn overland mailp31
VI(1) Febuary 1963Whole Series QC61
Circular datestamps of of the Civil P.Os during concession periodp1-12
Russian Consular P.O. Jaffap14
June and September Quarters 1962 - Series V (11 & 12) Whole Series No. 59 & 60.
Meeting Report - the 100th Meeting of the Circle 23 June 1962p. 111.
Obituary - Andrew Stuart Mackenzie-Lowp. 112.
Obituary - Cyril G. Alterskyep. 113.
Obituary - Dr. Reginald Gordon Wardp. 113.
Report on the 44th. Philatelic Congress of Great Britain - 1962p. 114 - 117.
The S. P. E. - The Société Philatélique d'Égyptep. 117.
New items for the Record found during a Year in Europep. 118 - 121.
The Reference Collectionp. 121 & 125.
The 1st. Canadian Contingent to serve in Egypt and the Sudan - The Canadian Voyageurs 1884-85. pp. 122 - 128.
Extract from the Byam Sale - The 1866 First Issuepp. 129 - 130.
V(9) May 1961Whole Series QC57
The Byam Collectionp93-94
Market jottingsp94-95
The British O.H.M.S. mail in Egyptp95-100
V(7/8) 1960Whole Series QC55/56
British Forces Postal arrangements 1882p72-73
Retta cancellationsp77-80
Circular datestamps of M.P.Os during concession periodp81-90
Egypt P.O. in Hararp90-92
V(5/6) 1960Whole Series QC53/54
Egypt 1927-37 500 mil.p50-52
Siclia 59 reportp50-52
Appendix to the GB material in the collection of Madame Kuyasp53-60
Austrian P.O. at Posrt Saidp60
The postal concession for British Forces 1932-41p61-71
V(4) November 1958Whole Series QC52
Postage Due Chargep37-38
Third Issuep39
British Forces in Egypt 1801-1956p39-48
V(3) May 1958Whole Series QC51
The Al Azhar University Millenary Issuep33-34
Egypt Postage Prepaidp34
Gedda postmarkp34
10 para 1867 Bisectp35
Forged covers of the Sudan Campaignp36
Gedda postmarkp34
Alexandria Registraion markingp36
V(2) November 1957Whole Series QC50
Al-Azhar University commemorative issue, 1957p13
Egypt postage prepaid, A study by the members of the Forces Postal History Societyp14-16
Note by F. S. Mumfordp16
Forged covers of the Sudan campaignp18-19
Footnote by Dr. W. Byamp20-21
International Philatelic Exhibition - Tel Aviv, Israel 17th to 23rd Sept. 1957p22-23
The Posts of Great Britain in Egyptp24
V(1) May 1957Whole Series QC49
Early postage due chargesp1
Italian P. O. in Egyptp2
Replies to queries in Q. C. Vol. IV, nos. 4 & 10p3
The Posts of Great Britain in Egyptp4
The Greek post in Egyptp5-6
Catalogue Zeheri des Timbres poste d'Egypte et Sudan 1956 6éme Edition par Ahmed Mazloump6-7
Egypt postage prepaid, A study by the members of the Forces Postal History Societyp8-12
IV(12) October 1956Whole Series QC48
The French campaign in Egyptp152-157
Egypt, the third issuep158-163
IV(11) June 1956Whole Series QC47
Study I, The history of the Egyptian post offices in Turkey, the red sea area & the Sudanp134-149
IV(10) December 1955Whole Series QC46
Post mark Port Said / Quartier Arabe p125
Study II, The Greek post office in Egyptp126-130
Some markings on soldier's letters from the Egyptian army in the Arab-Israeli war of 1948-1949p131
British Empire and Allied forces military mail in Egypt 1932 - 55 p132-133
IV(9) September 1955Whole Series QC45
Display given by the EGYPT STUDY CIRCLE to the Royal Philatelic Society, London on 17 March 1955p111-113
Letter received from Mr. El-Dib Benship114
Lieut. Marc Pourp, Pioneer French pilotp115-122
IV(8) January 1955Whole Series QC44
The Posts of Great Britain in Egyptp99-101
Notes on the United States Army Post Offices in Egypt in World War IIp102
Christmas FREE issue for services in Egyptp103
The Second Airmail stamp, S. G. 178ap104
Correspondence from Mr. G. T. Houston of Australiap104
Items in the possession of Mr. Houston not yet catalogued by Chaftar - Zeheri or S. B.p105
Wanted by Mr. G. T. Houstonp105
The Watermarks of the De La Rue Issues of Egypt 1879 - 1902p105-107
Report on the Somali Land & Harar Provincep108-109
Display of Egypt by members of the Circlep110
Marc Pourpe Flightp110
IV(7) September 1954Whole Series QC43
Report on the Egypt Items seen at the Stamp Centenary Exhibition, Lisbon October 3rd to 11th 1953p85-92
Report on the Aero-Philatelic section of the Lisbon Centenary Exhibitionp93-94
IV(6) June 1954Whole Series QC42
The Watermarks of the De La Rue Issues of Egypt 1879 - 1902p73-75
The Express letter stampsp76-81
List of the stamps showing single and double bars known to the Circlep83
E602 and Faroukp84
Postal markings of Egypt, 1865 – 1880p84
IV(5) December 1953Whole Series QC41
New studyp61
The Posts of Great Britain in Egyptp62-63
Study VI The Postal markings of Egyptp64
Postal Marking of Kilometre - 83p65
Austrian Post Office in Egyptp68
The Third Fouad Issuep69
Egypt, the Three Bar Overprintp70
The Watermarks of the De La Rue Issues of Egypt 1879 - 1902p71-72
IV(4) July 1953Whole Series QC40
The Express Services and stampsp50-52
The Posts of Great Britain in Egyptp53-56
Postal Markings Assortedp57-59
A problemp60
IV(3) November 1952Whole Series QC39
Study Ip24
The Circle's proposed handbookp24
The Postal history of the Sudan, 1873 - 98p25
E. E. F. Postal History p25
Member's queriesp26
Some notes on the third issuep26-29
The Postal history of the Sudan 1873 - 1898p30-48
May Quarter 1952 - Series IV (2) Whole Series No. 38.
Index to Vol. III.p12
The History of the Foreign Post offices in Egypt - The Posts of Great Britain in Egypt. Part 4.pp. 12-13.
Membership News.p. 13.
Erik F. Hurt - an appreciation.p 14.
Egypt Oct. 15, The 3 Mills. value of 1914 Surcharged 2 Mills. pp.14-17.
Hotel Postmarksp.17.
The Crowned Circle handstams of Egyptp.18.
Egypt at auction - Harmer's Auction, December 1952.p.19-20.
Diary of Cable development to and from Egypt.pp.20-22.
December Quarter 1951 - Series IV (1) Whole Series No. 37.
The History of the Foreign Post offices in Egypt - The Posts of Great Britain in Egypt. Part 3.pp. 1 - 7.
Errata.p. 7.
The Postal Stationery of Egyptpp. 8-9.
Classification of the postal markings of foreign countries operating in Egypt & its territorial waterspp.10 - 11.
Membership News.p. 11.
September Quarter 1951 - Series III (12) Whole Series No. 36.
Market jottings. Membership News.pp. 151-152.
The History of the Foreign Post offices in Egypt - The Posts of Great Britain in Egypt. Part 2.pp. 153-163.
March Quarter 1951 - Series III (11) Whole Series No. 35.
The Chairman. Membership News.p. 139.
The History of the Foreign Post offices in Egypt - The Posts of Great Britain in Egypt. Part 1.pp. 140-150.
III(10) December 1950Whole Series QC34
British military campaign in Egypt, 1882 & 1885p127-134
The history of the foreign post offices in Egyptp135-138
III(9) May 1950Whole Series QC33
New edition of the Zeheri Catalogue, 1950p114
Australian forces in Egypt 1939-44p116-121
The postal marking of the Australian forces in Egyptp122
The history of the foreign post offices in Egyptp123-125
III(8) September 1949Whole Series QC32
The Circle's contribution to the Star and Carter home for disabled sailors and Airmen, Richmondp101
Russian Markingp101
Study IV. The postal markings of Egypt 1865 to 1880, period of usep102-107
Waghorn diaryp108-109
De La Rue die proofsp110-112
III(7) March 1949Whole Series QC31
New Studiesp85
James Campbell Beslyp86
The 1927 - 36 Issuep87
A letter from Jean Bouladp87
Market jottings from the U. S. A.p88
Harmer salep89
Excerpts from annual Italian Postal reportsp90-91
Unrecorded Egyptian itemsp92
Market jottingsp96-98
III(6) October 1948Whole Series QC30
Egypt Prince Farouk 10th Birthday issue 1929. Feb. 11thp75
Notes on study II. The posts of Austria in Egyptp76
The Suez Canal Companyp77
More about Postali Inglesi p78
De La Rue Sphinxesp79
Were the Piroscafi marks applied in Alexandriap80
Early Italian Mediterranean Mailboat markingsp81-82
Stamps & Posts of the Anglo - Egyptian Sudanp83
Revised subscription on the Q. C.p84
Study XII: The military posts in Egyptp84
III(5) March 1948Whole Series QC29
Brigadier Glynn Grylls, O. B. E.p58
Visit of the Egypt Study Circle to the Postal History Societyp59-67
Market jottingsp68-69
The Overland Mail 1841 - 1842p70-72
Captain Douglas McNeillep72
III(4) December 1947Whole Series QC28
The third issue of Egypt. 1872 & 1874 printingsp47
Sudan; Colour trials, Specimens , and Proofs, other than die proofs in the Danson collectionp47-48
Overland Mail - 1841 - 1848p49-50
Extracts from a journal by A. Dow, Esqre. Of a voyage to Hina via the Overland Route in 1851p51
Waghorn Mailp52
Three contributions from J. H. E. Gilbertp53
England - South Africa civil air transit agreementp54-55
Instructions regarding Air Mail & Motor Rail labelsp56
III(3) August 1947Whole Series QC27
the Greek Post Office in Egyptp31
correspondance with Gabriel Boulad of Alexandriap32
Austrian Post office in Egyptp33
L'Appellation Regie Poste Egiziane La version officiellep33-34
Essay by Pellas for the 1866 issuep35
Egypt. Third issue - the printing of 1872 & 1874p36-37
South African Army Post Offices in Egyptp38-40
The First Egyptian Miniature Sheetp41
Copenhagen Exhibitionp42
Sudan; Colour trials, Specimens , and Proofs, other than die proofs in the Danson collectionp43-44
Classified Index for Q.C.s Vol 1. & 2. Index for QC Vols 1-2.
Preface. Chapters of the Book. The Studies of the Circle. Miscellaneous.pp. 1-2.
1. Chapters of the Book.pp. 3-10.
2. Studies of The Circle.pp. 10-14.
3. Miscellaneous.pp. 14-20.
Omissionsp. 20.
September 1946 - Series III (2) Whole Series No. 26.
The Circle's Targetpp. 14 - 15.
New York Exhibitionp. 15
Cartographer to the circlep. 15
Egypt Third |Issue - recognition of two printings.pp. 16 - 17.
Some further notes on the Hhistory significancepp. 19 - 20.
The Kena - Kossir Overland routepp. 21 - 23.
Lieut. Colonel Richard James Campbell Thompson - An appreciationpp. 24 - 25.
The 5 Mills. Of the 1927 - 37 issuepp. 25 - 28.
Market Jottingspp. 28 - 29.
Egypt 1869. 10 Para. ""Dropped Signal" varietyp. 29
Coi Postali Dell Egittop. 30
Overprint on the 1 P.T. 1872p. 30
March 1946 - Series III (1) Whole Series No. 25.
The Crowned Circle handstamp of Egyptpp. 3 - 8.
British Post Office in Egyptp. 9.
The First Cairo Philatelic Exhibition, 1946pp. 10 - 13.
December 1945 - Series II (12) Whole Series No. 24.
The New York Exhibition, 1947pp. 164 - 165.
The First Philatelic Exhibition, Cairo, 1946 p. 165
Study II: The Stamps of Great Britain use in Egypt. Unrecorded Penny Red Plate numbersp165
Study XV: Interim Report on The Pioneer Emergency Air Mail Service of 1919 at the time of the Riots and Strikes in Egypt.pp. 166 - 173.
Market Jottingsp. 174.
The Postal markings of Egypt since 1880pp. 175 - 177.
Posta Europea franksp. 178
September 1945 - Series II (11) Whole Series No. 23.
The Photogravure Processpp. 137 - 138.
Study II: The Posts of Austria in Egyptpp. 139 - 163.
March 1945 - Series II (10) Whole Series No. 22.
The Ferial surchargep. 124.
French registered markingspp. 125 - 126.
Interpostal Seals - Description of a cover in the Danson collection.p. 126.
De La Rue Die Proofs - Sudanpp. 127 - 128.
The Third Issuep. 129.
Study III: The Postal history of the Suez Canal Zone, part IV continuedp. 130 - 132.
Egyptian Stamp Bookletspp. 133 - 135.
December 1944 - Series II (9) Whole Series No. 21.
The Military Postal Seals of Egyptpp. 94 - 96.
Red Cross Sale. October 17 1944p. 108.
Yardley Sale, October 30 & 31 1944p. 109.
Greetings from the Philatelic Society of Egyptp. 109.
First Interim report on Study XIVp. 110.
Catalogue des Timbres d'Égypte 3rd edition, 1945p. 111 - 112.
Warning. Egyptian first day coversp. 112.
De La Rue Die Proofs - Sudanpp. 113 - 116.
Study III: The Postal history of the Suez Canal Zone, part IV continuedpp. 117 - 120.
Suez Canal stamps, order of the Typespp. 121 - 122.
Recent Members of The Circle.p. 122.
June 1944 - Series II (8) Whole Series No. 20.
The Military Postal Seals of Egyptpp. 94 - 96.
The Interpostal Seals of Egyptpp. 96 - 98.
Flying Bombsp. 98.
French Registered markings - The opening of new studyp. 99.
Postal Services Graph - Dates of servicesp. 99 - 100.
Club Philatélique D'Égypte - Resumption of activitiesp. 101.
10 Mills Fouad Anniversary stamp of April 1944p. 101.
New Issues - Error.p. 101.
De La Rue Die Proofs - Sudan.pp. 102 - 104.
Study III: The Postal history of the Suez Canal Zone, Part IV - continued.pp. 105-107.
June 1944 - Series II (7) Whole Series No. 19.
New Issuesp. 81.
Curiosities and Novelties of Egypt.pp. 82 - 84.
Egypt. First Issue: 1866 Perforationspp. 85 - 86.
Markings of the French Offices in Port Said & Suezpp.87 - 88.
Study III: The Postal history of the Suez Canal Zone, Part IV.pp. 89 - 93.
Recent Members of The Circle.p. 93.
March 1944 - Series II (6) Whole Series No. 18.
Synopsis of the Circle's proposed book, "Egypt; Its stamps & postal history"p. 65.
Programme of studiespp. 66 - 67.
Egypt: the Third issuepp. 67 - 68.
Status of the Egyptian Interpostalspp. 69 - 73.
Three Egyptian Postal Documentspp. 74 - 75.
Study III: The Postal History of the Suez Canal Zone.pp. 76 - 77.
History of Cable communications from Egyptpp. 77 - 79.
December 1943 - Series II (5) Whole Series No. 17.
Philately in Egypt during 1940-41-42.pp. 49 - 52.
Annual reports of the Egyptian Post Officepp. 52 - 57.
Market Jottingspp. 57 - 58.
Study III: The Postal History of the Suez Canal Zone.pp. 59 - 63.
August 1943 - Series II (4) Whole Series No. 16.
Posta Europea Hand Stamps - Study IV.p. 44.
The Essays of Egyptpp. 45 - 47.
Meeting Report - 8 May 1943.p. 48.
June 1943 - Series II (3) Whole Series No. 15.
Index of the philatelic literature of Egyptp. 30.
The perforations of the First issue of Egyptp. 31.
Major J.J. Bramble, O.B.E.pp. 32 - 33.
"Modern Egypt" by Sir Gardner Wilkinsonpp. 33 - 34.
Notes on the Mail Boat services to & from Alexandria in 1863pp. 35 - 37.
Market Jottingspp. 38 - 40.
Study III: The History of the Suez Canal zonepp. 40 - 41.
Meeting Report - 30 January 1943.p. 42.
December 1942 - Series II (2) Whole Series No. 14.
Some notes on the forthcoming sale of the Rix collectionpp. 2 -3.
Greetings from Mr. Douglas McNeillep. 3.
Essays of Egyptpp. 4 - 5.
Some notes on the various studiespp. 6 - 8.
Airgraph letter from Jean Boulad.pp. 9 - 11.
Study III: The Postal History of the Suez Canalpp. 12 - 15.
Study XIII the Army Posts in Egyptp. 15.
Meeting Report - 3 October 1942.p. 16.
August 1942 - Series II (1) Whole Series No. 13.
Editorial and New Indexation of the previous issues of the QCp. 1
De La Rue die proofs (1878 - 1914)pp.2 - 5
De La Rue die proofs (1914 Issue) and addendapp. 5 - 6
Index of the philatelic literature of Egypt - Part V. Adhesive Stampsp. 7
Index of the philatelic literature of Egypt - Part VI. Air Mail Stampspp. 8 - 9
Market jottings.pp. 10 - 12
Membership News.p. 12.
Meeting Report - 18 July 1942.p. 13.
March 1942 - Series I (12) Whole Series No. 12
De La Rue die proofs on glazed cards (1878-1906) in the Byam Collectionpp.2 - 3.
Index of the Philatelic literature of Egyptpp. 4 - 9.
Recent happenings in the Sudan and Egyptpp. 9 - 10.
Market Jottingspp. 11 - 12.
Egypt and Sudan lots at the Red Cross & St. John salepp. 13 - 14.
Sudan stamps "Palm Tree" issuepp. 14 - 15.
British Airways service between Cairo & Teheranp. 15.
Index to Volume 1.pp. 16 - 18.
December 1941 - Series I (11) Whole Series No. 11
Egypt 1 P. T. 1867 Double printp. 1.
Index of the Philatelic literature of Egyptpp. 2 - 4.
The 1866 issue of Egyptpp. 4 - 5.
The 1884 issue of Egypt - Some Notespp. 5 - 6.
Market Jottingsp. 6.
Sudan Robson Lowe Salep. 7.
The first Egyptian Postage Duesp. 7.
Some notes from "A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt".p. 8.
Some notes from "A Handbook for Travellers in Syria & Palestine".pp. 8 - 9.
The first Millièmes issuepp. 9 - 11
September 1941 - Series I (10) Whole Series No. 10
War damage to 92 Harley Streetp. 1.
Notes on the Italian P. O. in Egyptpp. 2 - 5.
Forged Alexandria obliteration on Italian ESTEROp. 4.
2 Lira, Italy 1881 with forged postmarkp. 5.
Index of the Philatelic literature of Egyptpp. 6 - 9.
Sudan Airmailspp. 10 - 12.
Some notes from "A Handbook for Travellers in Egypt".pp. 13 - 15.
May 1941 - Series I (9) Whole Series No. 9
Progress report on the studies - Study I: Egyptian P.O.s abroad.pp.1 - 2.
Egypt Interpostalsp. 2.
Study II. Interim Report on the Italian Post in Egypt.pp. 3 - 9.
The Turkish Post with Egypt.p. 10 - 12.
Correspondence. p. 12.
The Exchange Packet. p. 12 - 13.
November 1940 - Series I (8) Whole Series No. 8
An outline of Egyptian postal history pp. 1 - 8.
Market Jottingspp. 8 - 11.
Study I: Egyptian Post Offices abroadpp. 11 - 12.
French Transit Marks. V. Suezpp. 12 - 14a.
Egypt Essays. An interesting discoverypp. 14 - 15.
What is it?pp. 15 - 16.
Exhibit of Egypt & the Suez Canal at the Stamp Centenary Exhibitionp. 17 - 18.
Russian P.O. in Egypt - Alexandriap. 19.
Suez - Servizio Italiano Del Mare Rosso Markingpp. 19 - 20.
Philatelic index of Egyptp. 21.
March 1940 - Series I (7) Whole Series No. 7
The Studies in wartimep. 1.
Progress report on the studies p. 1.
Study I: Egyptian P.O.s abroad.p. 1.
Study II: French P.O.s. in Egypt.pp. 2 - 3.
Study III: The Russian P.O. in Egypt.pp. 3 - 4.
Study IV: Pre-stamp Egyptian postal history in the C.19th & Posta Europeapp. 4 - 6.
Postal rates & dates of the Posta Europea servicepp. 4 - 5.
Index of the Philatelic literature of Egyptpp. 6 - 10.
Part I. Postal History.p. 6 - 7.
Part II. Handbooks.p. 7 - 8.
Part III. General, Specialist and Dealers' Catalogues.pp. 8 - 9.
Auction sale cataloguespp. 9 - 10.
Auction Prices.p. 10.
Part IV. General.p. 10.
Correctionp. 10
August 1926 - the 15 Mill. on 200 Mill. Violet, Double surchargep. 11
Market jottingspp. 12. - 14.
The History of the post in Egyptpp. 14 - 15.
The Book, a proposed Indexpp. 14 - 15.
December 1939 - Series I (6) Whole Series No. 6
A Message from the Chairman p.1.
The Circle in wartimep. 2.
Study IV: Pre-stamp Egyptian postal history and the Posta Europea - The Egyptian Transit Co.pp. 3 - 5.
Index of the Philatelic literature of Egyptpp. 6 - 7.
Part 1 - Postal Historypp. 7 - 9.
The Postal Markings of the Russian Post Office in Egypt.pp. 9 - 10.
Auction Prices.p. 11.
Index.pp. 12 - 13.
August 1939 - Series I (5) Whole Series No. 5
Study II: the markings of the French P.O. in Egyptpp. 1 - 2.
Historical notes on the Ligne V & X.p. 2.
Markings of the French P. O. in Port Said & Suez.p. 3.
Meeting Report - 18 March 1939pp. 4 - 5.
Meeting Report - 20 May 1939p. 5.
Meeting Report - 22 July 1939p. 6.
Study VIIIp. 6.
March Quarter 1939 - Series I (4) Whole Series No. 4
List of Membersp1-2
Programme for the 1939 Season.p3-4
The French P.O. in Egypt.p4-6
Messrs. Briggs & Co.p6-7
Meeting Report - AGM - 28 January 1939p7-8
Meeting Report - 4 February 1939p8
Future Meetings and ESC Announcementsp9
November Quarter 1938 - Series I (3) Whole Series No. 3
Official markingsp. 1.
Check list of proofs & essays of Sudan from the collections of Danson (D) & Hinde (H)pp. 2 - 5.
Progress report of the studies : p. 5.
Study I : The History of the Egyptian P. O. in Turkeyp. 5.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : French P.O.p. 5.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : Italian P.O.p. 6.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : British P.O.p. 6.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : Austrian P.O.p. 6.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : Greek P.O.p. 6.
Study II : History of foreign P. O. in Egypt : Russian P.O.p. 6.
Study III: The history of the Canal Zonep. 7.
Study IV: Pre-stamp Egyptian postal historyp. 7.
Study V : The history of the carriage of Egyptian official postal matterp. 7.
Study VI : The postal markings of Egypt in the XX centuryp. 7.
Study VII : The Postal markings of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudanp. 7.
Meeting Reports - 14/05/1938, 10/09/1938, 22/10/1938, 19/11/1938p. 8.
Forthcoming Arrangementsp. 9.
Cambridge Congresssp. 9.
Congratulationspp. 9-10.
Obituary - Hubert F. Lowep. 10
Membership Newsp. 10.
Query sectionp. 11.
May Quarter 1938 - Series I (2) Whole Series No. 2
The postal marking of the French P.O.s in Egypt - Study IIpp.1-8.
French Post Offices in the Levantpp. 9-10.
Meeting Report - 23 April 1938pp. 11-12.
Meeting Report - 12 March 1938p. 13.
Query sectionp. 14.
Official Markingsp15
February Quarter 1938 - Series I (1) Whole Series No. 1
List of Memberspp. 1-3.
Programme for the session, 1938.pp. 4-5.
Meeting Report - 15 January 1938p. 6.
Crown Overprintspp. 6-7.
Interesting Photographs - The Vaglia Postmarkp. 8.
Query Section p. 9.
Type A6 and Gouvernmentales pmksp. 9.
Progress report on Study IV - The Posta Europeapp. 10-14.

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