1971 Soldiers' Mail Stamp and Postal Stationery

This stamp (SG 1097, Balian 685, NP D301), was issued on April 15, 1971, for use by civilians to send mail to military personnel at a special concessionary rate of 10 milliemes, half that of the current standard rate of 20 mills. It has been suggested that this was done to boost morale by encouraging mail from the families of those serving. The concession lasted only a short and was dropped sometime around the end of 1973 or early1974. The stamp, which is common unused, is rarely seen used on cover for its intended use. It is considered as part of Egypt's definitives

When the concession ended, or perhaps while it was still in operation, the stamp was also used for normal postage, the 20 mills rate being made up either by use of two stamps or in conjunction with another 10 mills stamp.

A postal stationery envelope (H&G 46, NP SEN 53) was issued at the same time, but with the stamp impression in green.
This envelope can also be found with an additional 10 mills stamp to be used for normal postage.

Envelope captured in the 1973 war and used by an Israeli soldier

Residual printed paper was printed on the reverse for official post office forms. As illustrated, the form is for receipt of registered mail