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As a result of a decision taken to cut postage costs at the 2014 Annual General Meeting, the Quarterly Circular is now available to members to read and download if they wish. A reduced subscription is offered to members who forgo the printed version. The decision must be made by the end of January of that year and any member not doing so must pay for the printed version for that year.

NOTE: A member has requested that some of his articles do not appear in a digital form. Such an article has been removed from QC248. All future digitals QC will be identical to the printed version. For all articles offered for the QC it will be assumed that the author has given permission for both forms of distribution.


1971 Military Stamp
First Issue
Third Issue
Fourth Issue
Inauguration of Port Fuad
Postal History:

Alexandria Maritime Station
Alexandria Seamen's Home
First Day Covers
Foreign Offices
Poste Restante
Romanian Maritime Service
Overland mail to Iraq
The Vendition Post
Zeppelin Post

General-Study VI
Meter Marks
Star and Cresent

The Napoleonic Post
British Occupation 1882-1899 and Campaigns


Stamp and Postal History Index

Welcome to the members' only area - one we hope will expand rapidly into all sorts of fascinating areas as we invite members to share their research and their discoveries with fellow members. In this way eventually we envisage the website as becoming a true encyclopaedia of all aspects of Egyptian philately, using the most modern methods to return to the original concept of the Circle, in which knowledge was shared for the benefit of all.

We are off to a wonderful start, with three top-class members' collections paving the way - Dick Wilson on the British Army in Egypt in the Nineteenth Century, Stephen Kaplan on Egyptian Meter Marks, and John Davis on Egypt's Zeppelin visits. In addition, our respected former President and Chairman Professor Peter Smith has given the green light for updates of his magisterial book Egypt: Stamps and Postal History, a Philatelic Treatise to be placed exclusively in this area. No need to publish a new book - the "second edition" will be here on the website.

It is early days for this section, and already questions have arisen on how to order and display the varied pages. Website pages are nested one within another, sometimes making it difficult to find the section you want, so how to display? The division between Stamps on the one hand and Postal History on the other seems an obvious place to start - but after that there may be problems: for instance, is the 1971 Army stamp a "stamp" or a "military" item, or both?

The obvious contenders for a main index may well be the Circle's original Studies for "the Book", as laid down in the QC some 60 years ago, or Peter Smith's book, which follows the Studies fairly closely but of course researches far beyond them. A small departure has already been made, however, with the Napoleonic Post placed in the "military" section. In addition, some of the topics so far submitted are given little or no mention in Smith's Egypt, Stamps and Postal History

As members contribute and the section grows, no doubt the indexing pattern may change: we hope members will bear with us.

We also hope that as members look at this section they will see its potential for the benefit of all of us, and even for Egyptian philately more widely. Please give some thought as to how YOU can contribute and add to the efforts of that small band among us who have enormous enthusiasm for this exciting and worthwhile project.

The web committee September 26, 2008.
How to help.

In collecting together many of the historical articles much effort has been made to obtain copyright permission from the original publisher and/or the author involved. To date (May 2009) only one publication has refused permission - and that despite the fact that its published statement is that copyright remains with the author and that the articles we wish to use are all by Circle members (past and present). Other publications have been much more positive and encouraging stating that philatelic writing is intended for all and that the wider the message can be spread the better ... and that includes one magazine which is published as a commercial concern.

Many of the articles used on this website are extracted from publications that no longer exist and by authors sadly no longer with us. In these cases, try as we might, we do not know where to go to seek permission. So in the belief that such articles were written by philatelists for philatelists without thought of commercial gain, we have included them in these pages. If anyone has good reason to believe that we should not, and that legitimate copyright owners would prefer them not to be on the website, we shall of course remove them

As for choice of articles, this is somewhat arbitrary depending on available sources and the ease of converting them digitally. Hopefully all the major ones will eventually become available.

The articles are reproduced with as little editing as possible: the occasional spelling error or repeated word may be corrected. No preference is given to spelling conventions: American articles will sometimes be retained in their original form. However some may have been changed to English spelling if the optical character recognition has not been perfect, as most articles, that have to be finished using an English spell checker. Occasionally poor black and white picture may be updated by a colour one.

The articles in each section are arranged in date order: where a reprint is used it is ordered by the date of the original. By including several articles on a subject much information is repeated and it is not uncommon to see a phrase/paragraph repeated word for word over a thirty year period. However, within an article one may find an interesting snippet not found elsewhere.

Articles may contradict one another as new information is discovered and it is left to the member to make his own decision on the matter. It may not necessarily be that the latest article invariably makes the correct deductions.

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