Alexandria Maritime Station

Alexandria has long been the gateway to Egypt by ship and with the resurgence of the cruise liner in the last two decades. At the end of the fifties when the tourist industry began to expand the Egyptian Government initiated a comprehensive programme to improve tourist facilities included the building of a new maritime station at Alexandria giving its justification that Alexandria is a tourist area justified by its position in the Mediterranean and the volume of tourist traffic that goes through it.

In 1958 work was started on the new station which was completed in 1961. The new station was designed along modern architectural lines, and both aesthetic and practical criteria were scrupulously observed. All tourist facilities having been introduced so that the passage from the quay through customs was an easy and pleasurable experience.
The new station, which took three years to build and cost L.E. one million, features a number of underpasses leading to Nasr street, thus connecting the station directly with the beautiful corniche of Alexandria.

Designed and executed by Arab architects, the new station was at the time the most luxurious in the Mediterranean and compares favourably with any station in the world. It occupied 15 acres, of which two were for the buildings. Five modern quays were equipped to operate simultaneously stretch along the ocean side of the buildings.

It currently consists of three-berths with the length of 500 & 300 & 200 meters and a depth of 11 meter which can receive the giant passenger ships and ferries with the back area services of total width of 15 meters for charging and discharging cargos and it is directly linked to the parks in addition to areas to receive passengers with customs and offices of inquiries and public services

Further work for updating was started in 2008 an is ongoing.

Marks and Covers

Egypt: Stamps & Postal History:
XXXII p648/649 (1)

Its possibly a bit ironic that the commemorative stamp for the maritmes staion was issed as an airmail stamp.